Pax8 gives MSP opportunities to save time and money


Apathy and lack of innovation from legacy distribution

For many years, NeoTech Networks procured their licenses through a traditional software distributor. While this arrangement worked adequately, after a while, it became clear that the distributor was only interested in selling products, not helping partners like NeoTech find new ways to optimize their business.

“We could tell that things weren’t ever going to change. There wasn’t much effort to create better processes for us or give us opportunities to be more efficient.” Steven Dempsey, Founder and Principal of NeoTech Networks

However, NeoTech was about to discover that there are distributors out there that focus on the MSPs’ experience and opportunities for growth. In fact, there’s one distributor, in particular, that makes partner success a priority through continuous communication and innovation. It was only a matter of time until the two parties met and joined forces.


Partnering with a cloud expert

NeoTech had been aware of Pax8 as an option for distribution, but it wasn’t until they learned more about the PSA integrations and automation in the Pax8 Platform that they began to see how much more the the Pax8 experience had to offer.

“I wish we had switched to Pax8 sooner. As soon as we heard about Pax8 and their great innovations, we moved over all of our cloud business over to them.”

Impressed with the superior service and ease of use, NeoTech quickly migrated their business to Pax8 — but the best business benefits were yet to come.


Ensuring maximum savings on Microsoft

With the Pax8 CSP Program, Pax8 empowers partners to maximize their Microsoft practice via incentives and rebates. Instead of leaving partners to navigate this process on their own, Pax8 is there to break down the nuances of the program and help partners take advantage of benefits.

Their dedicated Pax8 rep informed NeoTech of some of the benefits that come with attaining the Microsoft silver competency. Most importantly, Pax8 made NeoTech aware of Microsoft’s Internal Use Rights (IURs), which allow MSPs to receive free Microsoft 365 licenses for use by the MSP’s employees.

“I would have never been aware of the money I could save with this program if it wasn’t for Pax8. It’s so amazing to have them looking out for me.”

Taking advantage of the IURs, NeoTech was able to save $10,000 a year on their internal Microsoft 365 licenses, allowing that money to be used for growing the business instead. With their Pax8 rep by their side to give advice and answer questions, they were also able to start exploring additional rebates and incentives around items like recurring commissions.

Work made easier with PSA integration and automation

There was no option for PSA integration when NeoTech was working with their previous distributor. Under that system, NeoTech had to pay an employee to spend time manually comparing licenses between the distributor’s portal and NeoTech’s PSA tool. Thankfully, that frustrating and time-consuming process disappeared once they began their partnership with Pax8.

“Pax8 has completely changed how we manage our licenses. The amount of time and effort we save by having processes automated is truly an incredible boost to our business.”

With the Pax8 PSA integration, NeoTech was able to automate their manual licensing process — eliminating human error, ridding themselves of extra work, and freeing up their techs to spend their time on mission-critical tasks. Utilizing automated billing in the Pax8 Platform, NeoTech was also able to spend less time handling invoices.


More money, more time, and less struggle

Partnering with Pax8 ended up paying major dividends for NeoTech. For one, they were able to save thousands of dollars simply by learning to utilize Microsoft incentives. For another, they stopped spending time and effort on manual processes thanks to the automation of the Pax8 Platform.

“It’s so refreshing to work with someone who actually cares about our business and wants to help us succeed. Pax8 is an amazing partner to have.”

The same way NeoTech helps optimize their clients’ businesses, Pax8 was there to help them streamline workflows and make budget-efficient decisions. This level of care and service simply isn’t found often with legacy distributors, but is an integral part of every Pax8 partnership.

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