The COVID-19 pandemic has presented businesses with a variety of unforeseen issues, the likes of which many had never faced before. It would be an understatement to say that navigating the last year has been a challenge for employers and employees alike.


In the wake of COVID-19, and our shift to the “new normal” of remote work, we’ve consistently seen the lines blurred around what is appropriate, and potentially inappropriate, when it comes to what we wear to the “virtual” office.


Over the last year, we’ve received countless questions from employees around what is and isn’t allowed, what’s appropriate, and a variety of other semi-ambiguous areas when it comes to how we visually present ourselves in the new world of video chatting we’re all now faced with on a daily basis.


To help clear up any confusion, remove ambiguity, and to give a clear path forward for all employees, Pax8 has decided that as of May 1st we will be implementing a mandatory employee uniform across the company.


We believe this transition will help keep a strengthened focus on the work we’re attempting to accomplish, remove potential distractions, and provide a clear path forward for employees as we continue to navigate the ongoing complexities of the remote work.


Down-to-Business Denim

When planning and designing the uniforms, we wanted to select something that truly exemplifies the spirit of Pax8.


We wanted them to be as tough and hardworking as our employees, so naturally denim was the best choice. They also needed to be inclusive of our employees around the world, which is why we chose overalls — for their neutrality, as well as their overall (no pun intended) functionality.


Uniform pieces

To make sure our employees are comfortable year-round, we will be supplying everyone with multiple pairs of denim overalls. And to make it even easier for our employees to think less about what they need to wear each day, we’re also providing a standard issue Pax8 white tee.


Here’s a sneak peek:

Ryan Walsh wearing Pax8-branded denim overalls

Express yourself!

One of the things that sets Pax8 apart is our commitment to promoting a company culture that embraces diversity and allows employees to be individuals — not just another brick in the wall. That’s why we’re also excited to offer the new uniforms in three distinct colors that will enable employees to convey their unique individuality — SaaSblasted, Light Walsh, and Cumulus Cool.


With these three, distinctive offerings we’re positive employees will be able to creatively express themselves — and everyone’s personality will be able to shine through!


Pax8 Employee Uniform Color Options


Uniform Policies

Of course, with new uniforms come new policies, and we want to ensure our employees fully understand the expectations around what is and isn’t appropriate.


In-office & at-home/working remote

Whether working in the office or remotely, employees will be required to wear the long overalls (with the straps properly fastened) and the standard issue Pax8 white tee. Employees will also be supplied with a voucher once per month to redeem if they want to wear a different color Pax8 graphic tee — which will only be allowed on Fridays and will require approval from their manager no later than 3-weeks prior to their requested Friday.


We didn’t forget about casual Fridays!

We know everyone likes to loosen up at the end of the week, and don’t worry — we’ve accounted for that.


In addition to receiving longer, more business-oriented overalls geared towards the Monday-Thursday workweek, we’ll also be supplying a pair of shorter overalls, which will give employees the opportunity to feel more at ease and enable their calves to get some fresh air to close out the workweek.


As per our Pax8 policy, long overalls will be required throughout the majority of the day, with shorter overalls allowed from 4-5PM on Friday afternoons.


Pax8 Employee Uniform Shorts Overalls Option


To say we’re excited about rolling out these uniforms would be an understatement — and based on the feedback we’ve received in all of our employee focus groups, the feeling is mutual! Here’s some of what we heard:


“The name of the game is Innov8, and quite frankly, it’s going to be hard to not come to the table with amazing ideas for the future when I’m this comfortable.”
— John Street, CEO and focus group participant


“Pax8 Pro was our greatest step forward as a company…until now.”
— Nick Heddy, Chief Revenue Officer and focus group participant


“To be honest… I’ve never felt (or looked) this good in a professional setting. Whoever came up with this idea should be Celebr8ed.”
— Multiple focus group participants (verbatim)



Coming to a mailbox near you!

We get it… At this point, you’re clearly excited about the future and your new incoming wardrobe upgrade. We’ll be rolling these uniforms out over the coming weeks, so set up shop at your mailbox and wait for this precious cargo to arrive.


Aren’t employed at Pax8 and wishing you could work in these denim duds? You’re in luck! We’re hiring and we’ve got plenty of Down-to-Business Denim to go around!