The Pax8 Marketplace leads to improved time-to-value and profitability for MSP


Low-quality account management

As a fast-growing and ambitious MSP, Cloud Nexus needed a proactive and knowledgeable account manager. According to Scott Riley, founder of Cloud Nexus, the advice given to the MSP by its previous account management team was sometimes untimely, costing the business thousands of pounds. Occasionally, team members at Cloud Nexus needed additional support, but the gatekeeping of technical knowledge at the MSP’s previous provider meant that they could be waiting weeks for issues to be resolved.


Growing increasingly frustrated with this lacklustre account management, Riley turned to MSPs online to find more effective alternatives.


“MSPs based in the US were raving about how amazing Pax8 is, from its fully automated portal to the account management,” – Scott Riley, Founder of Cloud Nexus


It became increasingly clear that their previous partner wasn’t delivering, so partnering with a new provider would be a low risk move for the business, and it was becoming an attractive prospect.


The automated Pax8 Marketplace and world-class account management

Following the MSP’s research, the account management and marketplace provided by Pax8 was recommended as the ultimate fix for the problems Cloud Nexus was experiencing. When Pax8 launched in the UK in early 2021, Cloud Nexus immediately made the switch, becoming the first signed partner in Europe.


After partnering with Pax8, Cloud Nexus began leveraging the full power of the automated Pax8 Marketplace with the support of their account manager. Now, the MSP spends less time managing licenses each month and more time working directly with clients. Riley adds that the self-service feature of the marketplace is empowering for both Cloud Nexus and the MSP’s client businesses. Cloud Nexus’ clients can provision their own licenses when they need them, and within minutes. The autonomy provided to clients means that the MSP is free to spend additional time working towards key goals for scaling the business.


“The fact that the Pax8 Marketplace is fully automated means that managing licenses is much simpler and less time-consuming, and the platform’s self-service feature empowers the end user whilst saving our team time.” – Scott Riley, Founder of Cloud Nexus


Riley adds that Pax8 is significantly more effective at resolving tickets in comparison to the MSP’s previous provider. On the rare occasion that the MSP needs to raise a support ticket, the issue has always been quickly and effectively resolved in-house. Cloud Nexus’ dedicated account manager has a thorough understanding of the products and services purchased by the MSP, meaning that any queries from Cloud Nexus can often be answered immediately and without the need for escalation.


“I genuinely know that when we have difficult, challenging questions around the products or a technical issue, we’ll be well supported.” – Scott Riley, Founder of Cloud Nexus


The MSP’s time goes further, resulting in increased profit and local impact

Since partnering with Pax8, the Cloud Nexus team has been introduced to new products and services to deliver to clients. As a business, Cloud Nexus emphasises the vital importance of ensuring erudite cybersecurity measures are implemented into a business’ operations. By attending a Pax8 Mission Briefing, Cloud Nexus learned that it’s possible to outsource SOC services to novaSOC, a vendor available in the marketplace. From now on, the MSP will be streamlining cybersecurity services by leveraging novaSOC through the Pax8 Marketplace, saving its team time and ensuring that Cloud Nexus’ clients benefit from world-class security measures.


Riley adds that working with Pax8 has enabled Cloud Nexus to spend more time and money supporting important charity ventures. The MSP has worked with Cycle UK, ensuring that its software is correctly configured and ready for use. Completing this work alleviates pressure for the charity’s IT team by removing the need for it to set up 50+ laptops in just two weeks. By minimising the time spent on the laborious provisioning and billing processes, the business can reduce costs and the time spent on projects like this.


Drastically increased annual revenue and improved client relationships

The average amount of time it takes for an MSP to reach a million-pound turnover per annum is ten years. Cloud Nexus is on track to achieve this milestone in just four years. Riley says that Cloud Nexus’ revenue has more than doubled in the last financial year, with the business reaching 80% growth in revenue year over year.


By leveraging the full power of the Pax8 Marketplace, Cloud Nexus has saved significant amounts of time each month, enabling them to devote more attention to clients. The MSP’s partnership with Pax8 has resulted in increased time-to-value and improved relationships with clients.


“Since initially partnering, Pax8 hasn’t missed a beat when it comes to service and support. Pax8 continues to grow rapidly in the UK and across Europe, but never at the expense of support or account management. The Pax8 experience has remained consistently incredible.” – Scott Riley, Founder of Cloud Nexus

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