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August Global Partner Updated Pax8

Pax8 news – global

Pax8 unveils the vision for the future of its cloud marketplace

“Today marked a momentous occasion for Pax8 as we unveiled the future of our cloud marketplace, a significant milestone in our journey,” says John Street, Chief Executive Officer at Pax8. “We are excited to introduce our visionary approach and execution path, offering unique customer acquisition opportunities to partners and providing data-driven insights into their customers’ solution lifecycle.” Read more.

Unlocking financial success as an MSP: strategies to maximize profitability

Many MSPs face challenges when it comes to building and growing their businesses. Learn strategies, tactics, and information you can use to maximize your MSP business’s profitability and valuation to get you on the road to achieving business maturity in our blog.

See how the Pax8 and Everfree partnership helps combat human trafficking

Learn more about the newly formed partnership between Pax8 and the nonprofit Everfree, which works to battle human trafficking — and how you can help. Read more.

How (and why) you should implement CIS Critical Security Controls as an MSP

As your clients’ trusted technology advisor, it’s critical for managed service providers (MSPs) to keep up with the latest standards in cybersecurity and help protect clients’ assets from threats. To achieve robust cybersecurity defenses, MSPs can leverage the CIS Critical Security Controls. Read on to learn more about the framework’s key controls, its importance for MSPs, and the implementation process.

Cloud migration: the ultimate guide for MSPs

Cloud migration provides benefits such as reducing the risk of data loss, lowering maintenance costs, increasing flexibility, enabling remote work, and minimizing security risk. Learn about the benefits, challenges, deployment models, security protocols, cost and scalability options, and automated solutions related to cloud migration for MSPs in our blog.

Unlocking financial success as an MSP: strategies to maximize profitability

Empower your business with strategies for MSP profitability, valuation, and maturity, while learning how to overcome common challenges and maximize success. Read on to learn more.

Pax8 on YouTube – TECHnically Unraveled | Closing the Microsoft Year: Fast Start in FY24

​Host Kristen Fehrenbach and returning guest Mat Batterbee unveil a comprehensive roadmap for navigating the start of this new fiscal year with Microsoft. Discover how to streamline operations, supercharge your efficiency, and exceed client expectations during this transition. ​

Watch now.

Marketplace updates – global

Pax8 and CrowdStrike announce a strategic partnership to revolutionize cybersecurity

Pax8 will give MSPs access to bundled product offerings of the CrowdStrike Falcon platform, available directly in the Pax8 Marketplace.​ With CrowdStrike, partners can keep customers secure with industry-leading, A.I.-powered protection across endpoint, cloud, identity and data from a unified, modern XDR platform. Start your trial today! Learn more.

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Pax8 teams up with Redstor to deliver smarter backup

Pax8 welcomes Redstor, a global leader in cloud backup and recovery that will revolutionize MSPs’ backup offerings. Redstor’s A.I.-powered cloud backup solution guarantees MSPs’ instant recovery of files across cloud infrastructure while eliminating the need for hardware and mitigating against cyber risks. Learn more.

Learn more about Redstor in the Pax8 Marketplace.

Valimail and Pax8 partner, offering automated DMARC solutions

Pax8 announced the addition of Valimail to its expanded roster of security and authentication offerings in the Pax8 Marketplace. Valimail is a global leader in zero-trust email authentication, specializing in anti-phishing and email fraud protection with its innovative DMARC (domain-based message authentication, reporting, and conformance), BIMI (brand indicators for message identification), and email authentication solutions for organizations of all sizes.​ Learn more.

Learn more about Valimail in the Pax8 Marketplace.

Pax8 and MSPCFO deliver actionable business intelligence and profitability insights

​Pax8 has announced the availability of its new global vendor, MSPCFO, through the Pax8 Marketplace. MSPCFO has developed a specialized business intelligence platform for MSPs, enabling executives to swiftly evaluate the impact of key factors such as fixed fee agreements, engineer efficiency, clients, and ticketing’s impact on profitability. ​Learn more.

Learn more about MSPCFO in the Pax8 Marketplace.

Pax8 events – global

Pax8 Microsoft Monthly Update | Virtual

Pax8 and Microsoft have teamed up to offer a series to help simplify Microsoft so you can gain big wins throughout the year. Each month, we’ll review critical updates, share key details, and go over actions you should take to generate success in 2023. Think of this as your all-in-one Microsoft explainer.

  • Who should attend: Pax8 partners selling Microsoft solutions.
  • August 7 | 9-10:30am MT

Pax8 events – North America

Pax8 Mission Briefing | Virtual

Join our Mission Briefings to learn upsell and cross-sell strategies that help build on Microsoft foundations and create a comprehensive tech stack that meets the needs of today’s modern workplace.

  • Who should attend: Pax8 partners looking to grow their business and expand their Pax8 stack offerings.
  • August 8 | 9am-2pm MT

Pax8 Launch Briefing | Virtual

Gain solutions for common MSP pain points​, learn PSA integrations that ease billing headaches, and get an inside look from a current Pax8 partner.

  • Who should attend: MSPs new to or interested in partnering with Pax8 located in the United States and Canada​.
  • August 17 | 1-2:30pm MT

AWS Bootcamp | Virtual

Ready to take your business to the next level and deepen your understanding of AWS? The AWS Solution Training will take you through the process of building a cloud transformation roadmap. You’ll learn how to successfully configure solutions, identify cloud business trends, earn, and grow with AWS. Free to all Pax8 partners.

  • Who should attend: Pax8 partners looking to deepen their AWS practice in the United States and Canada​.
  • August 22 | 9am-1:30pm MT

Dynamics Bootcamp | Virtual

Our two-day event helps you navigate the complexities of adopting and selling Azure, which includes building your Azure practice, Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD), and remote work enablement.

  • Who should attend: Pax8 partners looking to deepen their Azure practice in the United States and Canada​.
  • August 29-30 | 9am-1pm MT

Pax8 Momentum | Denver, CO

Dive into the first-of-its-kind event designed to optimize your MSP’s operational efficiency and reduce your risk. We’ll identify and assess key business and technical solutions, learn how to operationalize a complete tech stack from start to finish, and build the business momentum you need for your MSP to thrive.

  • Who should attend: All Pax8 partners
  • October 10-12 | 8am-5pm MT
  • Marriott Denver Tech Center
    4900 S Syracuse St
    Denver, CO 80237

Pax8 events – EMEA

Launch Briefing: Europe | Virtual

Become familiar with our MSP support program, gain solutions for common MSP pain points, learn PSA integrations that ease billing headaches, and find out about industry best practices from a current Pax8 partner.

  • Who should attend: EMEA-based Pax8 partners
  • August 23 | 3-4:30pm CET

Launch Briefing: UK | Virtual

Discover the comprehensive benefits of our MSP program in just 90 minutes. Get help with billing issues and learn best practices, plus you’ll hear from MSPs just like you on how they overcame their greatest challenges.

  • Who should attend: UK-based Pax8 partners
  • August 24 | 3-4:30pm BST

Channel events – North America

CompTIA ChannelCon | Las Vegas, NV

Join tech innovators and thought leaders in the CompTIA community for three days of learning, collaborating, business, and career transformation.​ Pax8 will be on hand at booth No. 608.

  • ​Who should attend: Pax8 partners in the US and Canada
  • August 1-3 | all day
  • ​The Venetian Las Vegas
    3355 S Las Vegas Blvd.
    Las Vegas, NV 89109

XChange August​ | Nashville, TN​

XChange delivers forward-thinking strategies, the latest technology solutions, and best-in-class market intelligence to accelerate your business forward and drive revenue in an evolving marketplace. Ryan Walsh, Chief Strategy Officer, and Elizabeth McIlhany, SVP of Product, of Pax8 will present on the main stage. Pax8 will also be on hand with three breakout sessions and a booth.

  • Who should attend: Pax8 partners in the US and Canada
  • August 20-22 | all day
  • Gaylord Opryland Resort and Convention Center
    2800 Opryland Dr.
    Nashville, TN 37214

ASCII Edge Toronto​ | Toronto, Canada

Get insights to help you build a better business and realize new revenue opportunities. Meet with more than 30 technology providers and network with others in your industry at this premier MSP conference. ​Use the discount code “PAX8” for free access to this event​.

  • Who should attend: Pax8 partners in the US and Canada
  • August 30-31​ | all day
  • Sheraton Centre Toronto Hotel
    123 Queen Street West
    Toronto, ON ​M5H 2M9

Academy – Global

On-demand featured courses:

Nuvolex 101​
This vendor training provides introductory guidance on the Nuvolex ManageX offering specific to:​

  • Product overview and differentiation​
  • MSP business impact​
  • MSP success criteria​
  • Sales strategy​

Enroll now

Demos on demand: Nuvolex ManageX​
ManageX heavily automates user lifecycle management (user onboarding, offboarding, daily administration) for all things public cloud, starting with Microsoft 365. ​Check out technical demos to learn more about how ManageX can allow you to scale your cloud managed services business efficiently and securely:

  • User management overview​
  • SuperClick: efficiency at your fingertips​
  • Streamlining user creation through AD integration and OU templates​
  • Powerful automation: multitenant SuperClick​
  • Customizable role-based access​
  • ​Auditing actions in the platform​

Enroll now​

Leverage a wealth of resources freely available to Pax8 partners on the Security Hub
Pax8 has our partners’ backs by providing them with both the world-class security solutions and resources they need to stay ahead of cybercriminals. The Security Hub contains hundreds of free resources that partners can use to upskill when it comes to cybersecurity​. These resources can be leveraged alongside vendors like Acronis, Nord Security, ConnectSecure, and Vade to build a strong barrier between partners’ clients and cyberattacks.
Learn more on Pax8 Academy’s website.

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