Pax8 Launches New Security Program

Providing partners with a comprehensive enablement journey to security growth

DENVER, CO (10 June, 2024) Pax8, the leading cloud commerce marketplace, today announced its new security program. Based on the CIS Control Framework, the program offers partners a proven approach to establishing their security practices. Through the Pax8 Security Program, partners embark on a curated journey guided by their dedicated account team, comprised of various resources and tools to help them become proficient in cybersecurity prevention.

“As cyberattacks continue to rise among the small-midsized business (SMB) market, more companies are turning to managed service providers (MSPs) for guidance,” said Vicky Critchley, Corporate Vice President of Partner Experience at Pax8. “However, MSPs often struggle with maintaining cybersecurity proficiency in the evolving landscape and demonstrating the benefits of cybersecurity investments to their clients. Through our game-changing program, Pax8 is not just offering competitively priced solutions; we’re providing partners with a proven path to success based on recognized industry standards, quantifiable results, and future-proofed solutions.”

The two key components of the Pax8 Security Program focus on helping partners strengthen their business acumen and become more knowledgeable on vendor solutions. The business track delivers business and category-level education and enablement through virtual instructor-led training sessions. Each session consists of three – four 90-minute live, virtual educational sessions. The vendor track provides vendor-specific education and enablement and includes on-demand vendor training, Professional Services offerings, and Pax8-assisted sales calls.

“In today’s world where threat actors are becoming more intelligent and cyber attacks more complex, simply having access to security products is not enough – you need a true partner in cybersecurity,” said Andrew Scott, President at AFScott. “Pax8 has proven to be that partner, and their enablement resources have helped us have deeper conversations with our clients around risk. They now understand that security is constantly evolving and a cost of doing business, and 99 percent of our partners are now more protected through our security offering. The security program Pax8 is building is unlike others I’ve seen, and critical for MSPs looking to level up their practice.”

Pax8 collaborated with the following cybersecurity powerhouses in developing and launching the robust program:
• Microsoft
• SentinelOne
• CrowdStrike
• Blackpoint Cyber
• Avanan
• Proofpoint
• uSecure
• Acronis

Included in the program are custom-built, attractively priced product offerings from SentinelOne and CrowdStrike, which provide partners with holistic and affordable solutions to secure their clients.

The Pax8 Security Program is currently available in North America and will be available in APAC and EMEA later in the year.

To learn more about Pax8 and the Pax8 Security Program, please visit

About Pax8
Pax8 is the technology marketplace of the future, linking partners, vendors, and small to midsized businesses (SMBs) through AI-powered insights and comprehensive product support. With a global partner ecosystem of over 30,000 managed service providers, Pax8 empowers SMBs worldwide by providing software and services that unlock their growth potential and enhance their security. Committed to innovating cloud commerce at scale, Pax8 drives customer acquisition and solution consumption across its entire ecosystem.

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