Pax8 helps MSP execute complicated rollout and build trust with new client


Difficult projects that need proper execution

Doing right by the client is a guiding principle for Navakai. So, when a new client approached the Managed Service Provider (MSP) about rolling out Microsoft 365, Teams, M365 Business Voice, and Azure Active Directory to their rapidly expanding workforce, Navakai created a strategic plan to seamlessly execute the complexities of the large project, as they are committed to doing for each client.

“This was going to be a very complicated IT rollout, and it was important for us to handle it with the same professionalism and level of quality that we’re dedicated to providing our clients on every project.” Dave Burgess, Project Coordinator at Navakai

To ensure all the migrations would be completed timely and with best in class client support, Navakai looked at every resource available to them. While they have some of the best engineers available on their team, they decided to partner with their cloud distributor on this project. This enabled them to keep their engineers on their existing projects and with Pax8 engineers, scale new projects courtesy of their cloud distributor.


White-labeled Professional Services from Pax8

Navakai initially discovered Pax8 while exploring ways to procure licenses for the cloud solutions they were offering. After experiencing the simple, intuitive design of the Pax8 Platform, they chose Pax8 to fulfill their distribution needs, starting with Microsoft and expanding to security, continuity, and beyond.

When the migration project came up, Navakai looked to Pax8 to see if their Professional Services could assist with the project. After reaching out to their account manager to learn more, Navakai was soon in communication with a member of the Pax8 Professional Services team, who outlined exactly how and when the project could unfold. In the discovery call, Navakai was able to get their questions answered and begin the planning process very quickly.

“We realized that on top of everything we were already enjoying about Pax8, they also had the perfect resource designed specifically for helping us with complicated IT projects.”


Hitting the ground running

Getting started with Pax8 Professional Services is simple, and Navakai’s project was no exception. In the first phone call, engineers from Navakai and members of the Pax8 team were able to map out nearly the entire project, down to the order of events, scheduling, personnel, and more.

“The Pax8 team helped us map out the project and manage expectations for the client every step of the way. They did an incredible job communicating with our team, so we knew exactly how everything was going to unfold—every detail was accounted for.”

With Pax8 helping handle the logistics, Navakai could keep their team of engineers on existing client projects and execute on this new project together.

Professional Services "done by the numbers"

One of the things Navakai was most impressed by was the competency and efficiency with which the Professional Services team accomplished each step of the process. The Pax8 team of highly skilled cloud architects and engineers wasted no time implementing and optimizing solutions for the client.

“We worked really well together to ensure we were prepared to troubleshoot for any roadblock along the way. The Pax8 team helped us feel extremely prepared.”

Working hand and hand, the two parties completed the project on time, without any major delays or issues, resulting in a happy and impressed client.

Fast and reliable response

Throughout the multi-day process of installing environments, setting up accounts, and migrating data, Pax8 provided fast and reliable responses to all of Navakai’s questions and concerns.

“There was never a point where we felt like we weren’t getting a response or the support we needed. Pax8 was always there for us.”

With issues being resolved quickly, the entire process was fast and smooth. When Navakai did encounter a small problem with Azure, Pax8 responded right away, jumping in to offer assistance and resolve the issue.


Confidence for any and all projects

The completed project met all of the client’s goals, resulting in a sophisticated, secure Microsoft environment for their entire workforce. In satisfying the client, Navakai built the foundation of trustworthy, lasting business relationship.

“We know projects are going to be successful when we work with Pax8, and we know we’re going to get a win.”

Navakai says that should the need arise again, working with Pax8 Professional Services would be a “no-brainer” and they’re thankful to work with a distributor that goes above and beyond to deliver the best experience possible for partners.

About Navakai

Based out of Colorado Springs, Navakai is an IT consulting company that provides monthly support, strategic planning, design, and other technology services to businesses across the U.S. and Canada. Navakai treats acting in the client’s best interest as a guiding principle, working closely with organizations to understand their needs and tailor their strategies accordingly. Navakai also prides itself on delivering superior customer service, deep subject matter expertise, and standardized solutions. With a team of friendly and dedicated experts, Navakai makes IT better, so their clients can relax.

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