Pax8 streamlines efficiency to elevate cloud opportunities


Cumbersome distribution obstructed MSP's entry to cloud market

A few years ago, many businesses considered cloud to be just another hyped technology that would make a splash and then quietly fade away. But cloud surpassed the buzz and, as we all know, has become a tech standard for a variety of industries. In fact, in 451 Research’s Voice of the Enterprise: Cloud Transformation Survey, 90% of organizations surveyed use some type of cloud service.

With client demand for cloud so high, INC Systems initially attempted to get into the cloud market by way of a legacy distributor.

“We were buying our cloud products from our regular distributor, and it was a painful experience. Cloud technology was clearly not the company’s priority.” Aaron Hamp, Owner and President of INC Systems

Hamp further explained that with a lack of integration capabilities, working with a legacy distributor for cloud was a cumbersome and clumsy manual process.

Despite priding themselves on being at the forefront of tech trends, due to their frustrations with traditional distribution, INC Systems wasn’t able to stick to their mission when it came to cloud. They needed a new partner who could help them reach their full cloud potential and deliver on their promise of staying ahead of the technology curve to better serve their clients.

That’s when they heard about a company changing the game for cloud distribution – Pax8.


Pax8 opens the door to opportunities with a better way to buy cloud

Having to manually manage their cloud business wasn’t going to cut it for INC Systems. Reaching out to IT Nation Evolve (formally HTG), the company soon learned that many of their peers were partnering with Pax8 for cloud distribution.

“We learned about Pax8 at IT Nation Evolve. All of the members were switching their business to Pax8 and expanding their cloud offerings. We jumped on board because everyone was talking about how happy they were with the change.”

As a born-in-the-cloud distributor, Pax8 understands all the nuances of cloud better than legacy distributors. From migration to full management, Pax8 delivers the best cloud buying experience in the business.

“It only took 15 minutes to move all of our cloud business to Pax8. It was smooth sailing from there.”


Integration simplified

Pax8 simplifies the entire experience of selling cloud services. Through PSA integrations, MSPs can customize and consolidate billing, automate provisioning, import data, and more.

Pax8 works with a variety of companies that enable MSPs to run nearly their entire business from a tightly integrated suite of products designed to work together as one. By working closely with each company, Pax8 ensures operational efficiency, simplified billing, and ease of use for MSPs.

In fact, the Pax8 PSA integration was so easy that INC Systems was able to hand all the management off to an entry-level admin with no technical experience. This saved the company money and reserved technical resources for client services.

“Buying cloud products through Pax8 was a simple experience and so easy that it was a no brainer. This enabled us to free up our technical team so they could focus on managing critical client business.”

Being able to cost-effectively manage their people and resources enables INC Systems to provide an elevated level of client service while expanding access to even more revenue opportunities.

Expanding Microsoft Business and beyond

In addition to simplifying cloud buying through the company’s preferred PSA, INC Systems also focused on growing their Microsoft business. As they spoke with other IT Nation Evolve members, they soon realized that the overwhelming majority were partnering with Pax8 for their Microsoft business.

“When everyone is telling you that they have chosen Pax8, that’s enough for us.”

Since partnering with Pax8, INC Systems has expanded their Microsoft business and taken advantage of the Mission Briefing training opportunities offered by Pax8.

“We sent our service manager to the Mission Briefing in Chicago. The event offered so much insight — it was well worth the time and effort. We were glad to have the opportunity to attend and gain more education and enablement to help us grow our cloud business.”

Mission Briefings are designed with MSPs in mind, offering education around how to have a proactive selling approach and how to be strategic when building a secure end-to-end technology stack in the cloud. At each of these events, partners share best practices, find out how Pax8 will help them uncover up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and learn about new technology vendors that will help them sell more Microsoft.

“Pax8 introduced us to a vendor who can help us grow our business in the area of security training to better protect our clients’ businesses. We’re excited to continue building our technology stack with Pax8. Right now, we’re trialing two new cloud offerings, in addition to a security training vendor because Pax8 makes it so easy. It is amazing!”

Pax8 gets partnerships

INC Systems’ criteria for a cloud partner weren’t excessive, but it seemed even simple standards were too much for their legacy distributor. They wanted a partner who understood the cloud business as well as their business, and who was invested in their growth. That’s what Pax8 does for every one of their partners.

“Pax8 is focused on the MSP and they’re custom-built to work with our business. From the start, they were interested in building a relationship with us.”

Through the trials and testing process, Pax8 made sure that the products they suggested for INC Systems were spot on for the MSP’s clients. And they removed the barriers and friction of cloud buying that had Hamp and his team pulling their hair out with their legacy distributor.

“At the end of the day, Pax8 is the ideal model of what a successful vendor relationship looks like to us. They get it right. Pax8 is making my team very happy.”


Business growth made easy with Pax8

It’s not often that one finds everything they are looking for in a partner. But for INC Systems, moving forward with Pax8 was a no-brainer. From advancing the MSP’s business opportunities to accelerating their success with Microsoft and other key vendors, Pax8 has had their back every step of the way.

The Pax8 team was hands-on from day one, ensuring everything flowed effortlessly and removing all the roadblocks that INC Systems previously thought were part and parcel with cloud distribution. Pax8 ultimately made such an impression that the MSP has come to rely on them for everything cloud.

“IT professionals don’t like change, so moving to Pax8 was a big deal for our team. However, they were so happy after the change was made that we’ve never looked back.”

Now that they’ve discovered a better way to buy cloud, INC Systems continues to unlock new opportunities. This is only the beginning of their cloud success.

“We’re grateful that we have so much variety and opportunity with Pax8. We look there first to see what Pax8 is offering and don’t purchase it if they’re not offering it.”

About INC Systems

INC Systems understands how to help their clients leverage technology and implement solutions to be more efficient, secure, compliant, and most of all, profitable. Since 2004, INC Systems has continually refined the way they provide service to their clients by staying ahead of trends through in-depth research, continued education and exhaustive testing. This has resulted in reduced system downtime, improved productivity from the staff, and increased profits to the bottom line. The INC Systems team is focused on being ahead of the technology curve so their clients can benefit from their knowledge and experience.

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