Pax8’s ground-breaking platform and support makes MSP’s future bright


Time-consuming, laborious manual processes

Dr Logic wanted to simplify and automate its existing billing and provisioning processes as it continued to expand and offer business consultancy alongside IT support and consultancy. As Dr Logic concluded a period of consolidation and entered a year of planned growth, the team needed an indirect provider that would scale alongside their business and share their company values.
Having previously used other indirect providers and managed their billing and provisioning manually across Xero, ServiceNow and spreadsheets, the team at Dr Logic knew that they were expending significant amounts of time needlessly.

“The processes we previously used were quite manual and had to be done well in advance. We hired a developer to help us build our own billing process, but there were still manual steps involved.” – Roman Marszalek, Owner and Managing Director of Dr Logic


The Pax8 Marketplace platform streamlines provisioning and billing

Personalising the Pax8 Marketplace platform and integrating it into Dr Logic’s PSA system has made it significantly easier to link accounts and bill clients. Processes that were previously time-consuming have never been simpler, saving the company hours every month.
The Pax8 platform also grants the company increased visibility into client accounts. Engineers can access the platform to see which licenses are being sold to clients, and when. Dr Logic will now enable its clients to purchase licenses directly through the Pax8 marketplace platform. Doing this will save the team additional time by streamlining their processes further, whilst giving end-users increased transparency and visibility.
Marszalek notes that the ease at which he was able to get on-boarded with Pax8, access the technology, and start buying speaks to its simplicity and user-friendly nature.

“If any of our engineers want to see what we’re selling to our clients, they can simply go into the contracts section on the Pax8 platform. Information that was previously hidden away is now visible, so there’s a lot more accessibility and transparency”

Dr Logic will also implement Pax8 Pro, the company’s full-service cloud management tool. Pax8 Pro will accelerate their cloud management capabilities by providing the team with powerful insights into their data, support in acquiring new data, optimised existing client security, and a plethora of additional benefits. By working with the support team at Pax8, Dr Logic is looking to further automate its processes to improve the user-experience for both its internal team and clients to provide end-users with the products and services required instantaneously.


Quick response time

Dr Logic’s partnership with Pax8 enables the team to safeguard their SLAs with end-clients. Whilst going directly to Microsoft with a problem could potentially lead to longer periods of down-time, Pax8 provides 24/7 365 tech support to partners.

“The Pax8 interface is really easy to use, really fast, and isn’t clunky at all. Provisioning licenses and ordering services is much easier than it was before.”

Working with a passionate team

Dr Logic knew that it wanted to work with a provider who shared its core beliefs and valued its team. After meeting Pax8 physically for the first time at a CompTIA event in London, the company was struck by the passionate and knowledgeable Pax8 team. Pax8 has a clear plan of continuous improvement, which appealed to Dr Logic. “There’s no point working with a stagnated company that’s not interested in improving because their offering works at that given moment,” Marszalek notes.

“Everyone at Pax8 is really passionate about working there and making the most optimal product. There’s a clear plan of continuous growth.”

Selling products through the Pax8 platform

What the team at Dr Logic find particularly exciting is the ability for MSP businesses to sell their own products through the Pax8 marketplace platform. Pax8 offers more than simplified billing and provisioning – it’s a billing platform that partners find incredibly useful.

“The ability to sell your own services through the Pax8 marketplace platform is absolutely awesome. Pax8 isn’t just a marketplace where we can buy products and provision licenses, but it’s a billing platform that helps us streamline business processes.”

Shared growth and mutual support

As Dr Logic continues to expand, the need for a provider prepared to facilitate that growth became abundantly clear. The company knows the value of partnering with fast-growing businesses, as it currently works alongside an insurance company who’ve grown from a team of 35 and are now supporting over 1,000 users.
To Marszalek, Dr Logic feels like a new start-up, or at least a scale-up. This means 2022 brings countless new opportunities for growth and development as the organisation expands into business consultancy.

“It’s really important that we have the right processes in place as our business continues to grow. That is exactly what we have with Pax8.”

The 24/7, 365 support offered by Pax8 helps ensure Dr Logic meets their all-important SLAs and clients receive the quality of service they’ve come to expect. The support team is committed to providing high quality products and support and is always ready to help with any problems that arise.


Growth without compromised values

Pax8 is key to Dr Logic’s growth. Marszalek believes it’s encouraging to see businesses succeed globally without the cut-throat conduct sometimes associated with successful international organisations. Businesses are composed of people, and it’s through these people that a business will ultimately succeed. Pax8 is facilitating Dr Logic’s ambitions to expand whilst retaining its values- you don’t have to compromise one to have the other.

“It’s important to act with integrity—both professionally and personally. Having seen that in Pax8, it’s encouraging to see that you can be kind and still succeed.”

About DR Logic

As an experienced IT support company based in London, Dr Logic are strategic IT consultants. They create brilliant client relationships by finding solutions and identifying technological growth opportunities for ambitious, dynamic businesses.
They invest in those relationships with their clients by elevating them to strategic partnerships – growing and scaling businesses through transformative IT solutions that drive efficiencies and keep businesses at the forefront of IT advancements. Facilitating innovation means their client’s staff spend less time troubleshooting issues and being held back by inefficiencies.

Simply put, Dr Logic helps businesses grow.

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