Pax8 delivers Professional Services to help MSP succeed


High cost of doing business with little support

Tukuru Technologies has been in operation for twenty years, and its niche is the Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. As cloud technology gained traction within their client base, Tukuru Technologies was seeking ways to transition its offerings to the cloud to help clients remain competitive in an ever-changing digital world.

When the pandemic hit in 2020, Tukuru Technologies knew it was strategically the right time to move their clients to the cloud. The timing enabled the company to offer innovative cloud solutions, making it feasible for them and their clients to remain profitable despite difficult conditions due the covid-19 pandemic.

While Tukuru Technologies was making headway with transitioning clients to the cloud, the company still faced challenges with traditional distribution – the lack of streamlined billing, provisioning delays, inconsistent support, and more.


Not your average distributor

From their first encounter with Pax8, Tukuru Technologies knew the company was different from traditional distribution.

“No other distributor was able to offer us the support and attention we needed to succeed with cloud. Pax8 immediately stood out from all the rest.”

Anju Rajashekar, Director of Strategic Business Development at Tukuru Technologies

The Channel Account Managers (CAMs) at Pax8 spent time with Tukuru Technologies to help introduce solutions and explain how the technology worked together in the technology stack. The CAMs were prepared and proved to be experts that Tukuru Technologies could rely on. To spearhead the partnership, Tukuru Technologies engaged with Pax8 to roll-out the MS Business Voice solution to their SMB clients. During the telephony migration, the company’s dedicated account manager was responsive, intelligent, and they never passed issues off to others.


Business made easy

Rajashekar was impressed by the ease of use with the Pax8 Platform, its business automation, and their overall experience with Professional Services at Pax8 through various projects like Business Voice.

“We will continue to partner with Pax8 because of the incredible support offered through the CAM team. Everyone we work with is unbelievably engaged and responsive.”

With multiple projects completed through Pax8 Professional Services, Tukuru Technologies has many more in the pipeline.

“Communication throughout the projects has been essential, and Pax8 has set a new standard when it comes to the scope of work and managing expectations every step of the way. Even if something was delayed, we know exactly why and what is happening because Pax8 keeps us updated. They are fully transparent, and this is a true partnership.”


When it comes to support, no one does it better than Pax8. Tukuru Technologies takes advantage of the vendor support with Pax8, including Microsoft. Pax8 resolves any issues or tickets thoroughly and swiftly.

Professional Services that take your team farther

Tukuru Technologies kicked off their Pax8 Professional Services journey with Microsoft 365 Business Voice, a cloud-based phone system designed for SMBs. It integrates into Office 365 for an all-in-one communication solution that brings together calling, meetings, and messaging in Microsoft Teams.

“We did not have the expertise in-house to execute the project, so we engaged the Pax8 Professional Services team to act as an extension of our business.”

The project was a huge success, and it helped the client realize the power of the cloud. Tukuru Technologies has migrated over 20% of their clients to Microsoft 365 Business Voice and Rajashekar believes that another 20% of Tukuru Technologies’ clients will migrate to the solution within a year.

“Professional Services at Pax8 is part of our internal strategy as we go-to-market with our clients. We will deploy the team’s services to successfully take on larger workloads. Having Pax8 as an extension of our team on the projects enables us to maintain our focus on continually improving our client’s technology landscape with strategic initiatives.”


A ripe future

Tukuru Technologies is excited about their partnership with Pax8, and they look forward to building on the mutually beneficial relationship, growing their business, and growing their clients’ businesses.

About Tukuru Technologies

Tukuru Technologies is a New York City based consulting firm specializing in providing technology consulting services for the AEC community. Their team consists of certified Information Technology professionals with the collective goal of providing simple solutions to complex problems. Tukuru Technologies celebrates 20 years in business in 2022, and has been dedicated to supplying Information Technology solutions for the AEC community. They currently provide support to various small, medium, and large sized clients whose headquarters are in the New York City metro area.


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