Pax8 acts as a strategic partner to SkyCamp Technologies, enabling More cloud adoption, selling assistance, and professional services


Distributor-caused operational and offering inefficiencies

Not all distributors are created equal, especially in the Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) program. SkyCamp Technologies found this out the hard way. Using a traditional distributor, they soon faced struggles when it came to managing and supporting their Microsoft solutions.

“Whenever we needed support or had a question or problem, we would hit a wall. There was no easy channel into their support and it would take 15 rounds of emails to get a simple problem solved. Their lack of service would create downtime for the SkyCamp Technologies team instead of providing clients with proactive and responsive service.” SkyCamp Technologies President, Craig Campbell

“It would take 15 rounds of emails to get a simple problem solved. We needed a partner that was on the same page as us. We pride ourselves on not only providing the best solutions for our customers’ needs, but also on giving them a fantastic customer experience each time. We started researching a new era of distributor who could do that for us.”


Becoming a Pax8 partner

As the leader in cloud distribution, Pax8 was the perfect partner for SkyCamp Technologies. Pax8 simplified the Microsoft CSP program through billing, provisioning, automation, industry-leading PSA integrations, and free 24/7 pre and post-sales partner support.

“Transitioning our Office 365 licensing to Pax8 was simple. We put a plan in place with Pax8, and it was smooth.”

Campbell and his team soon discovered that with Pax8 as their CSP expert, they received the support they needed — when they needed it. The billing was also a game-changer for the company. Instead of receiving 80+ bills per month, with Pax8, they receive a single, simple bill.

“We’re able to spend our time concentrating on our clients’ needs instead of wasting time trying to get the small things done. Pax8 makes it easy for me to run my business and help our clients adopt more cloud solutions to keep their businesses running efficiently and securely. Our accounting department loves Pax8 because they no longer have to manually consolidate the billing.”


Simplifying success

Keeping business simple is the smartest way to realize success, and for SkyCamp Technologies, it’s paramount. With a small team and a growing customer base, SkyCamp Technologies relies on Pax8’s simplified business processes, tools, and support.

“We never have a problem navigating the platform, and if we have a question, they are quick to respond so we don’t have to follow-up and hunt them down just to get an answer. Pax8 really is distribution simplified.”

The billing is now a breeze. Pax8 provides a single, aggregated bill instead of the previous 80+ bills SkyCamp Technologies received from their old distribution partner. From support and billing to intuitive automation and reliability, the SkyCamp Technologies team no longer feels like they are going it alone. They now have a partner who’s always there when they need him.

Achieving more with Pax8 Professional Services

Taking full advantage of all the benefits their partner had to offer, SkyCamp Technologies utilized Pax8 Professional Services to perform Office 365 tenant-to-tenant migrations.

“Our first professional services project with Pax8 went unbelievably smooth. Pax8 has our back, and we can trust them to manage our professional services with no hesitation.”

The Pax8 Professional Services program is facilitated through a team of highly-skilled Cloud Architects and Engineers that help Pax8 partners plan, assess, design, migrate, customize, and optimize cloud solutions. This diversified program enables MSPs to achieve more with cloud now and into the future.

“Our clients benefit from the great support we receive from Pax8. In fact, we are so impressed with the strategic partnership that we’re counting on their best-in-class service delivery for our next project—a G-suite migration. Our first professional services project with Pax8 went unbelievably smooth. Pax8 has our back, and we can trust them.”


The results a CSP expert you can rely on

By focusing exclusively on aggregating cloud solutions and services, Pax8 empowers its partners to escape traditional distribution and thrive in the cloud with the only born-in the-cloud distributor.

“Moving to Pax8 has been the best decision we ever made. Working with them has gone so well — from 24/7 support, to billing made easy.”

About SkyCamp Technologies

SkyCamp Technologies is a trusted technology partner committed to developing tailored IT strategies that effectively address client needs. Through its service offerings, the company helps its clients protect their businesses, reduce downtime, enhance visibility, and increase productivity. SkyCamp Technologies is dedicated to providing great customer service and transparent IT pricing. Learn more here.


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