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Castle Rock Sky

This Pax8 partner keeps history alive at the Denver Black American West Museum.
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Based in Denver, the mission of the Black American West Museum is to raise awareness of the African Americans who settled and developed the Western United States. In 2020, our partner, Castle Rock Sky, began working with this institution to modernise their technology. In addition, they also realised a key IT need, which was to set up a community computer space to be used for educational sessions. With Pax8 resources, Castle Rock Sky was able to maximise all the Microsoft incentives and rebates offered to nonprofits.

Savio House

A nonprofit organization pivots to remote work and quickly modernizes their infrastructure.
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Savio House is dedicated to eliminating destructive behaviours in families through in-home therapeutic treatment, care, support and education. Like many organisations, it needed to navigate a new world of work during the pandemic and quickly discovered that its current infrastructure didn’t meet its business needs. A Pax8 partner leveraged licencing and cloud adoption to provide Savio House with the ability to archive in the cloud and remove its on-prem servers, ensuring that its team remained productive and connected to critical and secure data.

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With Microsoft’s Tech for Social Impact (TSI) program, we can offer grants and discounts on over 70 cloud solutions, including Microsoft 365 and custom-built solutions for nonprofits with Dynamics 365.

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IRONSCALES provides nonprofits with a bundle of advanced email security services and training, including AI-powered incident response, phishing simulation, training and more.

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MailGuard 365 provides native ICES (Integrated Cloud Email Security) with Microsoft 365 (including Defender) to defend nonprofits against advanced email threats.

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Dropsuite is a cloud software platform that enables nonprofits to easily backup, recover and protect their organisation’s important information.

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77% of nonprofits say technology has helped their organisation become more efficient or improve mission impact.*
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55% of nonprofits say they need to invest in technology in order to increase fundraising.*
36 %
Only 36% of nonprofit professionals are “very satisfied” with the technology they have to do their job.*

*Salesforce. The fifth edition of the Nonprofit Trends Report. October 2022.

†Fine and Kanter. How Smart Tech is Transforming Nonprofits. Harvard Business Review, 9 December 2021.

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