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The continuity solutions your clients need to protect their data and minimise their downtime.

Why businesses need continuity solutions that have their backs

Our backup and disaster recovery solutions can build trust and reduce risk for your clients.

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48.5% of businesses in Europe suffered a cyberattack in 2022.1

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51% of companies across the globe don’t have a business continuity plan.2

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33% of network folders aren’t protected at all.3

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85% of businesses in Europe agree a breach would have a serious detrimental impact on their business.4

Solution combinations help clients
safeguard their operations

Microsoft recommends regularly using third-party apps to back up content and data5.

Microsoft and Dropsuite

Dropsuite gives you plug-and-play onboarding, NFR (not for resale) and advanced search functionality.

Microsoft and Acronis

The best combination for data protection, with coverage for M365 and Server/VM.

Microsoft and Redstor

Redstor backs up OneDrive, SharePoint, Exchange, Teams, and OneNote for malware-free restores of M365 data.

Microsoft and Axcient

The must-have, complete backup for M365 on Windows-only machines.

Microsoft and Skykick

Boost efficiency with SkyKick’s cloud automation and management products.

Let us help you find the right solutions

Our expert solution consultants offer a comprehensive assessment to better understand your business and client needs. They will then create a bespoke report highlighting any gaps, opportunities, support and next steps.

Resources to help you sell continuity with success

Grow your continuity business with these Pax8 resources

Calculator | Fact sheet | Guide | Training course | Sales resources

Calculate your cost of downtime



Your business would lose an estimated $1,000 in sales and productivity for every hour of downtime, resulting in $1,000 lost during a full business day of downtime.

Best-in-class continuity solutions for your business.

The good news? Cloud backup solutions can cost as little as $1,000 per seat per month.

Continuity fact

Show your clients exactly why they need to add continuity to their tech stack.

Guide to Selling Backup

Learn the specifics on how to sell business continuity solutions.

Continuity Fundamentals

The basics of continuity help you sell the right solutions to the right clients.


White-labelled email templates and examples of business successes to help you sell continuity solutions.

Learn to sell solutions that reduce risk for your clients

Schedule a call with a consultant to:
  • Get a comprehensive assessment
  • Receive a customised report
  • Identify gaps and opportunities
  • Understand next steps

“Pax8 has a big portfolio of vendors, and we are able to explore a number of different cloud solutions to attain the best possible results for our clients.”

Anders Klamer, CEO Delecsys AB

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