Pax8 enables MSP innovation, creating more stickiness for the partner


Successful MSP needed help tracking growth

Every CEO wants their company to grow and triumph. However, with fast growth comes new challenges

“We started out as a local break-fix, and over time, transitioned into a managed services business.” Dustin Grenier, Operations Manager at HCS Technical Services

In early 2017, HCS Technical Services saw tremendous growth. The company needed a partner to help scale its growth. Fortunately, they found Pax8 at an IT channel-focused trade show.


A valuable partnership

Previously, HCS Technical Services had not worked with distribution because it did not see the value in the traditional model. When the company learned more about Pax8, it decided to partner with the cloud distributor due to the financial benefit the organization would gain through the partnership.

“With Pax8, it is so much easier to track licensing
and manage our clients’ cloud services business. With the technology, support, and education we
receive through Pax8, we can scale our business because they have become an
extension of our team.”

When Greiner saw the Pax8 team at the 2021 XChange+ conference, he was happy with his decision to partner with the organization and was determined to build on the business with the cloud distributor. Through conversations and the credibility Pax8 built over time, HCS Technical Services decided to buy all their SaaS and IaaS solutions from Pax8.

“For all the business we do with Pax8, they do so much more for us. We are assured in our future success with our clients because of our partnership with Pax8.”


Consistent support—even in a pandemic

Greiner spoke very highly of his Channel Account Manager at Pax8 because of their vast knowledge about technology solutions and what would work best for their clients.

“The conversations with our account manager and the specialists at Pax8 provide us with a high value. As the industry changes and new technology vendors enter our space, Pax8 provides great recommendations for our clients’ technology stacks.”

Pax8 is an expert at solving our problems quickly.

“When we’ve had to open tickets, Pax8 solves them in 30 minutes or less. We received the guidance and support we needed to help our clients fast. If we hit a wall on our team, Pax8 is our first call.”

Additionally, at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, HCS Technical Services saw a lot of their vendors fall short, but they never experienced a dip in service from Pax8. In fact, the company continues to elevate the experience.

“Even if we receive a new CAM, everyone we have worked with at Pax8 has been incredible. There is always consistency.”

A little aid from Professional Services

HCS Technical Services has continued to grow and succeed largely due to the partnership with Pax8 and utilization of its Professional Services offering. The Professional Services team at Pax8 has helped the company define the scope of work from point A to point B on various projects, making them a sticky and reliable go-to for their clients. HCS Technical Services is experiencing new growth with their existing clients through the offering, and the company is landing new contracts with prospective clients.

When expanding on his experience with Pax8 Professional Services, Greiner mentioned exceptional support quality.

“Pax8 teaches you along the way and creates documentation and process so we can learn to do new things ourselves. They equip us with everything we need to navigate any project that might come our way.”

From SharePoint overhauls to Azure deployments, Pax8 has teamed with HCS Technical Services to complete several successful projects.

Motivation to migrate

Four years ago, most of HCS Technical Services’ clients’ servers were on-premises. Because of the resources offered by Pax8, the company only has two clients with on-premises servers.

“Pax8 technology and the marketplace make it easy to switch and create new technology stacks as the needs of our clients evolve. And if we want to try something new, the Pax8 team will help us set up the new technology, sandbox it, and make sure it works right. If it doesn’t fit, they get us set up with a new solution.”

The future of technology revolves around simplification and efficiency, so it only makes sense for HCS Technical Services to collaborate with Pax8, a company born-in-the-cloud.


An MSP that consistently delivers

HCS Technical Services’ top priority is to ensure small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) technology runs smoothly. With a partner in Pax8, they’re living up to all their promises.

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HCS Technical Services specializes in a wide range of services, including tailored IT services and solutions for small and medium businesses and their owners in San Marcos, Austin, Wimberley, and New Braunfels. They are committed to providing each and every one of their clients with high quality service and support. Their unique IT team is incredibly friendly and can help you every step of the way in growing your business. They expertly combine their services in order to provide you with customized help and support, so you only get what you need and what you want. Their innovative approach starts with a thorough investigation of what your company needs to succeed so that they can ensure a perfect fit with you and their services.

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