Pax8 empowers MSP to provide exceptional cloud solutions to clients


Lacking a simple and efficient cloud distributor

Exisor’s goal to provide superior value to clients was the driving force that shifted their focus to cloud technology. Realizing that the needs of small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) were not being addressed by most cloud companies, Exisor saw a perfect opportunity to add value.

Creating a packaged cloud solution helps SMBs migrate away from their in-office data centers and legacy technology, thus enabling their cloud transformation journey. To achieve this, Exisor needed a distributor that offered advanced cloud technology solutions and superior support.

“Solving our clients’ technology problems is what drives us. That is why we are in the IT industry. For us to resolve their issues quickly utilizing cloud technology, we required a distribution partner that offered quick, simple, and innovative solutions.”


The Pax8 partner experience

Exisor chose to partner with Pax8 as their cloud distributor after hearing the great success stories other managed service providers (MSPs) experienced. The relationship Exisor built with their Pax8 Channel Account Manager (CAM) drives their cloud initiatives and frequently uncovers new opportunities for providing value to their clients.

In addition to the tremendous support they receive, the industry-leading Pax8 Platform provides instant provisioning, enabling Exisor to deliver solutions to their clients within seconds. The partnership continues to produce significant results and possibilities, reinforcing the value Pax8 brings to the table.

“Having a consistent, dedicated Pax8 sales rep has been invaluable, as they continually provide support in new and innovative ways. Recently, we closed an exciting deal that resulted from the collaboration our rep initiated with many Pax8 resources on a strategic go-to-market plan.”


Flexible solution offering

The flexibility available through Pax8 enables Exisor to customize solution offerings based on each client’s specific requirements and needs. The expansive Pax8 cloud marketplace comprises many innovative technology vendors, giving Exisor access to a vast selection of products and solutions. The availability of government, education, and nonprofit license options – along with tiered pricing levels – enables Exisor to support many business types of varying sizes.

“The access to multiple licensing and pricing options allows us to be agile and nimble while providing the best solutions for our clients. A recent project required us to migrate a large amount of data quickly, safely, and effectively. Through Pax8, we were able to procure the appropriate license and level that enabled the migration without interrupting the client’s business.”

Additional revenue through Microsoft incentives

The Exisor team earned several certifications through the years, meeting Microsoft’s Silver competency requirements. After learning about Microsoft’s incentives and rebates program while attending a Pax8 Mission Briefing, Exisor’s CAM put together a detailed overview of their potential incentive earnings and walked them through the enrollment process. Not only did the Pax8 partnership uncover additional revenue, but the ability to manage, monitor, and track their Microsoft licenses through the Pax8 Platform enabled Exisor to maintain their competency level.

“Without the accessibility and integration provided through the Pax8 Platform, we wouldn’t be a Microsoft Silver partner. The technology allows us to monitor clients’ licenses from one portal that syncs directly to our Partner Center, correctly linking accounts and tracking consumption.”

Quick pandemic response

“Cloud technology basically saved the world in 2020. Previous conversations with clients about migrating their technology were now front and center in their minds.”

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic completely shifted the focus of Exisor’s pipeline of work. While they previously spent several hours equipping clients’ offices with on-premise technology solutions, they now had to transition those workplaces to the cloud entirely.

To achieve this, Exisor had to work quickly and efficiently to migrate entire businesses to Microsoft 365, correctly configure Teams to support each company’s unique needs, and enable the right security measures. The ability to instantly provision licenses through the Pax8 Platform empowered Exisor’s ability to facilitate their clients’ remote workplaces quickly without disrupting business.

“With Pax8, we quickly supported our clients’ cloud transformation needs and positioned them to sustain and succeed through these uncertain times. The pandemic didn’t just accelerate the cloud transformation journey – it burnt the bridge. There is no going back, and together with Pax8, we will continue enhancing clients’ remote workplaces.”

Driving channel transformation

Providing clients with enhanced security solutions is one of Exisor’s 2021 focuses. After witnessing the debilitating effects of ransomware attacks, preventing their clients from ever being in that position is critical to Exisor. And with clients working remotely or in a hybrid workplace for the foreseeable future, risks continue to rise. Powered by advanced products and tools in the Pax8 cloud marketplace, Exisor utilizes a holistic security package to increase their clients’ protection as they remain in the work-from-anywhere environment.

“The MSP space has changed heavily in recent years, but there are still many legacy approaches to technology that are hard to displace. Through our partnership with Pax8, we are evolving with the industry by establishing Backup-as-a-Service options and introducing cloud technology security solutions to markets.”

The company’s other key 2021 objective is enabling the legal sector with cloud technology capabilities. Trustee lawyers have a fiduciary responsibility to manage clients’ data, and the amount of digital data and associated liability is growing rapidly. This new responsibility creates gaps in processes and security.

By using Dynamics 365 for advanced reporting and leaning on the Pax8 Productivity Solutions Team for guided support, Exisor has been able to build a targeted solution stack for the legal sector. Leveraging the vendor offerings in the Pax8 line card, Exisor equips law practices with the productivity, collaboration, and security tools they need to propel them through their digital transformation.


A strategic partnership for exceptional growth

The partnership with Pax8 has enabled Exisor’s exponential growth throughout the years. Since 2018, their cloud technology business has increased by over 300%, and their technology solution stack – which was once just two vendors – now comprises eight different vendors across several technical specialties.

The simplicity of the Pax8 Platform allows Exisor to quickly and efficiently provision licenses when needed, producing an immediate benefit for clients. The leading technologies in the Pax8 cloud marketplace and the collaborative relationship with their CAM empower Exisor to deliver top-tier service and results. With Pax8 at their side, Exisor will continue providing enormous value to their clients while penetrating new markets for growth.

“Pax8 makes it so easy. The team is great, and they are always working to uncover new opportunities and produce innovative solutions. Working with Pax8 enables us to deliver on our promise and goal of providing better value to our clients.”

About Exisor

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