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Pax8 partnership takes MSP businesses to the next level

As Pax8 continues to grow in the UK, increasing numbers of MSPs are benefitting from the world-class technology available through the Pax8 Marketplace. We spoke with three UK-based Pax8 partners about what makes working with Pax8 different from other cloud providers. Here’s what they had to say.

As Managing Director of MergeIT, Chris Kopec leans on the world-class Pax8 Marketplace to provision and bill for licenses easily, and within seconds.

‘I still get that Christmas day feeling every time I log onto Pax8, because every time I log in there’s a new vendor or feature to explore.’  Chris Kopec, Managing Director of MergeIT

Before partnering with Pax8, Commercial Networks Ltd. struggled to invoice effectively. Billing was a time-consuming and fiddly process, and licenses would often slip through the cracks, costing the MSP money. After hearing rave reviews from US-based MSPs, Commercial Networks made the switch soon after Pax8 launched in the UK.

Cloud Nexus moved to Pax8 after repeatedly hearing positive reviews on MSP online channels. ‘The billing process is fantastic, and so easy.’ Compared to the MSP’s previous provider, the Pax8 way of managing and billing for licenses is painless and much simpler. According to Riley, what makes Pax8 great isn’t just the tech- it’s the people.

Countless MSPs are benefitting from partnership with Pax8.

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