Pax8 sheds layers of complexity by simplifying billing process


Manual billing created room for error

CYAN loves efficiency and loathes inaccuracy. As IT experts, team members are passionate about building relationships with their customers and making technology easy and accessible to them.


Before partnering with Pax8, the purchasing, application and consolidation of licences and services was creating room for error and excessive manual input, according to Glyn Cheesman, CYAN’s Director of IT Security and Operations. This was taking up a lot of time, and ultimately risked damaging hard-earned trust and relationships with customers.


“A key driver was making the way we deliver services simpler and more efficient to ensure we bill accurately.” – Glyn Cheesman, Director of IT Security and Operations, CYAN Solutions Ltd.


Consolidating disjointed aspects of the business

Ultimately, what made the Pax8 platform appealing to CYAN was the two-way API that links a single purchase to both the 365 tenant, providing the technical procurement, and its PSA system to align the customer contract units. Doing this simultaneously consolidated two previously disjointed aspects of CYAN’s business into a single step. A deeper dive with Pax8 helped identify further value in the capacity to add additional services to the catalogue.


“It seemed that we could make those same efficiencies across our entire offering and that was exciting. Once costings were discussed and deemed satisfactory, we were good to go.” – Glyn Cheesman, Director of IT Security and Operations, CYAN Solutions Ltd.


Simplification - creating more opportunities

The team at CYAN said the onboarding and account management experience with Pax8 was particularly good. Pax8 Account Manager, Alex Smith, was praised for working hard to make himself available, often at short notice, to answer any questions or help remove any barriers.


“The key thing was how diligent our dedicated account manager was in being available, not always knowing the answer but always coming back with something fairly swiftly and getting us to the next stage of the journey.” – Glyn Cheesman, Director of IT Security and Operations, CYAN Solutions Ltd.


The CYAN team added that the constantly expanding selection of vendors and services within the Pax8 catalogue has been a huge benefit to the business. The team is always taking advantage of new software products, and the technical support team at Pax8 has helped guide them on the commercial benefits each one offers. Glyn said his team is looking forward to exploring more innovative technologies as they evolve and harnessing the benefits for our customers.


Spending time on what matters most

CYAN has an ambitious plan for revenue growth over the next five years. Working with Pax8 is part of this and the CYAN team has completed a full review of Pax8 services to ensure their customers have the peace of mind that their technology is fit for purpose and highly secure.


Glyn said that working with Pax8 has fundamentally shed layers of complexity from their processes by streamlining administration and reducing manual input and errors.


“We are seeing much greater efficiency in the way we deploy our resources and that is having multiple tangible benefits – greater accuracy, greater resilience and allowing more time to spend on the thing that matter most – our customers.” – Glyn Cheesman, Director of IT Security and Operations, CYAN Solutions Ltd.

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