Baltic MSP doubles its business and streamlines efficiency with help from Pax8 and Adobe


Absence of process automation and a true partnership

Primend is a pioneering, born-in-the-cloud managed service provider offering a full range of top-notch IT services for small and medium-sized businesses in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia ranging from infrastructure management and software development to helpdesk support and consultations. Founded in 2014 by four friends, when cloud computing was not mainstream in the Baltic States, the company has grown into a leading MSP in the region, with more than 100 employees. As Primend scaled, it became immediately obvious that they needed a tool to automate their processes and a true partner to better support their business.


“The biggest challenge we had before was the lack of different automation possibilities. There are not many platforms that can provide the automation we need. Pax8 has a unique offering in our market, enabling us to use the API connection to automate different processes, both in our own company and in our clients’ businesses.” – Mārtiņš Jurjāns, Country Manager Latvia, Primend.


Easy answer: the right technology and the right team

With cloud adoption on the rise in today’s digital age, Jurjāns came to the realisation that it was necessary to team up with the right partner to empower their business and gain a competitive edge in the market. With the aim of providing the best client experience, Primend decided to work with Pax8 to provide their team with the support and technology needed to take their business to the next level.


“We partnered with Pax8 for two reasons. The first was the Pax8 team, and we really appreciate the relationship we have built throughout these years. The second reason was the Pax8 Marketplace, which is unique in our market, and the possibilities it brings are actually enormous.” – Mārtiņš Jurjāns, Country Manager Latvia, Primend.


Initially, Primend started their collaboration with Pax8 by deploying Microsoft services and products. After exploring the ever-expanding Pax8 Marketplace, the MSP lost no time in adding more technology vendors to its line card.


“Since realising that the Pax8 vendor portfolio is incredible, we have added different solutions to our product portfolio. We are utilising BitTitan for migration services, Bitdefender for antivirus and security solutions, Adobe Creative Cloud for creative platforms, and Adobe Acrobat Sign for e-signature services.” – Mārtiņš Jurjāns, Country Manager Latvia, Primend.


Adobe solutions for every industry

From accounting and legal to retail and advertising industries, Primend serves clients from a wide range of sectors. Since Adobe offers a tailored solution for every industry, Jurjāns sees it as the best match for managing creative and document-related tasks.


“Our clients represent different industries, and Adobe can meet their diverse needs. From the Pax8 Marketplace, we deploy Adobe’s creative solutions, like Photoshop and Illustrator. In addition, we utilise different design solutions and Adobe Document Cloud, which is starting to boom in our market due to remote working and digitalisation in general.” – Mārtiņš Jurjāns, Country Manager Latvia, Primend.


Jurjāns says that Adobe is becoming quite an important part of all company processes and development.


“Currently, the number of clients purchasing Adobe is definitely growing. In addition to Adobe Creative Cloud, we see a growing demand for Adobe Document Cloud. With products like Adobe Acrobat Sign, Adobe is powering almost every company’s daily business processes, making it a more efficient and transparent solution for document management.” – Mārtiņš Jurjāns, Country Manager Latvia, Primend.


Simplified billing through the Pax8 Marketplace

The Pax8 Marketplace is integrated with industry-leading PSA tools, enabling partners to simplify their licensing process and increase efficiency by consolidating billing into a single invoice. Since switching to Pax8, Primend has smoothed out their business operations and become more productive.


“The Pax8 Marketplace is one of the biggest values and benefits that Pax8 brings to our business. Working with Pax8 makes it very easy for us to manage our customer licences from one portal. From the billing perspective, it is a lot easier to consolidate all the invoices at the end of each month, which makes our service delivery smooth and easy.” – Mārtiņš Jurjāns, Country Manager Latvia, Primend.

Responsive and best-in-class support

Jurjāns sees getting 24/7 in-house technical support from Pax8 as a significant advantage. This ensures that the Primend team does not have to escalate tickets and wait around for the vendors to resolve their issues.


“The support we have received from the Pax8 team has always been fast. Whenever we have any questions or challenges with Adobe, or any other vendors, the Pax8 support team is very helpful. This enables us to bring as much value to our clients as possible.” – Mārtiņš Jurjāns, Country Manager Latvia, Primend.


Exponential growth with Pax8 and Adobe

Since partnering with Pax8 and selling Adobe solutions, Primend has doubled their business and set themselves on the path to success in the Baltics region.


“Especially in Latvia, Primend grows two times every year. This is quite an exciting journey, in which Pax8 and Adobe are definitely supporting our growth.” – Mārtiņš Jurjāns, Country Manager Latvia, Primend.


Pax8 has unlocked a world of possibilities for its partners by adding Adobe to its suite of cloud solutions in the Pax8 Marketplace. Jurjāns acknowledges that working with Pax8 has added impetus to their sales of Adobe products and services.


“We have been selling Adobe solutions for some time, but now that we are partnering with Pax8, it’s definitely getting an additional push. As Pax8 makes it so easy for us, we’ll see even more growth in the near future.” – Mārtiņš Jurjāns, Country Manager Latvia, Primend.


Less manual work, more business efficiency

Automating recurring tasks allowed Primend to tackle one of their most pressing business challenges. With less manual labour, the company has freed up its internal resources to focus on other value-creating and revenue-generating activities. Jurjāns aims for as much automation as possible so that members of the Primend team can spend their valuable time solving their clients’ issues and providing value to their businesses.


“The biggest success we’ve seen since collaborating with Pax8 and using Adobe solutions is the efficiency we have gained. By leveraging the Pax8 Marketplace, we have automated loads of manual tasks, which made our processes faster and a lot more efficient.” – Mārtiņš Jurjāns, Country Manager Latvia, Primend.

About Primend

Founded in 2014, Primend is the leading provider of cloud-based solutions in the Baltics. With a focus on public and private cloud infrastructure integration and support services, the company provides its clients with the best and most innovative cloud technologies to give them a competitive edge and increase their productivity. Learn more about Primend at

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