Pax8 July Partner Update

Pax8 July Global Partner Update Blog

From news to events, find out everything that’s happening with Pax8 this July, including news on how AI can help MSPs run more efficiently and common cloud backup mistakes.

Pax8 events – North America

Pax8 Microsoft Monthly Update | Virtual

Pax8 and Microsoft have teamed up to offer a series to help simplify Microsoft so you can gain big wins throughout the year. Each month, we’ll review critical updates, share key details, and go over actions you should take to generate success in 2023. Think of this as your all-in-one Microsoft explainer.

  • Who should attend: all Microsoft buying partners
  • August 7 | 9am MT

Pax8 Mission Briefing | Virtual

Join our Mission Briefings to learn upsell and cross-sell strategies that help build on Microsoft foundations to create a comprehensive tech stack that meets the needs of today’s modern workplace.

  • Who should attend: Pax8 partners looking to grow their business and expand their Pax8 stack offerings
  • July 18 | 9am-2pm MT

Pax8 Launch Briefing | Virtual

Get an introduction to the Pax8 partner experience, see a live demo of the Pax8 Marketplace, receive Microsoft and Pax8 education and enablement, and more.

  • Who should attend: U.S.-based Pax8 partners
  • July 20 | 1-2:30pm MT

Modern Workplace Bootcamp | Virtual

Virtual bootcamps are channel programs that offer two-day, technical-focused deep dives into Microsoft solutions.

  • Who should attend: technical representatives
  • July 25-26 | 9am-1:30pm MT

Pax8 events – EMEA

Cybersecurity Masterclass | Zwolle, NL

The Pax8 Cybersecurity Masterclass is designed to help you and your clients navigate the complexities of cybersecurity.

  • Who should attend: EMEA-based Pax8 partners
  • July 19 | all day

Cybersecurity Masterclass | Bristol, UK

The Cybersecurity Masterclass is a practical and collaborative one-day event that helps you and your clients navigate the complexities of cybersecurity.

  • Who should attend: EMEA-based Pax8 partners
  • July 25 | 8:30am-3:30pm GMT

Pax8, Two, The Distillery
2 Avon St
Bristol, BS2 0GR

Channel events – North America

ASCII Edge | Columbus, OH

This MSP conference is back to help MSPs grow their business by investigating new recurring revenue opportunities, exploring new partnerships, and delving into the latest industry trends. Use partner code Pax8 for free access to the event.

  • ​Who should attend: Pax8 partners
  • July 12-13 | all day

Hilton Columbus at Easton
3900 Chagrin Drive
Columbus, OH 43219

Channel events – EMEA

Network Group | Glasgow, UK

Connect with your IT/MSP community. Network and build a community with other ambitious IT/MSP business owners and industry professionals.

    • ​Who should attend: EMEA-based Pax8 partners
    • July 4 | 12-5pm BST (with optional Operational Efficiency Peer Group at 8:30am BST)

Voco Grand Central
99 Gordon St
Glasgow G1 3SF, United Kingdom

Pax8 news – global

A.I. advances can boost your MSP business

Rapid advances in A.I. are changing the way MSPs do business. Learn how A.I. is transforming the future for MSPs and read about the future of managed services with the top five trends to follow at our blog.

5 common mistakes to avoid with cloud backup

Having a reliable and proven backup system in place has never been more important. The consequences of an inadequate cloud backup solution, or not having one at all, can result in catastrophic consequences. Read more about how to prevent mistakes with cloud backup.

Pax8 Academy Offerings and Courses – EMEA

Grow your business courses​

Academy news – EMEA

Interested in joining a Peer Group?

Peer groups through Pax8 Academy provide support, expertise, accountability, perspective, and growth. To join, fill out an application.

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