PAX8 CSP program opens new opportunities for Visual Edge IT


No cost-effective means to grow their Microsoft Business

In a crowded and competitive marketplace, Visual Edge IT stands out from the competition with their reputation for delivering predictable and cost-effective outcomes to every project they undertake. But it hasn’t always been this way. Building their cloud business wasn’t so easy in the beginning. Transitioning from a value-added reseller (VAR) who sold Microsoft products to a managed service provider (MSP) that managed Microsoft for their clients meant the company had to focus on how they could get more from their investment.

“It took a lot of time and money, investing in employees to manage our Microsoft business. Purchasing directly from Microsoft wasn’t cost-effective.”

The Visual Edge IT team instead started buying through CSPs offered by legacy distributors, which wasn’t much better.

“We weren’t getting the service, support, or any of the margins we had hoped for. We were unhappy with the change and were looking for a partner that was a better fit for our business.” Peter Avery, National Field Services Manager at Visual Edge IT

They needed an experienced cloud expert. They found it in Pax8.


Pax8 cleans up Microsoft relationship

As a born-in-the-cloud distributor, Pax8 gets the cloud — all the nuances and unique business processes that go along with deploying and managing cloud environments.

After meeting the Pax8 CRO, Nick Heddy, through a hometown connection, Avery and his team reached out to see what Pax8 could do for their business. “We had heard great things about Pax8 and thought we should give them a try,” says Avery. “They seemed like they really knew what they were doing.” The team set up a meeting and instantly realised they had found the partnership they were looking for.

“We love working with the Pax8 team, from the executives to the support staff. Pax8 helped us organise and optimise our Microsoft business.”

Pax8 also introduced Visual Edge IT to other vendors that would complement their Microsoft business. “Despite the rate of change in tech, Pax8 has the latest and greatest at their fingertips and the ability to train me and my staff — from technical to selling,” says Avery. “Pax8 provides us with a better structure for our business that ultimately enables us to make more margin.”


Leading by example

The Pax8 CSP Program is unlike any other, simplifying the Microsoft CSP Program through billing, provisioning, automation, industry-leading PSA integrations, and free 24/7 pre and post-sales partner support. Pax8 cuts through all the noise and hype to offer exclusive margins and a more simplified experience.

“Pax8 is giving us a clear path forward with cloud and helping us build comprehensive solutions that are profitable for our business. The client satisfaction rating is also better than ever, because they have a higher regard for the new IT infrastructure we have built for them.”

Plus, the Pax8 Professional Services team of highly skilled Cloud Architects and Engineers help Visual Edge IT plan, assess, design, migrate, customise, and optimise their cloud solutions. Visual Edge IT prides themselves on giving a top-notch client experience every time. Pax8 helped them stick to this credo and deliver considerable cost-saving results for one client in particular.

“We engaged the Pax8 Professional Services team to help us with a few Microsoft Azure deployments. They helped us identify cost savings for one client that not only made him happy but also made him a client for life.”

After meeting with one of the Pax8 Sales Engineers regarding an existing Microsoft Azure deployment, Avery’s team identified an over-spec’d VPN Gateway and recommended the client downgrade based on his usage. The client made the adjustment then and there, which saved him more than $200 per month — total savings of $2,400 over the year.

“Part of our mission statement is to ‘deliver cost-effective outcomes. Pax8 has helped us prove that we stand by this statement, showing our clients that we’re the best choice for their business.”

A partner through the process

Moving a client from on-prem to cloud isn’t always so easy. However, with the right partner, Visual Edge IT was able to not only easily fulfill the client’s wishes but made it so simple that they now have even more opportunities knocking down their doors. Pax8 helped the MSP navigate the intricacies of Microsoft Azure to build a thriving practice.

“We were able to create redundancy in the data centre with Microsoft Azure, maintaining security with Microsoft 365 Business,” explains Avery. “Being able to integrate them into Microsoft Azure enables us to own that network for them and have the same control as we would if we had an employee on-site 24/7.”

Turning this client into a recurring revenue partner was just the beginning. The client was so satisfied with the level of service they received and the new infrastructure that they’ve asked Visual Edge IT to manage their two newly acquired businesses.

“Pax8 makes the extraordinarily complex task of Infrastructure-as-a-Service simple. They’ve proven they not only have our back, but are helping push us forward, accelerating our success.”

With predictive cost analytics, transparent threshold management, and detailed billing, Pax8 covers all the bases—no matter the size or scope of the business.

“We have a large non-profit client who tasked us with migrating and managing 21 locations and more than 400 users. We were able to eliminate any on-premise hardware and maintain security with Microsoft 365 Business, Intune, and Azure AD, as well as completely manage the print services of all locations through a single machine with Microsoft Azure.”


A streamlined approach

Pax8 streamlines the cloud so partners, like Visual Edge IT, can take advantage of the silver lining with a full suite of Professional Services and support— without the high Microsoft Azure service fees.

“Pax8 and the team are helping us take advantage of new business and optimising our existing client relationships.”

With the friendliest and most experienced service and support teams, Pax8 ensures that all their partners have the best experience.

“They simplified the entire process — from billing to support — and helped us make some great margin for our business in the process. We’re flying high with Pax8 as our partner.”

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