Pax8 works with trusted partner to create the next evolution of cloud management


A need for innovation

With its team of engineers, Pax8 and the Partner Advisory Council (PAC) set out to create something the IT channel had never seen before. Pax8 worked closely with the PAC for months, discovering their challenges and evolving needs so that they could build a new technology solution.

That was the inception of Pax8 Pro—the future of cloud management software. The new platform would make partners’ jobs easier, allowing for more integrations, security, automation, insight, and overall, more efficiency.

Pax8 knew that working closely with partners and involving them heavily in the development process was the only way to achieve these goals. The PAC was integral to help drive the creation of key features and provide feedback, suggestions, and advice on the entire platform experience.


Conversations that lead to action

For Iconic IT, conversations with Pax8 about the platform, new services, and the future of the IT channel are a common occurrence. As an industry thought leader, Iconic IT focuses on the evolution of IT services and how MSPs need to adapt to the shifting landscape. When it came time for Pax8 to invite MSPs to the PAC, Iconic IT was an obvious choice.

“We always appreciate a chance to work closely with Pax8 because they value our feedback. They listen to our needs and want to understand how they can better enable our business.” Matt Lee, Director of Technology and Security for Iconic IT

With early access to Pax8 Pro, Iconic IT played a large role in the creation and optimization of many key features. As the new platform took shape, Iconic IT was excited to start using the tools and functions for their own business so they could see the many benefits first-hand.


Standardizing everyday processes

Iconic IT’s vision for the future of cloud management involves removing barriers to entry for MSPs and the engineers and technicians working for them. To reach this goal, Iconic IT believes in the powers of automation and standardization to make day-to-day operations easier and to give team members more bandwidth to focus on learning the ins and outs of the technology.

This philosophy played a large role in the creation of Pax8 Pro, specifically with features like deeper PSA synchronizations and automated onboarding/offboarding checklists for new users. These tools allow MSPs to standardize and automate many user management tasks, something Iconic IT saw as a major advantage.

“Pax8 Pro removes barriers to entry, ensuring that our clients are getting a consistent experience every time, which is critical for the future of the industry.”

The amount of time saved on these processes is also a huge gain for Iconic IT, as they estimate spending around five to seven fewer minutes per user during onboarding.

Elevating security posture​

Another key advantage Iconic IT saw with Pax8 Pro was the ability to reduce security risks. Standardized processes not only save time and effort, but they allow for a more consistent application of best security practices across all users. To make this even easier, Pax8 Pro added Microsoft security reporting with GAP analysis, which can automatically identify users or client environments at risk based on multi-factor authentication (MFA) usage and other security factors. The information is displayed in an aggregate view across all clients.

“It’s an MSP’s job to reduce the attack surfaces of their client. Pax8 Pro is another great tool in our arsenal which will go a long way in making everybody more secure.”

With the ability to reduce human error and ensure more universal adoption of tools like MFA and encryption, Iconic IT sees Pax8 Pro as an easy way to minimize risk, and also use that elevated security posture to enable and grow relationships with clients and vendors.

Paving the way for the future

Iconic IT especially appreciates all the possibilities that Pax8 Pro presents for creating even more value down the road. While the current feature set allows MSPs to optimize many of their procedures, Iconic IT sees Pax8 Pro as one of the first steps toward completely overhauling how cloud services are managed.

“Pax8 is starting a process of cloud orchestration. We’re excited to be involved from the beginning and also see where future capabilities and tool sets will take us.”

With even more automations and integrations in the works, Pax8 Pro will continue to add more features and functions that make cloud management simpler.


A platform built by partners

The many time-saving and security-elevating features of Pax8 Pro enabled Iconic IT to optimize their day-to-day work further, as well as give additional value to their client base.

“No other distributor adds more value to an MSP’s business like Pax8 does. Being able to collaborate with them on a vision like Pax8 Pro has been a truly rewarding experience.”

Through their involvement in the PAC, Iconic IT had the chance to help shape the future of cloud management. In the end, they saw many of their visions come to life with the capabilities of Pax8 Pro.

About Iconic IT

In July of 2019, four leading IT firms joined forces to create Iconic IT, a new managed services firm with a passion for enabling and elevating client success. Iconic offers a variety of comprehensive IT solutions, helping businesses find the right fit for their needs regardless of size or industry. With the presence of a nationwide company and the friendly, personalized service of a local firm, Iconic takes the stress of IT away from their clients, going above and beyond to help them succeed.


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