MSP confirms that Pax8 is where business goes big


Rising above the speed and demands of technology

Robert Thompson began consulting in the corporate world and broke off to start Tech Fuel in 2014. He loved the freedom and challenges the work in the MSP world presented, and he found value in serving SMBs. Flying solo with the support of an IT help desk, he provided excellent service to his clients. However, after making a place for Tech Fuel in the MSP community, he knew his company could become more efficient and effective and ultimately offer greater support to more SMBs.
Pax8 came on Robert’s radar while attending trade shows. He was intrigued by a particular Pax8 marketing campaign, so he signed up to see if there was any validity to the company’s claims about ROI due to automated billing and PSA integrations. The benefits were confirmed immediately, and the worth of partnering with Pax8 was realized.

“Since partnering with Pax8 in 2018, my revenue has more than doubled,” – Robert Thompson, CEO of Tech Fuel

Tech Fuel now serves about ten strong and active clients, processing an average of 25-30 invoices per month, and demand for the MSP’s services is growing. While Robert feels comfortable with where he’s at with the business, he’s ready to push harder as the work gets easier.

“My goal from the beginning was to increase Tech Fuel’s client base to 10. I’m now at the point where I either reach that next level, or it’ll just be cruise control. I want to provide the Tech Fuel experience—great IT services for clients who are excited to grow and scale with technology.” – Robert Thompson, CEO of Tech Fuel


Going big with Pax8

Partnering with Pax8 has already proven its worth. Tech Fuel has increased its revenue at an incredible rate over the last four years, and now Robert is ready to test further Pax8’s bold claim that it’s “where business goes big.”


Game-changing PSA integrations and automated billing

The most immediate benefit Tech Fuel found was that, unlike other distributors, Pax8 does not bill for unused software licenses. Additionally, automated billing saves the MSP time. He gets back 20-30 minutes per week due to the automation Pax8’s technology provides. These seemingly insignificant costs and time savings add up over time, and they are a big reason why Tech Fuel champions its relationship with Pax8.

“Smoother billing and syncing to the PSA have saved me so much time. I always had to double-check and triple-check my bills with my previous distributor. Working with Pax8 is such a relief.” – Robert Thompson, CEO of Tech Fuel

Pax8 PSA integrations uncomplicate some of the IT industry’s trickiest processes. Robert knows this type of optimization will be crucial to success as his business expands and his clients begin embracing the cloud.

Authentic support

Tech Fuel has gained several insights via simple interactions with the Pax8 team.

“As a one-person shop, having some experts who know what you’re doing and care about your success has been really beneficial.” – Robert Thompson, CEO of Tech Fuel

With support from his Infrastructure Solutions Consultant at Pax8, Robert has developed strategies for clients, configured stacks according to specific needs, and gained exposure to new and applicable solutions.

Leaping into the cloud with confidence in positioning Azure virtual desktop

One of the most significant challenges Tech Fuel has faced is clients continuing to require on-premises infrastructure. Meeting expectations of Net 30 or Net 60 terms has required high upfront costs and post-Covid struggles to obtain hardware.
Robert’s Infrastructure Solutions Consultant at Pax8 saw clearly that Azure would be a powerful solution for Tech Fuel to implement. After a few sessions together running through the various build scenarios, Robert became knowledgeable on leveraging Nerdio Manager to streamline his management and orchestration of the Azure Virtual Desktop.
Getting advice and practice on deploying into Azure for the first time gives Pax8 partners piece of mind and confidence. It also ensures they won’t rack up a hefty invoice on the first deployment because they’ve overlooked something.
With Azure, Tech Fuel has taken a giant leap forward. The MSP now has tools and solutions that increase its productivity, improve its margin, and enable the agility needed for a changing business landscape.


The promise of a better, bigger tomorrow

Since partnering with Pax8, Tech Fuel’s client base has grown significantly. Instead of taking on every client that comes along, the MSP has more room to be selective and ensure genuine support for its clients. Robert is now eager to begin hiring support.

“I’m finally at the point where I feel confident enough to begin hiring. I have an intern who is going to start next week. Fingers crossed that it turns into a full-time role.” – Robert Thompson, CEO of Tech Fuel

Tech Fuel is ready to go big, attack the market, and position itself on the leading edge of technology, and as the business model continues its shift to cloud-first, the sky is the limit.

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