On June 11-13, 2023, Pax8 is launching Beyond 2023, the inaugural three-day event to help MSPs innovate and grow their businesses. Located at the Gaylord Rockies Hotel in Denver, Colorado, the event will host 1,000 IT service providers, vendors, and special guest speakers for a future-forward, immersive experience centered on innovation and community.


A central focus at Beyond 2023 will be innovation; what it means for MSPs and how it drives the world of SMBs. The future of digital transformation relies heavily on the MSP community, and harnessing its potential can unleash remarkable success.


And innovating effectively can support business growth. One key method is developing an innovation team so that all stakeholders are leading with innovation in everything they do. In addition, keeping a careful eye on future industry trends and pulling them in to boost your business strategies and align them to your key business drivers will ensure your MSP is perceived as a thought leader within the industry.


Pax8 is dedicated to helping our MSP partners innovate to grow their businesses, increase efficiencies, and reduce risks. Beyond 2023 will offer myriad opportunities to discover innovative approaches to achieve business successes through announcements around new Pax8 products, solutions, strategic partnerships, and bold ideas about what’s next. Watch the video below to learn more about Beyond 2023.




From targeted sessions covering future trends to networking and learnings, Beyond 2023 has many ways to help partners upskill, reskill, and discover new areas for personal and business growth. Take a sneak peek below at some of the sessions covering innovation in the MSP space.


The Technicians’ Career Path: From Entry-Level to Engineer and Beyond

Gain insights and guidance on navigating a successful career in technical roles. In this exciting session led by Executive Coach, Nick Newell, you’ll be guided through the various career paths available to technical professionals and the proficiency levels required for success.

From your first day on the job to the heights you can reach by the end of your career, you’ll learn how to map out your path and set your five-year plan in motion.


Transforming Your Business: Strategies for Overcoming Distractions and Prioritizing Growth

Propel your business forward intentionally while eliminating daily distractions. In this session, Nick Newell, Executive Coach, and Chris Wicks, Manager of Academy Coaching, will provide practical strategies and tools for overcoming distractions, so you can prioritize growth and transform your business.


Don’t Wait for a Cyberattack to Happen: Protect Your MSP with a Strong Security Culture

Build a culture of security within your MSP. In this session, Jonathan Mack, Executive Coach; James LaVine, Executive Coach; Matt Lee, Security and Compliance Senior Director; and Dominic Kirby, Director of Cloud Services, will share proven strategies for identifying and addressing suspicious requests to keep security at the forefront of every employee’s mind. Discover the actionable steps you can take now to safeguard your business from cyberthreats.


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Join us for Beyond 2023 to embark on an immersive learning experience that elevates and amplifies the partner community and sets the stage for ongoing innovation. See a full list of speakers, sessions, and more below.