Pax8 opens up wealth of new opportunities for UK MSP


Poor integration was slowing down growth

Teknite is passionate about delivering the best possible experience to their clients in a fast-evolving world. They describe themselves as different to their competitors by being an ‘actual voice at the end of the phone’, readily available to provide support with any issue and offer prompt solutions. Over the last 20 years, they have developed a loyal client base, evidenced by the fact that their first-ever client is still on their books today.


However, as cloud software solutions became a bigger part of their offering, Teknite noticed that their billing system could no longer keep up with the growing demand. This resulted in occasional delays in client billing and missed opportunities for growing their own business. To continue delivering exceptional service to their clients, Teknite realised that a change was necessary.


Consolidating disjointed parts of the business

Teknite’s Director, Marc Jacobs, started working with his previous cloud solution provider (CSP) in December 2018. However, over time, he found that the service provided was not tailored to his business and his clients’ needs.


Being a keen social media user, Jacobs joined several U.S. technology peer groups in 2019 and frequently encountered Pax8 being mentioned by MSPs, who were highly complimentary about the partner experience and the remarkable success they achieved as a result.


“I had been closely observing the exceptional growth of Pax8 in the U.S. for some time and was fascinated by the recognition the company was receiving within the channel community. I started following a few Pax8 employees on LinkedIn and kept a close eye on their global expansion. As soon as I saw a post about their expansion into EMEA, I seized the opportunity.”
– Marc Jacobs, Director of Teknite


Jacobs says that he had an excellent onboarding experience with his Pax8 account manager, Nathan Stokes, who asked the right questions to identify the gaps with his current CSP. Impressed by the professionalism and mindset of the Pax8 team, Jacobs appreciates that the conversation with Nathan did not feel like a sales pitch. Within a few months of partnering with Pax8, Jacobs noticed significant improvements in resolving the issues he had been facing.


“Pax8 has always been there whenever I needed help. Just being able to reach out to our account manager, expressing interest in a specific product upgrade, and promptly being linked up with a subject matter expert has been incredibly refreshing.”
– Marc Jacobs, Director of Teknite


More time to focus on clients and grow the business

Since partnering with Pax8, Jacobs has experienced a profound sense of relief, describing it as a ‘huge weight’ lifted off his shoulders. He is particularly impressed with the self-service Pax8 portal, which now allows his clients to log in with ease – an option they were previously lacking.


The immediate resolution of Teknite’s billing issues, backed by the reliable support Pax8 provides, has subsequently freed up more time for Jacobs to invest in other areas of his business. In recent months, this has manifested in his increased participation in Pax8 partner events. The most recent event he attended was the Pax8 Cybersecurity Masterclass, held at the Pax8 office in Bristol.


“The more events I attend, the more I feel part of the extraordinary community at Pax8. Alongside engaging with vendors and Pax8 tech experts, I also get a chance to have valuable conversations with other MSPs, discussing current challenges and sharing ideas for solutions. Everyone is transparent, and there’s a genuine feeling that we’re all on this journey to succeed together.”
– Marc Jacobs, Director of Teknite


New clients and more opportunities

Since joining forces with Pax8, Teknite has experienced substantial growth in their client base, driven by the enhanced quality of their product offerings and streamlined business workflows. According to Jacobs, the introduction of new vendors through Pax8 has significantly bolstered his company’s brand.


With cyber-security set to become a crucial part of Teknite’s growth strategy for 2023, Jacobs is looking forward to working closely with his Pax8 account manager to stay ahead of the competition and ensure they are best equipped to support their clients, irrespective of their size.


“I can see Pax8 playing a pivotal role in our future, given the availability of new products and services on a monthly basis. The remarkable thing about Pax8 is their adaptable approach, ensuring that there is always a solution for our clients, regardless of their size. I’m really excited to see where we’ll be this time next year.”
– Marc Jacobs, Director of Teknite

About Teknite

Teknite was set up in 2001 to help small, local businesses with IT support, service, repairs, and maintenance. Since then, the company’s capability, capacity, and reputation have grown, but the passion for providing great service and professional expertise has remained the same. Based in London, the company removes the day-to-day problems and worries of service management, enabling clients to focus on their business goals.

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