Pax8 Bootcamp enables MSP to drive M365 growth


Growing M365 business

A Microsoft partner since 2004, SyncraTec Solutions built its business around Dynamics and customer relationship management (CRM) tools. As companies began moving to cloud technology, specifically Microsoft 365, SyncraTec understood the tremendous opportunity this transition presented. Focusing on M365 Business Premium would accelerate SyncraTec’s growth and revenue.

“As we worked to ramp up our skills and knowledge about M365 Business Premium, we soon realized there was so much to learn… With productivity, security, and administration, we knew training would be non-stop if we tried doing it ourselves.” – Ian Smith, Owner and President at SyncraTec Solutions

M365 Business Premium provides several features and solutions, including Intune, multi-factor authentication (MFA), and SharePoint, increasing the solution’s complexity. To confidently sell M365 and educate clients, SyncraTec knew it needed a thorough understanding of the solution. However, Microsoft’s supporting documents were cumbersome, making it challenging to learn the tool.


Pax8 M365 bootcamp

With its industry-leading partner program, dynamic platform, and PSA integrations, Pax8 enabled SyncraTec’s continual growth over the years. The support and success resulted in a strong partnership between the two companies. When SyncraTec began looking to increase their knowledge and understanding of M365, they turned to partner enablement programs from Pax8. Interested in a deep dive into the solution’s business and technical aspects, SyncraTec attended a Pax8 virtual M365 Bootcamp.

“The Pax8 Bootcamp was perfectly in line with our skilling goals for M365 Business Premium. We were impressed at how engaging and collaborative the virtual event was.”


Thorough knowledge of the product

The two-day Bootcamp offered a unique learning experience on all aspects of M365. The seminar presented content in various formats, including presentations, a panel discussion, and digital documentation of guides, videos, and additional content. Allowing information to be digested in many ways created a comprehensive and robust understanding of the solution and its applications. Additionally, SyncraTec gained insight into which vendors to pair with M365 to create an enhanced solution offering.

“Presenting a large amount of content in different formats kept me interested during both days of the Bootcamp. I appreciate including external speakers, as they provided different perspectives and approaches to selling M365.”

A better understanding of M365

Correctly positioning M365 and conveying its value to clients is vital for successful selling. At the Bootcamp, SyncraTec heard about real-life applications of the solution, gaining the knowledge needed to sell M365. Hearing established partners share their expertise and a panel discussion of industry-leading MSPs, SyncraTec learned best practices for helping clients find value in the solution. These relevant applications provided the clarity SyncraTec desired to increase their M365 business and enable their clients better.

“The partners who participated in the panel discussion seemed to be leaders in the industry with years of experience and expertise. The stories they shared were valuable, as they are relevant to the
situations we’re currently facing.”

New content for webinars

Throughout the year, SyncraTec hosts several webinars to market their business and educate their clients on the latest Microsoft solutions, updates, and programs. Finding new content for these webinars can be challenging and time-consuming. The M365 Bootcamp provided many webinar topics, as well as simple and easy to comprehend Microsoft resources. Additionally, they learned new and exciting ways to present the content that would benefit the listener.

“When I have an audience that has taken time out of their day to hear me present, I want to make sure I deliver something useful and meaningful. The Bootcamp provided new and applicable content that I can easily incorporate into my webinars.”


Increased recurring revenue

Dynamics and CRM project work is the primary focus and revenue generators for SyncraTec. That is why they see great potential with M365 Business Premium. The solution will create a monthly recurring revenue stream, increasing SyncraTec’s M365 business growth, creating the opportunity for exponential results. SyncraTec will continue leaning on Pax8 for the most recent M365 updates, programs, and resources to support their growth and this exceptional opportunity.

“From the knowledge gained at the Bootcamp, we’ve built a good footprint with our M365 business, creating a nice monthly recurring revenue stream. One of our main objectives for the coming years is to develop and scale that portion of the business, increasing that monthly income.”

About SyncraTec Solutions

SyncraTec is a Microsoft Partner based in the Greater Philadelphia Area with Silver-level competencies in Cloud Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Small-and-Midmarket Cloud Solutions. They have been working with Microsoft applications since 2004. SyncraTec has a team of dedicated professionals including business analysts, solution architects, and business technology consultants that help businesses leverage technology to improve operational efficiency and drive business growth. Their consultants are communicative, responsive, and experienced professionals that will assist in assessing problems and envisioning and delivering solutions. You can learn more about SyncraTec Solutions here.

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