Pax8 helps MSP grow business by 400% through strategic partnership


Support for ambitious goals

As cloud technology continues to advance innovative businesses, Homefield IT saw an opportunity. The market shift to cloud created a need for new solutions, including software licences, cloud management services and migration projects. Recognising the opportunities to drive incremental growth, Homefield IT created a strategic business focus on cloud technology.

“We took an aggressive stance as the public cloud began to evolve. We familiarised ourselves with M365 Business Premium, Azure and Intune, taking a very cloud-focused approach to our business.”
– Alexander Stavdal, Executive Vice President, Strategy at Homefield IT

Unfortunately, its distributor did not offer the level of service required to support this ambitious initiative. Without a dedicated contact who understood the company’s background and goals, there was no collaboration on strategy.


Homefield IT was left feeling like just a number on a list of accounts. Additionally, its growing cloud practice was causing billing and invoicing to become cumbersome.


A relationship built in the cloud

To empower its cloud initiative, Homefield IT began searching for a distributor to enable it with advanced technology, dedicated service and a collaborative approach.

“We were aware of Pax8 from seeing them at industry events and began having some initial discussions. We only migrated a portion of our licences over at first, but we soon realised the incredible value of the partnership and quickly moved the rest of our licences over to Pax8.”
– Alexander Stavdal, Executive Vice President, Strategy at Homefield IT

In Pax8, it discovered a company dedicated to enabling its partner community by offering best-in-class service, an expansive vendor offering and integrations with industry-leading PSA tools. Homefield IT began working with Pax8 and quickly recognised that the relationship created an optimised experience.


Innovative community involvement and support

The relationship between Homefield IT and its dedicated channel account manager (CAM) proved the superior value of Pax8 from day one. The CAM’s deep understanding of Homefield’s background, concerns and initiatives allowed him to offer strategic recommendations and provide solutions unique to its situation, resulting in a long-lasting partnership that continually drives outstanding results.

“The ability to pick up the phone and talk directly to someone whose name we know and who understands our company is massive, since everything we do is strategic and long-term. The relationship-based sales approach has been beyond helpful.”
– Alexander Stavdal, Executive Vice President, Strategy at Homefield IT

As part of the Pax8 Advisory Council, Homefield IT collaborates on future innovative solutions and technology iterations with other top industry leaders, driving cloud technology transformation and impacting the channel.

Increased process efficiencies

At the time, Homefield IT’s small number of seats was already making billing reconciliation an enormous task. Additionally, it experienced bleeding revenue, wasted resources and inaccuracies.


The billing automation provided through the Pax8 Marketplace integration with leading PSA tools was one of the most impactful benefits for Homefield IT. It allowed for efficient and exact billing and eliminated the hours of manual work required for invoicing reconciliation.

“Billing reconciliation was a two-day process back when our cloud business was a quarter of the size it is today – I cannot imagine the time manual reconciliation would take now! The Pax8 PSA integration has enabled our ability to scale effectively.”
– Alexander Stavdal, Executive Vice President, Strategy at Homefield IT

Previously a two-day task, billing is now an automated and simplified process, producing one consolidated monthly invoice including all clients and vendors. The efficiency enabled Homefield IT Tech Support’s successful growth and eliminated the revenue loss caused by human errors.

Added support through professional services

Over the last few years, Homefield IT has performed many significantly sized Azure migrations for its clients. Knowing the amount of time and effort required, it leveraged Pax8 Professional Services to help facilitate some of these projects when required. The added staff, expertise and resources increased bandwidth and optimised the process, allowing for quick and seamless migrations.

“Leaning on the Professional Services team for our Azure migrations was valuable to ensuring successful completions. Their transparency, efficiency and accuracy were extremely effective, and something we will leverage again in the future.”
– Alexander Stavdal, Executive Vice President, Strategy at Homefield IT

Pax8 Professional Services augmented Homefield’s own team of experts, driving business possibilities further than it ever thought possible.


Expansion in Europe and successful acquisition leads continuous growth

Fuelled by its dynamic partnership with Pax8, Homefield IT’s business has grown by 400% since 2018. The alignment, enablement and dedication Homefield IT receives through Pax8 is exactly the type of strategic partnership it requires. And with the launch of Pax8 in the UK, Homefield IT can now extend its superior, innovative solutions to European clients.


These important wins for Homefield IT were a part of what led to the company’s acquisition in November 2022 by Acrisure, a fast-growing fintech leader that operates a global insurance broker and property services company. Homefield IT now operates within Acrisure Cyber Services, the technology division of the organisation. Stavdal attributes the acquisition to the operational maturity and client-focused approach of Homefield IT, particularly its forward-thinking technology practice, thanks to its partnership with Pax8.


“With Pax8, we know our feedback is welcome, heard and taken seriously, which is not something you can say about other distributors. We are often included in meetings to collaborate on new and innovative solutions for issues directly affecting the channel. Out of all our relationships, the one we have with Pax8 is the most valuable.”
– Alexander Stavdal, Executive Vice President, Strategy at Homefield IT

About Homefield IT

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