Pax8 alleviates distribution headaches to let Purely Cloud soar


Being left in a "black hole" by legacy distributors

As a Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Purely Cloud’s focus on innovation and unique solutions meant they needed reliable support from their distributors to get their questions answered quickly and access necessary resources.

Unfortunately, Purely Cloud found that getting support from their legacy distributors was difficult at best and, at worst, impossible.

“Legacy distribution is like a black hole where you never know when or what the response will be. We cannot count on them for support or a returned phone call.” Christopher Wing, President and CEO of Purely Cloud

Tired of feeling ignored, Purely Cloud began to seek a new partner who could handle their modern distribution and support needs.


Pax8 offers responsive resources and relationships

Purely Cloud’s involvement in the San Diego chapter of the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) led them to discover Pax8. Purely Cloud quickly realized that the wealth of resources offered by Pax8 far surpassed those of the legacy distributors that they had been using.

“The differentiating factor with Pax8 is that there’s always a good resource if I have questions, I’m able to shoot an email and get a response or get introduced to someone that can help me.”

Because Purely Cloud offers advanced technologies, such as private cloud hosting and GPU-powered Desktop as a Service, they needed access to responsive support that can handle even the most complex problems. With world-class, 24/7 US-based support, Pax8 was the perfect fit.


An easy-to-use platform

One of Purely Cloud’s favorite things about working with Pax8 is the Pax8 Platform, which allows them quote, order, bill, and provision all in one easy-to-use interface. With other distributors’ platforms, it’s just not user-friendly or intuitive. With the Pax8 Platform, it is easy to use, looks great, and has the functionality we need to manage the business.

“It’s definitely the best platform I’ve ever used in the industry.”

For additional efficiency gains, Purely Cloud is considering using Syncro, one of the many PSA tools for which Pax8 offers seamless integrations.

“The Pax8 integrations with leading PSAs have added a lot of value to our partnership. I even cancelled a credit card to do that and somehow the monthly charges still kept going.”

Since switching to Pax8, Purely Cloud has seen much smoother sailing for their finance department. Instead of errors and headaches, Purely Cloud now enjoys simplified, consolidated billing that saves them time and effort.

Getting the most out of Microsoft

With the Microsoft CSP Program through Pax8, Purely Cloud was able to take full advantage of competencies, rebates, and incentives for their Microsoft cloud practice. Instead of leaving money on the table when it came to Microsoft products, Pax8 enabled Purely Cloud to uncover additional margins

“Having Pax8 and my dedicated account manager as a resource to make sure that we signed up for everything we’re eligible for is great. We now look at our Microsoft program every year to make sure we’re maximizing it.”

Some of Purely Cloud’s biggest clients are nonprofits in the healthcare and education fields. Knowing this, Pax8 worked closely with Purely Cloud to make sure they were optimizing their use of discounted SKUs that Microsoft makes available to nonprofit organizations.


A modern partnership that enables growth

Pax8 allowed Purely Cloud to leave their troublesome, frustrating relationships with legacy distribution in the past. Now, they have a strategic cloud partner equipped to handle their unique technology needs and able to help them realize their business goals. Our revenue has doubled since working with Pax8.

The relationship between Purely Cloud and Pax8 is proof that the Pax8 experience goes beyond providing great technology solutions – it’s about listening to partners to provide the best experience possible.

“The best things about Pax8 are the constant communication and having an account manager dedicated to my success. Being able to call them directly or even share a beer with them is amazing.”

About Purely Cloud

Purely Cloud is a managed services IT firm that utilizes private cloud servers to provide Microsoft, security, and virtual desktop solutions to small and medium businesses in the U.S., Taiwan, China, and Australia. With a focus on innovation, Purely Cloud thrives on challenging the industry status quo and is always looking for new ways to make their clients’ solutions faster and more intuitive. Purely Cloud is fueled by excellence and driven by aggressive execution, getting things done so their clients can achieve more.

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