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Introducing the new Pax8 Marketplace

Partner feedback is a key driver of innovation here at Pax8. As part of Pax8 Beyond 2024, the channel’s favorite partner event, we had a big announcement: the launch of the new Pax8 Marketplace. Each tool and feature is carefully designed to address partners’ pain points, streamline their daily operations, and grow their businesses with the power of AI and data-driven expertise 

What’s new in the Pax8 Marketplace?

The Pax8 Marketplace harnesses data-driven insights and machine learning to enhance our partners business efficiency and growth. The new features include Opportunity Explorer, enhanced functionality within Catalog, Solutions, Multi-cart, new Quotes capabilities, custom Storefronts, and an intuitively designed interface to help redefine how IT professionals manage and expand their businesses. 

Opportunity Explorer

The foundation of our new Marketplace experience is Opportunity Explorer. This feature uses machine learning and trend analysis across our ecosystem of data for a wholly new way for our partners to do business.

As a comprehensive business insights solution, Opportunity Explorer revolutionizes how partners identify and capitalize on sales opportunities within their existing client base. From a single pane of glass, it synthesizes data into discoverable insights, empowering you to design custom solutions and deliver precise quotes, effortlessly.

Here, partners can search, filter, and sort opportunities in a completely reimagined user interface. More than just a tool, Opportunity Explorer stands to transform business and is poised to illuminate untapped revenue streams and pave the path for future growth trajectories.

Simply put: Opportunity Explorer utilizes rich data to provide actionable insights for partners to discover sales opportunities and identify custom solutions.

Benefits include:

Insights to transform business: Transform data into actionable sales opportunities by harnessing the power of insights to focus more time on the customers with the biggest upside.

Upsell/cross-sell/add-ons: Using trend analysis and comparisons to similar businesses, partners can quickly discover products to complement their existing services and solutions. This allows partners to optimize what they already see and uncover hidden potential.

Security recommendations: Using best-in-industry security packages and CIS version 8, Opportunity Explorer highlights customers with security gaps, to help partners quickly identify those that may benefit from a security discussion.


Our new, sleek Catalog is meticulously redesigned to create an intuitive, seamless partner interaction. Catalog features smart search, advanced sorting, and granular categorization to provide our partners with a gateway to an entirely new kind of shopping experience.


This new feature allows partners to build custom solutions for similar use cases and lines of business. No need to create the same solution for the same use case over and over. Now, you can build it once but sell it repeatedly. Additionally, partners can leverage the recommendations discovered in Opportunity Explorer to inform what you build in Solutions, then create a quote and send it to their customers, all within the Marketplace.

Partners can also curate solutions that meet the requirements of a given customer segment and custom label them, making it even easier to provide end customers with precisely what they need.


One of the central challenges we addressed within the new Marketplace was the cumbersome nature of traditional shopping carts. As an MSP, you answer customer needs as they arise, which means that not infrequently, you could be putting an order together for one client when an urgent order comes in from another.

Previously, this would mean that you’d have to replace one cart with another, losing all the work you’d done on the first. With the new Catalog, you now have the ability to create multiple carts simultaneously so that you can service multiple concurrent customers. These carts can then be held until you’re ready to submit your orders on behalf of your clients. And when you are ready, that cart will be waiting. This reduces the time you spend managing carts and streamlines your operations, so you serve your customers more efficiently.


Through our continued commitment to offer products that answer pain points, we reevaluated the functionality and processes around quoting. Quoting is essential for business growth, but for too long in our industry, the quoting mechanism has been clunky and disjointed.

This updated approach to quoting lets partners accurately quote the cost of your services with a tool that’s responsive and tightly integrated directly into our Marketplace. By embedding quoting right into workflows, this translates to a seamless and effortless quoting experience.


To really differentiate their businesses, partners need to brand themselves at each step of the sales process. One exciting tool in the new Marketplace experience is purpose-built for this differentiation: Storefronts. Simply enable the self-service within the platform to create a simple way for partners and customers to reduce sales friction. Then, partners can create multiple Storefronts curated to a given client-segment’s needs. With customizable controls, partners can showcase segment-specific solutions within your unique Storefronts.


On top of all these changes, the Pax8 Marketplace has a new look that feels as modern as the services we offer while making some quality-of-life tweaks our partners have been requesting.

We’ve simplified the information architecture and navigation to ensure that partners can access everything they need quickly and effortlessly. This intuitive design is just another way we’re providing partners with the best tools and resources to drive success.

Why is Pax8 making these changes?

This revolutionary new platform enables growth while increasing efficiency. Through an intuitive interface and an integrated approach, partners can quickly identify sales potential and respond to customer needs while streamlining day-to-day operations.

The new Pax8 Marketplace is developed in concert with our valued partners as a built-in service, carving out a unique space where our IT professionals can get ahead and stay ahead.

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