Why private offers are a win-win for vendors and MSPs on the Pax8 Marketplace

Nikki Meyer, CVP Vendor Alliance
Pax8 Private Offers Blog

In the world of software as a service, the term “private offer” might be unfamiliar or conjure up images of some complicated contract between managed service providers (MSPs) and independent software vendors. Far from it; a private offer allows vendors to extend their product offering beyond the hyperscale app store into curated cloud marketplaces, providing a seamless purchasing process for MSPs. It also ensures that these offers are included in the consolidated billing and management across subscriptions that MSPs benefit from through Distributor cloud marketplaces.

In this blog, we’ll walk you through the ins and outs of our own “Industry FastTrack Private Offers” and the benefits they will offer both MSPs and vendors.

Understanding private offers

So, what exactly are Industry FastTrack Private Offers, and why should MSPs and vendors be excited about them?

Industry FastTrack Private Offers introduce a seamless way for vendors who are transactable in the Azure or AppSource Marketplaces to bring their solutions to Pax8 resellers. By leveraging existing APIs (application programming interfaces) that Pax8 has with Microsoft, vendors can swiftly place their solutions on the Pax8 Marketplace, eliminating the need for a lengthy onboarding process. This promptly expands vendors’ reach to the more than 40,000 partners and existing vendors currently transacting on the Pax8 Marketplace. It also gives vendors a direct path to reaching MSPs that serve small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), in a curated, specialized cloud Marketplace.

Vendors can also enhance their go-to-market process for offerings through Pax8 and drive partner enablement to the Pax8 ecosystem through various routes, ensuring MSPs understand the value of their solutions, how to use them, and how to sell them to their end clients. And with the Pax8 Accelerate program, vendors can unlock new go-to-market features, added exposure, and marketing and operational support as they grow their sales through the Pax8 Marketplace.

Empowering MSPs with choice and education

For MSPs, this means you immediately get access to these vendors and can procure and provision their solutions just as you would any other. In fact, there’s nothing you must do differently. It’s just an effortless way to access more solutions from more vendors, all within our best-in-class Marketplace.

For MSPs, the introduction of private offers opens the door to an even wider array of offerings. It gives MSPs the opportunity to deepen their specialization and tailor their technology stack to the specific needs of their clients and industry, ultimately enhancing their value proposition. You’ll have the assurance that Pax8 has vetted these vendors and that they will offer value to you and your clients.

For its part, Pax8 will help educate our MSP partners to help them understand which of the many offerings on the Marketplace might be best for their particular vertical or verticals by grouping solutions into hubs. This means that as an MSP, you won’t get lost among all the offerings or need to dig around as much to research every single vendor as you might on a hyperscale cloud marketplace. Instead, you’ll be able to decide which solutions work more easily for you and your clientele, saving you time and effort. You will also get access to all the resources available at Pax8 Academy, including Instructor-Led and On-Demand courses to help you get up to speed on the most important topics and solutions for your business.

How Industry FastTrack Private Offers differ from other Marketplace offerings

Industry FastTrack Private Offers do come with some differences. Solutions placed on the Pax8 Marketplace through these offers are labeled as “vendor supported.” This means that while these offerings are available for purchase through Pax8, MSPs will receive support directly from the vendor rather than Pax8.

Both parties should understand that the partnership is slightly more direct than with vendors onboarded to the Marketplace through traditional means, as Pax8 will act more as the conduit for purchasing and provisioning between the two for these offers but will not be equipped to offer our usual 24/7 IT support on those solutions.

Why is Pax8 embracing Industry FastTrack Private Offers?

Simply put, Industry FastTrack Private Offers allow us to provide both MSPs and vendors with the scale both parties need to thrive. Onboarding new solutions can be a lengthy, resource-intensive process. With the pace of technological advancement, MSPs can’t afford to wait to get the latest solutions their clients need to stay competitive. So, offering vendor-supported solutions through the Marketplace allows us to connect MSPs to vendors more quickly, speeding time to market.

Expanding availability, reach, and revenue

Ultimately, Industry FastTrack Private Offers are an exciting development in the MSP industry because they represent a rising tide that lifts all boats. MSPs can find the solutions they need in one Marketplace alongside the support they have come to expect whether that’s through Pax8 enabling discovery, procurement, and provisioning, or directly through the third-party vendor. For vendors, they gain access to the large ecosystem of thousands of MSPs and their end customers. And Pax8 provides the glue that unites all parties, helping vendors and MSPs alike to better serve their customers.

If you’re an MSP new to the Pax8 Marketplace, see how you can build your stack through our comprehensive list of vendors, so you stay ahead of the curve. If you’re a vendor interested in the Industry FastTrack Private Offers or if you have any additional questions about how they work, please fill out our interest form below and someone will be in touch with you soon.

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