Pax8 alleviates cloud confusion, making it easy for LAN Infotech to realise success


Confusion around Azure blocks growth of Microsoft Business

LAN Infotech’s cloud solutions specialists provide their clients with cloud services that make business productivity and efficiency a reality. As a Microsoft Certified Silver Partner, LAN Infotech is able to offer their clients the full spectrum of Microsoft Business tools, including Azure and Office 365. There was only one problem: they were struggling with putting together the pieces of the Azure puzzle.

“Azure can be really confusing. If we don’t know it well enough, it makes it hard to sell it.” Michael Goldstein, President of LAN Infotech

Working with a large, traditional distributor didn’t help either. Many legacy distributors aren’t very well-versed in cloud, since it doesn’t fall into line with traditional distribution products.

“It never was easy working with the larger distributors…it was always a challenge.”

LAN Infotech needed a partner that was born in the cloud and understood the nuances of, and could complement, Microsoft tools like Azure.

“We started working with Pax8 because of the value they delivered with cloud and where we were looking to take the business. Pax8 fills the gap for us and helps us understand all we need to know with Azure.”


Pax8 removes the barriers of Microsoft success

As the leader in cloud distribution, Pax8 was able to fully support LAN Infotech’s cloud technology needs, allowing Goldstein and his team to deliver on their client commitments.

“Specialising in cloud, Pax8 makes it a lot easier to do business. They are custom-built to meet all of our cloud business needs.”

From delivering at a better price point combined with value-added services to introducing emerging products to its partners, Pax8 brings something new to the table that legacy distributors just can’t touch.

“We get all the Microsoft products and support we need. We consider Pax8 one of our most strategic partners since they not only help us grow our business but have our back every step of the way.”


A partner that simplifies Microsoft complexities

To fully leverage their partnership with Pax8, and in order to grow and sustain cloud success, LAN Infotech joined the Pax8 CSP Program. Through the Pax8 CSP Program, Pax8 enables partners to understand the changes to products and programs within the ever-shifting Microsoft landscape. By simplifying the quote-to-cash experience, Pax8 empowers partners to capture double-digit margins when selling Microsoft products as part of their technology stack.

“Pax8 really takes cloud seriously. We truly feel like we have a partner when it comes to our Microsoft business.”

The Pax8 CSP Program rewards partners for driving the activation and enablement of Microsoft clients. As a cloud expert, Pax8 shows their partners how to earn additional margin on net new Microsoft clients and easily navigate the requirements for Microsoft incentives and rebates — all to further their partners’ success.

“Their CSP Program makes Pax8 standout. From the Autotask integration to the threshold management capabilities, we’re able to work more efficiently and serve our clients better.”

A custom flight plan for success

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) can be extraordinarily complex; Azure alone has over 20,000 distinct SKUs. Additionally, the usage-based billing model can often provide challenges for MSPs, including unpredictable bills, slim margins, and more.

“When we started buying Azure through Pax8, the process was really seamless. The procurement process was straightforward, and the integration was quick and easy. Most importantly, we had support from Pax8 every step of the way.”

Pax8 provides their partners with predictive cost analytics, enabling them to optimise their techniques and strategically lower costs; threshold management capabilities, so they are aware when they are approaching their customised, consumption-based thresholds; and detailed billing to show their clients’ granular billing data.

“We have a great experience buying Azure through Pax8, and if we need anything, we feel comfortable using their Professional Services.”

LAN Infotech creates better client experiences

Priding themselves on putting their clients first, LAN Infotech’s goal is to use cloud to help their clients increase market share and enhance their bottom line. Without the right tools, this would be impossible, but Pax8 makes it easy.

“Pax8 wins with their Autotask integration. Azure billing can be a challenge, but Pax8 has made the billing simple for us.”

The Pax8 PSA tool integrations make selling cloud solutions easier and helps MSPs save time doing it. Thanks to integrations with Autotask, ConnectWise, Kaseya, Syncro, and Tigerpaw, partners can conduct all Pax8 business within the Pax8 Portal or their preferred PSA tool. Learn more in the official PSA Integrations Guide.

“The Autotask integration enables us to import company data, export products as services, and access accurate billing and contract information within a single platform.”

Also, within the Pax8 Portal, LAN Infotech is able to use calculators and threshold management capabilities to project costs and automatically monitor client usage on a daily basis, so they know when their clients are getting close to reaching their threshold.

“By leveraging the threshold management tool, we can better manage the IaaS consumption of our clients. As a trusted advisor to our clients, we want to make their cloud experience safe, simple, and affordable. We trust Pax8 to help us so we can help our clients.”


Growth of Microsoft Business through Azure education and enablement

Pax8 empowered LAN Infotech to grow their business and thrive with cloud. Pax8 made it easy for the company to add new cloud solutions to their technology stack and eliminated the extra time they were spending on ordering, provisioning, and billing.

“Cloud is confusing. Pax8 simplified the cloud adoption and buying process for us.”

By helping LAN Infotech better understand Azure and simplifying their Microsoft buying, selling, and managing experience, Pax8 empowered them to feel confident when speaking to a client about Azure. Pax8 knows how complex and confusing Azure can be and is committed to being there every step of the way for all partners.

“It’s about showing up and staying consistent. Pax8 does this. We know they have our back.”

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