Pax8 powers MSP’s growth with NFR licences and world-class support 


Unsupportive account management and a limited catalogue

Having previously partnered with another cloud distributor, Iron Dome found customer support and service lacking after the onboarding process had ended. Wayne Stanley, founder and chief technologist at Iron Dome, notes that the MSP’s previous provider was often quick to sell, but not quick to support.


“As an MSP, you don’t often need support, but when you do, it needs to be fast.” – Wayne Stanley, Founder and Chief Technologist, Iron Dome


To scale and continue to provide world-class support to clients, Stanley knew that the time had come to partner with a provider that offered best-in-class cloud solutions and 24/7 support.


According to Stanley, Iron Dome’s growth depended on the extent of its offering; the business was looking to expand but was limited by the scope of its previous provider’s line card.


“It’s important to work with a provider whose catalogue is constantly expanding and includes the latest cutting-edge cloud solutions for an MSP to sell onto clients.” – Wayne Stanley, Founder and Chief Technologist, Iron Dome


Best-in-class support and an expanding marketplace

After reading about the world-class support and catalogue offered by Pax8 on an online forum, Iron Dome registered to join Pax8 after the UK launch in early 2021. After a seamless onboarding experience, the business began to leverage the full power of the Pax8 Marketplace by adding additional solutions to its catalogue.


“The Pax8 Marketplace is constantly expanding. It feels like every month there’s a new solution to investigate.” – Wayne Stanley, Founder and Chief Technologist, Iron Dome


Iron Dome has also benefitted from the NFR (Not for Resale) licences available through Pax8 for a variety of vendors. By leveraging complimentary NFR SentinelOne licences, Iron Dome has bolstered its own cybersecurity measures at no additional cost.


“The SentinelOne NFR licences from Pax8 reinforce to (prospective) clients that Iron Dome is a safe, secure, and reputable organisation to do business with. We weren’t doing much beyond anti-virus protection prior to partnering with Pax8. The free NFR licences for SentinelOne acquired through Pax8 mean that Iron Dome’s online security has never been stronger.” – Wayne Stanley, Founder and Chief Technologist, Iron Dome


The NFR licences utilised by Iron Dome have the additional benefit of tangibly demonstrating to the team how SentinelOne works, and the benefits of using the solution. As a result, Iron Dome is in a better position when it comes to providing clients with top quality support.


Pragmatic learning and cybersecurity solutions

After leveraging world-class security solutions like SentinelOne in-house, Stanley attended a Pax8 Cybersecurity Masterclass to learn about online security best practices from industry expert Mostyn Thomas. Stanley notes that the ability to collaborate and learn with fellow MSPs was invaluable when it came to ensuring that Iron Dome’s cybersecurity measures were sufficient.


The masterclass played a key role in changing the way that Iron Dome approaches cybersecurity.


“The biggest takeaway from the Pax8 Cybersecurity Masterclass was a change in mindset. You’re selling a solution, not products.” – Wayne Stanley, Founder and Chief Technologist, Iron Dome


Working with Pax8 has allowed Iron Dome to pivot and better address clients’ needs by introducing alternative ways of thinking and resolving problems. For Iron Dome, the partnership with Pax8 was a strategic move. The Pax8 Marketplace is constantly growing and adapting as new solutions enter the market.


“It’s nice to have a partner that’s so forward-thinking. Pax8 is on the frontline of providing emerging products, not just tried-and-tested solutions. That’s what differentiates [them] from other providers.” – Wayne Stanley, Founder and Chief Technologist, Iron Dome


The availability of a cloud solution on the Pax8 Marketplace is a prerequisite for it being added to the Iron Dome catalogue, with the team finding it easier to manage licences and billing from one platform.


Rapid growth and a collaborative cloud partnership

Since partnering with Pax8, Iron Dome is predicted to achieve 14-17% growth through 2022 by introducing Microsoft Azure to clients. Stanley notes that revenue achieved through Microsoft Azure is expected to increase by 20-23% this year.


“As an MSP, if you don’t have the mechanisms and support in place to support clients’ migration to Azure, you’re nervous to take the leap and market yourself as an Azure provider. Pax8 makes it so easy to capitalise on Azure and support clients’ migration.” – Wayne Stanley, Founder and Chief Technologist, Iron Dome


Iron Dome’s ambition is to double in size, and Stanley says that Pax8 will play a key role in that through the expansion of the marketplace and ongoing support for Pax8 partners. Previously, Iron Dome offered clients five vendors, but if a technical issue arose it could be difficult to identify where that problem was originating from. With Pax8, everything is going through the same platform, meaning that if an issue arises it can be swiftly identified and resolved.

About Iron Dome

As a small business with a team of four, Iron Dome is a fast-evolving MSP business with a core focus on customer service. Iron Dome is driven by its four core values of integrity, accountability, passion, and innovation. These values are key to the business’ mission: to provide the best possible support to SMBs while freeing up owners’ time to help them grow their business.

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