How a Pax8 PSA integration can boost your business

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Improve business efficiency with a free PSA integration.

Like you, innovation is always on our mind, so we want to share an easy way to optimize your cloud business.

For MSPs, one of the biggest areas for optimization is between professional services automation (PSA) tool and the distributor’s platform. Historically, these two components did not interact with each other, and much of the management work between them had to be performed manually. Today, it’s easier for MSPs to integrate their PSA tool with their distribution platform, simplifying the complexity of cloud management.

Managing clients and multiple solutions can sometimes feel like a juggling act. Constantly switching between platforms, usernames, passwords, and accounts can be a dizzying experience, and it can increase the risk of human error.

With an automated approach, account managers can easily capture changes in licensing costs or tiers, saving as much as 55% of their time.* MSPs can also consolidate account billing for clients across all services managed. Automation can even enable the recapture of lost revenue previously unbilled due to human error.

Discover Pax8 PSA Integrations

Integrating your professional services automation (PSA) tool with Pax8 is a seamless process that will streamline operations and improve efficiency. The integration is free, and easily activated in the Pax8 Marketplace. And now that auto-sync is available for ConnectWise and Autotask, the process is even simpler.

Along with greater efficiency, a Pax8 PSA integration can help MSPs deliver the expertise needed to curate a best-of-breed solutions stack for their clients. Accelerated product, service, and rate changes require additional staff time for consultation, while becoming a source of confusion that can lead to unbilled services. Automation is the key to keeping pace with client needs and successfully managing internal operations.

Pax8 works with top PSA tools: Autotask, ConnectWise, Kaseya, Syncro, and RepairShopr, and a PSA integration includes educational resources and 24/7 Pax8 support.

Now you can begin running more of your business through a single platform. On average, partners can save two days of monthly labor on subscription-based licenses, and two weeks of monthly labor on consumption-based licenses. A study from Forrester Consulting* also shows you can save $177,000 USD / £133,000 in billing cycle and license update labor costs over three years by integrating Pax8 with your PSA tool.

“Our differentiator compared to other cloud marketplaces is how we have integrated with top PSA tools used by our MSP partners,” says Pax8 COO Ryan Walsh. “Profitable growth begins with streamlined operations — from the back office to the front office and customer-facing portals.”

Simplified Processes Streamline Operations

A Pax8 PSA integration will automate many of your daily management processes, often reducing them to just a few clicks:

✓  Browse products, place orders, and update seat counts
✓  Manage and import company data
✓  Import Pax8 products in real time
✓  Automate provisioning
✓  Customize billing agreements
✓  Prorate services

Automated Account Billing Improves Efficiency

Pax8 billing integrations enable MSPs to move beyond outdated, manual processes. Using spreadsheets from distributors and direct vendors for client billing can take account managers two full days a month, consuming as much as two weeks total when billing for cloud platform usage.

“Pax8 has completely changed how we manage our licenses,” explains NeoTech Networks Founder and Principal, Steven Dempsey. “The amount of time and effort we save by having processes automated is truly an incredible boost to our business.”

PSA Integrations Drive Revenue

Optimizing your workflows with a Pax8 PSA integration ultimately provides the greatest benefit of all — more money. You’ll have more time to build client relationships, reinforcing your position as their trusted tech advisor. And your teams will have additional bandwidth to focus on more complex, high-value projects like deployments and migrations.

“MSPs are taking on more clients and managing their growth with visibility, analytics, and insights,” concludes Walsh. “They’re also capturing more billable time per engineer. Automation is proven to create better operations, happier customers, and more profit.”

Ready to Optimize Your Cloud Business?

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* Total Economic Impact™ study from Forrester Consulting (U.S. and Canada, UK, Europe)