Pax8 enables partner’s internal transition to work from home


A sudden shift to remote work

Like many other companies, Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office found themselves in a difficult situation when the COVID-19 pandemic began. As a large technology company, Atlantic was seeking to transition their 475+ workforce to work-from-home and find the right solutions that would enable them to continue business as usual.

“We needed to transition fast and figure out the best solutions to continue being productive.” Robert Ferara, Director of Services Design for Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office

Successfully deploying Microsoft Teams and Azure Active Directory to every employee would be a massive undertaking, and Atlantic’s internal IT team realized early on that they wanted a partner to assist with the transition. With employees already in the process of setting up their home offices, the clock was ticking for Atlantic to get their solutions up and running before miscommunications and inefficiencies would start threatening their business.


Pax8 Professional Services

A few years earlier, Atlantic had acquired an MSP that was buying cloud solutions through Pax8. Atlantic was so impressed with the PSA integrations and automations available that they decided to shift all of their cloud business to Pax8.

Now, with a crisis looming, Atlantic looked to their cloud distributor to see if they could help achieve the Teams and Azure rollout quickly and smoothly. Fortunately for them, Pax8 offers white-labeled Professional Services that can help partners complete difficult projects, both for their clients and internally as well.

“Our engineers needed to stay focused on our clients, so thankfully we had access to another amazing team of professional engineers through our partnership with Pax8.”

After a quick phone call with a Professional Services project manager at Pax8, Atlantic began the process of planning the deployment side-by-side with Pax8 engineers. Together, they mapped out the schedule of events and set expectations for the project.


Deployment completed In “a New York minute”

As a New York City-based company, Atlantic is accustomed to a fast pace of business even under regular circumstances. The sudden shift to remote work only made completing the project more urgent, with no room for delays or wasted time.

When the Professional Services team successfully finished the deployment quickly and without delay, Atlantic was thoroughly impressed.

“We were so thankful for the speed at which Pax8 was able to get us set up. We needed the project to be done in a New York minute, and they delivered.”

Quick and reliable response

In addition to the speed of the overall project, Atlantic also appreciated the Professional Services team’s quick response time to any questions or concerns throughout the project. Whether it was a call or email, Atlantic was always able to get their questions answered promptly, making the entire process more efficient.

“It really felt like Pax8 had our back. We knew if we encountered a problem, we could reach out to them and hear back in an instant. Pax8 was helping guide us the whole way.”

Employee training

IT and managed services are only a part of what Atlantic does as a company. For the hundreds of employees that work in other fields, many of them did not know how to use the new technology solutions implemented. That is why the Pax8 Professional Services team also supported Atlantic through training and education sessions about the ins and outs of their new systems.

“We were thrilled that Pax8 was willing to go the extra mile and provide training. It saved us a lot of work and was the last piece of the puzzle to getting us set up properly.”

With their entire workforce trained on configurations, customizations, and best practices for Teams and Azure, Atlantic could move forward with their remote work transition confident that their employees were all on the same page.


A seamless transition to remote work

When Atlantic partnered with Pax8, they never foresaw having to complete such an urgent and complicated internal project. But when the need arose, they were extremely thankful to have a partner whose unique services could help them through unprecedented times.

With the help of Pax8, Atlantic quickly and successfully deployed Teams and Azure to their entire workforce and trained their employees to use the new solutions properly.

“On a scale of one to ten, I’d give Pax8 an eleven. We could not have accomplished this transition as efficiently without them as our partner.”

With their remote transition complete, Atlantic was completely set up to focus on their clients and ultimately help their IT teams configure their own work-from-home solutions.

About Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office

Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office began life as Atlantic Photocopy in 1959 and quickly became a leader in the office equipment industry. In the 60+ years since its inception, the company has expanded both in staff and in focus, moving into the world of IT and providing horizontal niche market services to small and large corporations in the New York City, Philadelphia, and Delaware Valley areas. Atlantic supports over 20,000 organizations, offering them services ranging from imaging and document management, to IT support and managed services.


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