Empyrion technologies accelerates growth with Pax8 partnership


Prior distribution lacking in key areas

Empyrion Technologies Inc. launched its business in 2006. Since then, they have worked to support clients’ technology needs across business sectors, including those in the manufacturing, construction, and other fields.
As demand shifted from on-premises to cloud, Empyrion wanted to grow its offerings. Unfortunately, partnerships with other distributors were falling short in providing the support Empyrion needed to serve its clients best. Plus, Empyrion Technologies Inc. needed expert insight into working with cloud technology that other distributors never fully delivered.

“We have years of server experience, but the cloud is a totally different animal. Having Pax8 has allowed us to grow with cloud services much quicker without mistakes or learning curves.”
—Taylor Maguire, Operations Manager, Empyrion Technologies Inc.

With the cloud top of mind, Empyrion Technologies Inc. was looking for a new way to manage products, which meant finding a new distribution partner. That is why they decided to move their business to Pax8. The cloud-based marketplace offered Empyrion the technical experience and partner-focused approach they needed to grow the company’s business.


A holistic approach to partnership

Pax8’s tier-one through tier-four support is one of the reasons Empyrion was drawn to the company. After meeting representatives from Pax8 at an industry event, they decided to begin procuring technology stacks through Pax8.

“The support we received from the Pax8 team in building out our Azure business has been really helpful in terms of pricing and market understanding. They helped us scale quickly.”
—Taylor Maguire, Operations Manager, Empyrion Technologies Inc.

As the value-added benefit of working with Pax8 expanded, Empyrion augmented their thriving Microsoft business with added cybersecurity solutions to their technology stack. Every step of the way, Pax8 was there to provide expert advice and support tailored to meet the needs of Empyrion and their clients.


Dedicated support whenever needed

Pax8’s signature support and dedication to its partners made switching an easy choice. In addition to 24/7, US-based sales support, Empyrion also found immense value in having dedicated reps and account managers available for any issues. This support freed up time for Empyrion employees, enabling them to dedicate their time to fully supporting the important work of their clients.

Opportunities for learning and development

The value of a Pax8 partnership doesn’t stop with support and provisioning. Empyrion has taken part in Pax8 events, such as Mission Briefings and Bootcamps, designed to provide education and enablement to empower the company to provide top-quality services for their clients.

“It’s been so valuable for our project deployment team to have access to Pax8’s learning opportunities. The material has strengthened our ability to assess clients’ needs, and it has provided insight into cloud migration.”
—Taylor Maguire, Operations Manager, Empyrion Technologies Inc.

Empyrion is also a member of a working group centered around provisioning Azure. The opportunity to learn from and with other providers alongside Pax8 has provided guidance on pricing and go-to-market strategies at a time when the company is rapidly growing its cloud services business.


Confidence in a growing future in cloud

Empyrion has grown steadily, thanks in large part to their strong partnership with Pax8. The dedicated support and ongoing education opportunities have transformed the company’s ability to provide the latest in cloud technology and stay ahead of business practices.

“We’ve been growing steadily for years, but the support we’re getting from Pax8 is really allowing us to grow faster and with confidence.”
—Taylor Maguire, Operations Manager, Empyrion Technologies Inc.

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