Anna Weisbrodt

Anna Weisbrodt headshot

At Pax8, we strive to continuously expand and optimize the product offerings available to our partners. I work closely with other members of the vendor and product teams to bring on new vendors efficiently, and within a framework that sets us up for success. If we do this right, we all win—our partners, our vendors, and Pax8.


I love the personalities at Pax8. It is our wonderful, unique people that keep Pax8 interesting and make it a great place to work.


My legal background, as well as my writing and analytical skills, allow me to contribute to a sales-focused technology company in a unique way. Having functioned as a “jack-of-all-trades” during the very early years of Pax8, I also bring the perspective gained from the learning and growth of those formative times.


I love exploring new places through trail running. Nothing restores my mental energy like a long run in a beautiful place.


I have finished three 100-mile ultramarathons.