Pax8 launches Pride initiatives to support LGBTQIA+ employees and charity

Pax8 Pride 2023

Pax8 is thrilled to announce the Pax8 Pride ERG to support LGBTQIA+ employees as well as limited-edition merch to benefit an LGBTQIA+ charity.

As a leading cloud marketplace, Pax8 has always been committed to fostering an inclusive workplace environment. We recognize the significance of Pride Month and the importance of supporting LGBTQIA+ employees. As such, Pax8 is proud to introduce Pax8 Pride, a new employee resource group (ERG) dedicated to uplifting LGBTQIA+ employees and promoting diversity and inclusion within the company.

Pax8 Pride and its objectives

ERGs like Pax8 Pride play a pivotal role in helping employees feel like they have the support they need and can find community at their workplace. This new group specifically serves as a vital platform for supporting our LGBTQIA+ employees, providing resources, organizing events, and promoting awareness and acceptance throughout the company.

For Pride Month, Pax8 Pride has created limited edition branded merchandise. This merchandise not only allows employees and supporters to show their pride but also will generate proceeds that will be donated to the LGBTQIA+ advocacy group the Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project’s mission to mobilize against attacks against the most marginalized people in the LGBTQIA+ community aligns with our commitment to social responsibility and inclusivity. To support the Trevor Project and help us make a positive impact, you can purchase the limited-edition merchandise.

The power of Pride Month

With all the celebrations around Pride Month, it can be easy to overlook its historical significance for the LGBTQIA+ community. It both commemorates the Stonewall Riots, gay liberation riots that took place at the Stonewall Inn in New York June 28, 1969, and serves as a time to celebrate diversity, promote equality, and advocate for LGBTQIA+ rights.

Several major cities hold their annual pride parades and festivals in June, although these also take place at various times of the year, depending on the city. June also coincides with many organizations’ and businesses’ efforts to promote equality and inclusivity.

Inspiring stories: spotlighting Pax8 Pride members

For Pax8 employees, Pax8 Pride aims to foster an environment where they can connect and thrive within the organization and beyond.

“Being part of the Pax8 Pride Employee Resource Group provides me with a supportive environment where I can truly express myself and feel accepted,” says Alex Hastings, Partner Experience Manager, EMEA. “The Pride ERG has been a source of empowerment, allowing me to break free from the constraints of my upbringing and celebrate my identity with pride.”

“One aspect that has touched me deeply is the genuine support I have received from my colleagues,” Hastings continues. “I look forward to continuing this journey of growth and celebration with the Pride ERG at Pax8, knowing that I have a community of supportive individuals who uplift me and help me thrive.”

Adds Conrad Ng, Sr. Product Designer, “The Pride ERG gives Pax8-ers a great opportunity to give and get support from fellow queer folks. Having a work-sponsored place to connect over these challenges and support and befriend one another makes me feel like I have a community I can both learn from and rely on, even while working remote.”

Common among members of the group is the fact that they can discuss real issues openly at work, talk about the unique challenges they face as LGBTQIA+ people in tech and in their personal lives, and receive support from one another. It also helps offer a sense of belonging in an industry in which it can be a challenge for LGBTQIA+ people to be seen and heard.

“Having an ERG for the LGBTQIA+ community tells us we are accepted as part of this organization,” says Alex Adragna, Marketing Operations Program Manager. “It doesn’t solve all of our problems or mitigate all of our concerns, but it states that we have a place, we have a voice, we can be visible.”

Help us to continue supporting the LGBTQIA+ community

Pax8 Pride remains dedicated to supporting our LGBTQIA+ employees during Pride Month and beyond. Please consider purchasing limited edition Pride merchandise to help us in that mission and taking part in or contributing to other initiatives as well. Together, we can make the tech world a more welcoming and inclusive space for all people.

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