Pax8, Microsoft, and Autotask are the logical trio for machineLOGIC success


Legacy distributor impeding strategic growth

As one of the top managed service providers (MSPs) in the world ¹, according to Channel Futures, and named to the 2018 CRN Fast Growth 150 List, machineLOGIC is committed to delivering outstanding service and the most innovative solutions in the channel. This includes their reputation for providing exceptional customer support. Something they also expect when working with their distribution partners.

However, when it comes to the cloud, not all distributors are equipped for that level of support.

“Legacy distribution is not built for the cloud, and that is a strategic area of our business. We needed a distributor who was better aligned with our company goals and objectives.” machineLOGIC Owner and President, Daniel Johnson

This is especially true when it comes to PSA integrations.

“The legacy distributor we were working with wasn’t able to provide our team with an effective PSA integration with our preferred vendor.”

The legacy distributor also failed to bring any strategic growth opportunities to machineLOGIC, something they depend on to move their business forward. This was significantly apparent when it came to Microsoft business. machineLOGIC would miss so many opportunities with Microsoft because their distributor did not help drive awareness with the business.

“Cloud business is an afterthought for legacy distribution. They do it because they have to, and that is very apparent by the lack of support we received while doing business with them.”

At DattoCon, one of Johnson’s peers recommended he take a look at Pax8. After discovering what Pax8 could do for machineLOGIC, there was no looking back at legacy distribution.

“The synergy between our two companies was obvious right away. As a Microsoft Gold partner, and one of the fastest growing MSPs in the world, we found a strategic partnership with Pax8.”


Moving business forward

In order to be successful with cloud, MSPs need a distribution partner that understands the intricacies of the cloud and how to address them. As a born-in-the-cloud distributor, Pax8 understands the importance of simplifying customers’ experiences selling cloud services.

machineLOGIC is strategically focused on building their security technology stacks for customers. As their partner, Pax8 took the lead in supporting their efforts. That is why Pax8 introduced machineLOGIC to Microsoft 365 Business because it’s a complete, intelligent solution, which includes Office 365, Windows 10, and Enterprise Mobility + Security, enabling their clients to work and collaborate securely.

“As a Microsoft Gold partner, we’re always on the lookout for new technology and opportunities with Microsoft. Presented by Pax8, Microsoft 365 Business offered our clients the most value for their IT spend, including complete device management, email protection, threat protection, Intune, virtual desktop infrastructure, and more.”

With Pax8, machineLOGIC’s Microsoft business has been elevated to a whole new level. In areas they didn’t think it could be done, Pax8 found a way to enable higher margins for their business, while helping their clients better scale their existing IT budgets.

“With Pax8, our Microsoft relationship is growing. We are able to double our profits on Microsoft sales. They helped us capitalize on strategic business, become more operationally efficient, and simplified our billing. Pax8 is moving our business forward.”

Pax8 also has a leading integration into machineLOGIC’s preferred PSA tool. From a single platform, machineLOGIC can import their company data, export products as services, and access accurate billing and contract information quickly and efficiently. Pax8 simplified the Microsoft purchasing and support experience for machineLOGIC, helping them capitalize on success.

“Being able to turn to a cloud distributor that already had a PSA integration was definitely the catalyst for change,” explains Johnson. “It helps us automate and ensures our billing is more accurate. It also gives my team time back in their day so they can focus on our core company objectives.”


A new wave in collaboration

For legacy distribution, it is easy to tell that cloud is not their primary business. Pax8 leads with cloud, providing top-notch support for its partners when, where, and how they need it. Through its PSA integration, customers can experience frictionless billing and the fastest provisioning in the business.

“When we have an engineer on sight helping a customer, we need the license number for the product we are setting up right away to complete our service. Pax8 is instant in their help and response to us. Can you imagine how frustrating that would be for the engineer on site with the customer? Not to mention how bad that experience must be for the client.”

Pax8’s unique value proposition makes it easier for its partners to embrace more cloud service opportunities and offer a better experience, making it easy to grow and scale their business.

“We have more than just a transactional relationship with Pax8. Our partnership is a new wave of collaboration.”

Strategically building Microsoft Business

Pax8 is opening the door for machineLOGIC to enhance their Microsoft relationship, something they had been hoping to do in order to grow their business and meet customer demands.

“We are always researching new techniques and technology that can help position us and our clients into the future. When Pax8 presented Microsoft 365 Business to us, we immediately saw the value it could offer our clients, especially with the advanced security.”

“Countering emerging security threats is one of the top challenges that our clients are facing. Not addressing these challenges was a problem for us, both in terms of the expectations of our clients, and in remaining relevant in a very competitive market.”

With the increased security and overall features offered in Microsoft 365 Business, machineLOGIC was able to eliminate common support issues, increase profitability, and realize additional service revenue. It also allowed them to focus on the needs of their customers without getting bogged down in long sales cycles or deployment projects.

“We needed a secure collaboration tool for our clients with threat protection and purpose-built to connect the right tools and resources they need to run their businesses successfully.”

“Since Pax8 is a well-respected and knowledgeable Microsoft partner, they were able to help us create a business plan for adding Microsoft 365 Business into our practice.”

By focusing on security, machineLOGIC is able to move their client conversation beyond a simple technical support engagement. machineLOGIC can now help their clients achieve tangible business outcomes with Microsoft 365 Business while increasing their reputation as a trusted advisor.

“When we decided to move from Microsoft Enterprise 3 to 365 Business, we still had a lot of questions to answer before going to market with the product. Pax8 helped answer every one of our questions and more. They made the transition easy for us and our customers.”

With all the features that Microsoft 365 Business has to offer machineLOGIC and its clients, this MSP just needed an uncomplicated way to transition their existing Microsoft Enterprise 3 Business customers to Microsoft 365 Business.

“Each time we’ve described what’s included with Microsoft 365 Business, clients want to move forward, recognizing immediately the value to their business, security and success.”


Achieving business goals

Making the move to Microsoft 365 Business was simple and easy for machineLOGIC, thanks to their collaborative partnership with Pax8. MSPs can take full advantage of the Pax8 Command Console™, which integrates with leading PSA solutions, and provides partners with valuable reporting highlighting opportunities to move clients to Microsoft 365 Business and other key solutions, maximizing value for customers and partners alike.

“Pax8 knows Microsoft better than any distributor on the market today. With Pax8, we always know which rebates apply to us, product navigation, and overall value. Their expertise with Microsoft was a key consideration when moving our business to Pax8.”

As the leader in cloud distribution, Pax8 is the trusted CSP provider for top MSPs. Pax8 simplifies the Microsoft CSP program through billing, provisioning, automation, and free 24/7 pre and post-sales partner support.

Pax8 also values their partnerships with their customers. From providing support and bootcamp opportunities to professional services and migration assistance, Pax8 empowers their partners to take their cloud business to the next level.

“Pax8 highlights opportunities with our clients, helping us achieve our business goals, and adjusting to meet our needs when conditions change. The insight provided and ease of doing business positions Pax8 above traditional distributors. Pax8 isn’t just fixing distribution, they’re reinventing it.

About machineLOGIC

Founded in 2001 and based in Denver, Colorado, machineLOGIC is an award-winning IT provider, delivering managed IT services, cloud services, and talent services to small and mid-sized companies. machineLOGIC brings together the right technology and the best people because that is the key to a successful business.

The company builds IT foundations for their clients with proactive management, the industry’s best solutions, and the right blend of consulting, technical support, and strategic leadership. Businesses and their people need reliable, cutting-edge IT to achieve company goals and an expert team to guide you every step of the way. machineLOGIC is the #1 choice in Denver.

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