Simplified billing and a symbiotic partnership lead to rapid growth for Bristol-based MSP


Time-consuming and laborious billing processes

Billing has historically been a laborious and time-consuming process for 18iT. Despite being a relatively small MSP, billing and invoicing have prevented the company from dedicating adequate time, effort, and resources to achieve its ambitions.
According to Paul Croker (Director of 18iT), the invoicing process had become impractical. The business initially partnered with a well-known cloud distributor, assuming that the provider’s scale would translate to well-oiled, smooth processes. Yet, the 18iT team were spending countless hours each month untangling their bill from the provider and building their clients’ invoices. The manual process meant that licenses would often be missed at the expense of the MSP.
Culture is important to 18iT, and it soon became clear that the partnership with its provider didn’t fully align with the business’ values. 18iT knows that business is about more than just making money-the MSP wanted a partnership that would provide proactive, personable, and professional support.

‘What immediately stood out about Pax8 was the people. We just knew that working with the Pax8 team would be more than just a business alliance-it would be a true partnership. It was clear from the start of our journey with Pax8 that the team there just get it, and they’re on their partners’ side.’ -Paul Croker, Director at 18iT


World-class billing and support leads to countless hours saved

The simplified billing offered by Pax8 means that 18iT is saving significant quantities of time each month. The business can now dedicate additional time to providing its clients with best-in-class products and services. As a fast-growing MSP, that time can also be used to strategise and meet the business’ aims and objectives.
When it comes to maximising their time, 18iT turn to Pax8 when technical issues arise. Any problems are promptly addressed in-house by the Pax8 team. This minimises downtime for 18iT’s end-users and helps 18iT maintain a positive and trusting relationship with clients. Pax8 and 18iT work seamlessly together to ensure that the MSP’s clients remain well-supported by the latest technology, and the 18iT team saves time and maximises productivity.

‘The 18iT team trusts Pax8 emphatically. If a problem arises, I don’t worry because I know that Pax8 will resolve it promptly, and the downtime and related costs will be minimal.’
-Paul Croker

18iT also continue to benefit from Pax8 Professional Services. The knowledge and expertise of the Pax8 team support 18iT when providing world-class service to clients by providing the MSP’s team with extensive knowledge of the solutions offered. When it comes to providing clients with demos, Paul notes that 18iT have previously approached Pax8 for additional training to model vendors as effectively as possible to clients.

‘The Pax8 Pro Services are brilliant. Anything that 18iT needs, Pax8 supports us with immediately.’
-Paul Croker


A value-based partnership based on collective growth

According to Paul Croker, partnership with Pax8 is both professionally and personally satisfying. ‘It’s deeply fulfilling to work with a provider that wholeheartedly aligns with 18iT’s values and ethos.’ 18iT is driven by ‘what’s coming over the hill next’, and the business thrives on its candid and flexible approach. One of the core reasons the partnership between Pax8 and 18iT is so effective is that Pax8 consistently adapts to serve partners best. ‘There’s no such thing as a stagnant attitude at Pax8. You’ll never hear, “We’ve never done it like that before, so we can’t do it now,” from a member of the Pax8 team,’ says Paul. Pax8 knows that it’s all about making changes when needed to empower teams to do their best work and support end-users.

‘If anything, the value of partnership with Pax8 is undersold. Simply put, Pax8 offers a best-in-class partnership. You won’t find better.’
– Paul Croker

By attending the regular virtual and physical events hosted by Pax8, 18iT has networked with fellow MSPs and learned to thrive as part of a community in a historically competitive and cut-throat industry. Pax8 has played a key role in building a collaborative community of MSPs, where business owners learn from one another’s successes and failures.


Rapid growth for MSP

Since partnering with Pax8, 18iT continues to scale week on week, having already doubled its client base. According to Paul Croker, this growth can be attributed to the shared drive of Pax8 and 18iT to overcome challenges and push the boundaries.
Having inducted its full client base onto the Pax8 Marketplace, 18iT manages accounts effectively and in record time. According to Paul, the impact of having all clients’ provisioning and billing needs in one place cannot be understated.

About 18iT

Businesses turn to 18iT to optimise their IT strategy. Using the team’s knowledge and experience as either IT Director or Virtual CIO. 18iT listens to clients’ existing challenges and ensures that their IT underpins the business plans and budgets, whilst ensuring that the client organisation has everything it needs to work.

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