For MSP, Pax8 delivers where legacy distributors failed


Headaches With legacy distribution

Finding the right cloud distributor is one of the most crucial decisions a managed service provider (MSP) can make. IntelliSystems tried multiple options, each time failing to find a partner that could deliver in every key component of distribution. Some distributors offered useful platforms, but had frustratingly inadequate technical support, while others featured better support but suffered from major errors and inefficiencies in their management software.

“The lack of support and platform issues from other distributors weren’t enabling our
business. We knew we needed something better.” Chris Hurley, Vice President of IntelliSystems

Not wanting to settle for either, IntelliSystems decided to find a partner who truly understood modern distribution and wouldn’t compromise quality on any of their services.


A cloud distributor that can do it all

IntelliSystems decided to try procuring Microsoft 365 licenses through Pax8. Impressed by the agreeable pricing and high level of support, IntelliSystems quickly began shifting more of their offerings to Pax8, including their cybersecurity and continuity solutions.

“The benefits of switching to Pax8 were pretty clear immediately. We knew this was going to be an important partnership going forward.”

Soon, the MSP was procuring a majority of its solutions through Pax8. Taking advantage of all the benefits working with Pax8 has to offer, IntelliSystems felt that they finally found the answer to their distribution headaches.


Superior support and service

In contrast to the slow and unreliable outsourced support that IntelliSystems had dealt with before, Pax8 offered 24/7, US-based pre and post-sales support that was always available and capable of assisting with any issue. IntelliSystems also enjoyed being able to rely on a team of expert Pax8 reps.

“Being able to call Pax8 and talk to someone who knows us and our business is an amazing benefit. It’s an incredible value not offered anywhere else.”

Working with Pax8’s dedicated service delivery managers and expert sales reps, IntelliSystems spent less time navigating unhelpful support structures, resolving technical issues faster and more easily for their clients.

A painless platform experience

Given their past experiences with unstable management platforms, IntelliSystems was pleased to discover that the Pax8 Platform not only works, but is designed and optimized for the best possible partner experience.

“Updating seats and licenses is much easier and efficient now that we’re working with Pax8. They’ve built an innovative platform, allowing for an elevated and painless user experience.”

With automated provisioning, consolidated billing, and a user-friendly interface, IntelliSystems could manage their clients more efficiently and without the constant threat of bugs or errors. And the best part? Moving their business to the new platform was easy because Pax8 works with partners to assist with migrating their solutions.


More time, less aggravation

Through their partnership with Pax8, IntelliSystems unlocked better ways of buying and managing their cloud solutions and left their struggles with legacy distribution behind. Now, they can enjoy the time-saving and headache-reducing perks that come with a true partner experience.

“We’re truly happy that we partnered with Pax8, it’s a decision that has enabled expansion and growth for our business.”

With best-in-class support and one of the best platforms in the industry, Pax8 allowed IntelliSystems to do what they do best–provide superior solutions for their clients.

About IntelliSystems

IntelliSystems was founded in 1993 with the goal of helping businesses achieve the most in production through technological innovation. In the three decades since, they’ve done just that – consistently providing their clients with the best and most innovative technologies available to create forward-thinking IT strategies. For their clients, IntelliSystems is a dedicated business technology partner that offers comprehensive technology management covering service, maintenance, hardware life-cycle management, next-gen tech, telecom, cybersecurity, risk mitigation, and strategy. Learn more about Intellisystems here.

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