Pax8 expands cloud opportunities and profits for technical adventures


Limited resources and bandwidth hindered potential business growth

Technical Adventures was looking to grow but needed to maintain the integrity and level of service for their clients that they’ve always offered. This required them to find the right partner who could enable them to explore emerging technologies, like cloud, and who was also invested in augmenting the high client service standards offered by Technical Adventures.

“The biggest hurdle for SMBs like us, and the clients we serve, is that it’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day and struggle with evolving the business because we’re so focused on the tasks at hand. We also don’t have the bandwidth and employee expertise to spend a lot of time searching and vetting new, leading-edge technologies that can help us grow and meet our clients’ demands.” Danny Soares, VP of Operations at Technical Adventures

Having limited resources makes it challenging to even consider adopting cloud solutions. Technical Adventures needed a partner who could help them easily build leading-edge technology stacks, including cloud solutions, into their workflow and operations.

“We knew we wanted to grow and we needed the right partner to help us take our business to the next level.”

For years, Technical Adventures had been a direct Microsoft CSP partner. However, with the new support fees of $15,000 to $50,000 to stay in the direct CSP Program, the company was looking to go through distribution. As the fastest growing Microsoft Office 365 provider, Pax8 was the top choice for Technical Adventures.


Pax8 unleashes opportunities to soar in the cloud

Getting a recommendation from a peer who had discovered success with Pax8 was all Soares and his team needed. Technical Adventures reached out to the award-winning cloud distributor to learn more about expanding their Microsoft business. What they got was so much more than they ever expected.

“Pax8 simplifies and bridges the gap for our business. Between the education, enablement, and training they provide, we’re able to elevate the experience we’re offering our clients.”

By partnering with Pax8, they were able to easily move their Microsoft Office 365, expand product offerings, and optimize their client relationships—all while avoiding the direct CSP fees. Plus, the Pax8 team provided Technical Adventures with the support they needed to realize success.

“The Pax8 partnership is a huge value-add for our business. Their philosophy is a true depiction of how Pax8 works with our company, and their level of engagement is worth its weight in gold.”

Now, with hands-on training and a confident level of Microsoft expertise, Technical Adventures has added Microsoft Azure to their line card, which has been a game-changer for their business.


Taking the headache out of Microsoft Azure deployments

Providing Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) through Microsoft Azure to their clients was a complex task for Technical Adventures. To drive their success, they looked to Pax8 for guidance and enablement.

“Pax8 simplified the Microsoft Azure process, making it easy for us to build out our Azure practice. They worked with us, side by side, and even helped us build out a Statement of Work (SOW) for our clients so we could sell it better.”

Pax8 also believes in empowering their partners with the right skill set to build confidence, and in turn, the business. That’s why Pax8 has partnered with Microsoft to deliver Pax8 + Microsoft Azure Bootcamps, as well as provide their CSP partners with pre and post-sales support, unified billing, instant provisioning, PSA tool integrations, and so much more.

“Pax8 has taken the stress and headaches out of Microsoft Azure deployments and made it easy for us to expand our offerings while still being able to serve our clients at the level they demand. Building out in Microsoft Azure is almost completely different than an on-premise deployment, but we have a partner we can trust.”

A dedicated cloud expert

Working with Pax8 gave Technical Adventures the confidence they needed to grow. With the Pax8 Professional Services team of highly skilled cloud architects and engineers to help plan, assess, design, migrate, customize, and optimize their cloud solutions, Technical Adventures was on their way.

“Pax8 engages with us in a personal and hands-on manner. They provide the education and enablement we need to be successful. Their architects have an incredibly high level of competency that helps us evaluate the entire network’s connectivity. We know they have our back.”

Each time Technical Adventures tackles a new project, they know the work will be done right.

“They not only help us understand what to do, but they provide the oversight and competency to ensure we are successful. It’s like Pax8 is an extension of our business — always available to help.”

Removing service fees for a stronger budget

Pax8 knows that MSPs have enough to worry about when it comes to budgeting growth. That’s why so many have migrated their cloud businesses over to Pax8, avoiding five-figure support fees.

“Our experience selling cloud services couldn’t be any easier. Pax8 provides the resources we need to achieve more with our cloud practice, which really shows on our bottom line.”

From 24/7 pre-sales and post-sales support to curated cloud solutions, and a complete quote-to-cash management platform, Pax8 makes it as easy as possible to be a cloud service provider.


Business growth made easy with Pax8

With a full suite of Professional Services, support, and no Microsoft Azure service fees, Pax8 keeps their partners, like Technical Adventures, happy long after the initial transaction. Technical Adventures is flying high with a growing cloud business and a partner they can trust to take their business to the next level.

“Pax8 goes above and beyond for our company and clients. They are our best strategic partner, and we couldn’t have done it without their expertise.”

About Technical Adventures

Technical Adventures is a full-service IT firm filling the roles of CIO, IT department, and Help Desk for businesses and non-profit organizations in New Jersey and beyond. From network design and implementation to office moves and expansion, the company provides business owners with the peace of mind needed to operate and expand their business without worrying about “technical difficulties” or the expense of hiring in-house IT staff.


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