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Amazon Web Services

Strengthen your cloud expertise and begin to leverage the Amazon Partner Network.

Knowing how to work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) is critical for all managed service providers (MSPs). They’re the biggest player in the cloud infrastructure market, and it’s vital that you understand how to leverage their AWS Partner Network (APN) if you’re partnered with AWS. Confidently navigating AWS and the APN can create a competitive advantage that will help lift your business to the next level.

That’s why we’re introducing a new Pax8 AWS Bootcamp series. It’s designed to help you navigate the robust set of AWS services and programs. It’s your chance to ramp up quickly, so you can enhance your cloud service offerings.

All participants must be signed up for the Amazon Web Services Partner Network (APN) before the bootcamp. To register, visit the AWS website.

The Benefits of AWS

AWS has established firm leadership in in the cloud computing industry (beating Google and Microsoft in the GartnerⓇ Magic Quadrant™ for Cloud Infrastructure & Platform Services).

AWS delivers over 250 services ranging from storage, machine learning, data science solutions, and big data; to servers, infrastructure, cybersecurity, access management, and databases. This depth and breadth of services gives companies the power to build more flexible and scalable cloud infrastructures.

The Upside of APN for MSPs

The benefits are immediately apparent upon sign up. MSPs are granted access to a wide base of knowledge and the opportunity to engage in more meaningful cloud transformation. You’ll immediately expand your offerings while enjoying perks that could include (but are not limited to):

  • Online Training and Accreditation includes courses that give your people more confidence in their ability to work with AWS. They can earn accreditations and certifications that can help your organization move up the partner tiers unlocking additional benefits from AWS.
  • AWS Quick Starts are automated reference deployments that implement key technologies on the AWS cloud using AWS best practices.
  • AWS Partner funding benefits are designed to help eligible AWS Partners to successfully increase capacity for delivery of AWS solutions, build pipelines with qualified AWS opportunities, and/or accelerate customer onboarding.

The value of APN increases as more of your staff are trained and certified with AWS. With additional benefits stacking at different tiers of service, this structure can be very helpful in expanding your value to customers. Learn more about AWS tier benefits.

How the Pax8 AWS Bootcamp Can Help Your Organization

There’s a lot to learn during this free, virtual six-hour course that will be delivered by Pax8 leaders who engage with AWS partners every day. Whether you’re just getting started on your journey or looking to deepen your expertise, the Pax8 AWS Bootcamp will be a valuable and detailed experience.

At its core, the training aims to clarify the inner workings of the APN program. You’ll gain greater proficiency with AWS cloud deployments, pricing and configuration — learning some important tips and tricks.

For the nuts and bolts, we’ll focus on infrastructure, storage, servers, databases, and cybersecurity. This is not an AWS certification course, but it does serve as a primer for future programs and provides detailed transactional information not often found in certification courses. These details can help your people become AWS experts, while helping you unlock the higher tiers of APN.

AWS and its partner program can feel complex, which is why the course features live AWS cloud experts who can answer all your questions. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn AWS from people who truly understand its value and the best practices for implementation.

Take the next step to establish your identity within the APN.

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