Pax8 helps MSP do more for small business nonprofit organisations


The unique needs of small businesses

Castle Rock Sky believes in the power of small businesses. As a managed service provider (MSP), the company aims to serve businesses and nonprofits whose needs haven’t been given the proper focus, offering them the technology and expertise to succeed.

Working with small businesses often means taking a larger role in implementing, optimising, and strategically planning a technology stack that helps the company achieve their goals, given their smaller workforce and limited resources. That’s why Castle Rock Sky goes beyond just managed services and offers VOIP solutions and business process optimisation as well.

With the added needs of their end-users, Castle Rock Sky required a cloud distributor capable of augmenting their strategy to serve small business and nonprofit organizations.


A true partner experience

Castle Rock Sky was introduced to Pax8 while attending an MSP conference. The company was impressed by the Pax8 presentation and quickly realised that this would be the perfect partnership to help Castle Rock Sky reach their goals.

Providing superior technology, customer service, and support are just a few of the values that Castle Rock Sky and Pax8 share, making the partnership successful from day one. Working together, Pax8 was able to give Castle Rock Sky the tools and care necessary to meet the needs of their small business clients.

“Working with Pax8 is great. The level of care they have for us is the same level we have for our clients — always there and ready to help.” Corey Eberly, Vice President of Sales for Castle Rock Sky

With simplified management, educational resources, and resources for partner enablement, Pax8 was able to give Castle Rocky Sky more time and knowledge, so they could do the same for their clients.


Communication that brings opportunities

One of the benefits Castle Rock Sky enjoys most about their partnership with Pax8 is the ability to talk to a wide variety of experts who can help identify new ways to maximise business. With the ever-changing channel landscape and new solutions constantly entering the market, Castle Rock Sky values their relationships with Pax8 reps who make sure to inform them about the latest programs, solutions, and events.

“On every call we have with Pax8, we learn about exciting new things that are happening to help us achieve more, whether it’s more automation, a new educational opportunity, a new solution, or new incentives we can utilise.”

For Castle Rock Sky, having an open line of communication with their distributor means getting more than just solutions and support — it means having a partner that is always looking out for new ways to help them succeed.

Working together to give back

As part of their focus on small businesses, Castle Rock Sky provides services to many local nonprofit organisations, helping them replace outdated equipment and utilise technology to streamline operations. In 2020, Castle Rock Sky began working with the Black American West Museum in Denver, helping them set up a community computer space to be used for educational sessions. Castle Rock Sky was introduced to the nonprofit client by Pax8. When work began, Castle Rock Sky knew they could look to Pax8 to ensure they were maximising Microsoft incentives and rebates offered to nonprofit organisations.

“With nonprofit organisations that are doing outstanding work in the community, we want to make sure they’re getting the best deal possible. Being partners with Pax8, we can be confident that they are.”

In addition to providing help with Microsoft licensing, Pax8 worked with Castle Rock Sky to understand the nonprofit’s other technology needs. However, the Museum did not have the funding to purchase the needed equipment. To help raise money for the nonprofit organisation, one of Pax8’s designers created a custom t-shirt for the Museum. All proceeds raised will be donated to the Museum to purchase the technology.


A key partnership for success

Since partnering with Pax8, Castle Rock Sky has consistently received the solutions, support, or anything else necessary to help their small business clients soar. With constant, reliable communication and keen attention to new opportunities, Pax8 has helped the MSP deliver the best experience possible for small businesses and nonprofits.

“Our partnership with Pax8 is key. It is crucial to what we do every day and the goals we try to achieve.”

About Castle Rock Sky

Castle Rock Sky offers information security, managed services, and VOIP solutions for small businesses throughout Colorado. With a focus on customer service, a love for technology, and an emphasis on proactive care, the company delivers streamlined business process optimisations, effective information security strategies, and more to their clients. Castle Rock Sky also prides itself on giving back to the community, both providing service to, and supporting local charities, nonprofits, and initiatives in the Castle Rock and Denver metro areas.

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