Pax8 enables MSP to realise big returns and rapid growth with cloud services


Cloud Shift threatened to leave MSP behind the competition

About three years ago, LeafTech Consulting realised that if they didn’t start offering in-demand cloud solutions, they weren’t going to survive. The company was missing out on lucrative opportunities simply because they had nothing to offer a growing number of clients who wanted to explore the cloud. But what do you do when cloud isn’t your speciality? Like so many other MSPs, LeafTech needed help getting started.

“We initially had no idea how to sell cloud products. We had so many questions: how do we vet solutions, how do they work, how do we sell them?. We had to figure it out fast, because without cloud on the line card, no MSP stands a chance.” Chris McAree, CEO of LeafTech Consulting

The executive team at LeafTech Consulting knew they needed guidance to effectively take advantage of their clients’ growing interest in cloud services. They started searching for a partner who understood their pain points and was ready to help them launch into the arena of cloud services.The choice became clear when they learned about a born-in-the-cloud distributor who was solely focused on cloud and on enabling their partners to realise success — Pax8.

“More and more, clients were moving to the cloud or requesting to do so. I didn’t want to miss out on those opportunities. Even though I didn’t plan well for this market shift, Pax8 helped me make up for that.”


Pax8 fuels cloud services launch and supports cloud growth

Pax8 provided the right mix of knowledgeable support and ease-of-use that LeafTech Consulting needed to begin capitalising on cloud services opportunities. LeafTech’s first cloud offering through Pax8 was the SilverSky Hosted Exchange email solution. LeafTech now offers a wide selection of cloud services, including Microsoft Office 365, to best serve their current clients and prospects looking for a different kind of IT consulting company. With Pax8 as their central source for all things cloud, LeafTech can see their business grow while focusing on their mission of delivering an extraordinary client experience.

“Pax8 guided the process, tested products, gave support, and introduced us to new products and go-to-market strategies, so we could bring more products to market at the best price.”


Selling made simple

Many solution providers who start down the path of selling cloud without a guide soon realise that selling cloud isn’t like selling traditional products and services.

“When I started this business, we talked about the concept of never selling anything at a margin. The reality is, as we’ve grown, we need the supplementary income that cloud provides.”

The company’s dedicated Pax8 partner helped them understand the nuances of cloud sales that would lead to further opportunities as they grew.

“The margins that Pax8 provides are ridiculously favourable.”

Pax8 not only provides sales expertise and enablement but also vets every solution, only recommending and supporting proven technologies. With the Pax8 stamp of approval, solution providers can choose from hundreds of solutions through a central online cloud marketplace. And once clients have picked the solutions that fit their business needs, Pax8 makes migrating to those cloud services pain-free for both the solution provider and their clients.

“We’ve positioned our business as the one location for our client to call for everything. We would lose clients if we didn’t have cloud.”

A partner through the process

Pax8 provided a comprehensive partnership to LeafTech from day one and aligned with the MSP’s needs and goals. Investing in LeafTech’s success meant delivering a fully supported experience, from successful migration and painless onboarding to growing LeafTech’s cloud business from a single hosted email service. With a straightforward online marketplace, expert advice every step of the way, and unbeatable support, Pax8 enables LeafTech to serve their clients with confidence.

“It’s really nice to have a dedicated Cloud Solutions Advisor (CSA). I just pick up the phone and call them if I need anything. Pax8 also provides good terms and support from the vendors they partner with. We couldn’t ask for a better partner. With Pax8, I can work through any tech issue. Pax8 has helped us be competitive in the MSP space.” Reid Clark, LeafTech’s SVP of Technology


Flying high with 230% growth– and it's just the beginning

In the past three years that LeafTech has been selling cloud services with Pax8, the company has achieved 230% growth (which is an unprecedented average annual growth rate of 76.64%) — with more growth on the horizon.

“Pax8 has enabled our cloud adoption and company growth. Since working with them, our workforce has more than doubled. I couldn’t do my job well without having Pax8 as the single point of management. This has provided us with the ability to scale and massively grow our business. Moving to Pax8 has been the best decision we ever made. Working with them has gone so well — from 24/7 support, to billing made easy.”

Even though LeafTech is considered an SMB, they’re now a pretty big deal when it comes to cloud, thanks to Pax8.

We have clients all over the country. Pax8 has changed the market and is now offering different ways for us to optimise our client base. Once we get in there, it’s a ‘land-and-expand’ experience.”

LeafTech isn’t ready to slow down, and with Pax8, they can keep flying high.

“With Pax8 in our back pocket, we have the competitive advantage.”

About LeafTech Consulting

LeafTech started with a vision to deliver superior client service in an industry with a reputation for missing the mark on that front. Providing cost-effective, high-quality IT support and services to small and medium-sized businesses, the company is focused on delivering extraordinary client service. LeafTech is an eclectic group, from varying backgrounds and experiences, all working together to make your information technology work for you and your business. Learn more here.

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