Cloud-born expertise enabled Corp IT to transform cybersecurity practice and boost revenue


Traditional distribution fails to meet modern MSP needs

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australia’s small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) account for 98% of companies, employ two-thirds of working Australians and face a relentless wave of cybersecurity threats. Even the most reputable organisations are not immune to breaches, and the lack of in-house cybersecurity specialists among SMBs highlights the urgent need for managed security service providers (MSSPs) like Corp IT.
But while the demand for cybersecurity soared, Corp IT found acquiring skilled talent and aligning with global best practices remained a significant challenge. Manual reconciliation and inefficient licence management were costing both time and money, and the company’s existing distribution processes were broken.
Corp IT’s co-owner, solutions architect Jai Dametto, recognised the need for a transformation within the firm, but acknowledged that driving change and enhancing security was a demanding task.


Streamlining processes and upskilling through Pax8 partnership

When introduced to Pax8, a US-based ‘born in the cloud’ distributor, Corp IT quickly identified opportunities to streamline operations. The Pax8 Marketplace automation and integration with Corp IT’s professional services platform were crucial in transforming its licence management, turning what used to take three staff members several days every month into a three-hour task.
Furthermore, the partnership with Pax8 enabled Corp IT to recognise partial revenue for customer licences, generating an additional $20,000 a year in previously unrealised revenue. Dametto estimated that the first month of the relationship with Pax8 added $5,000 from pro-rata accounts.
Pax8 support extended beyond just automation. Pax8 played a vital role in Corp IT’s cybersecurity practice transformation through workshops, cloud enablement and alignment with the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls v8. Pax8 Academy also provided valuable training and peer support, fostering continuous learning and development.


Enhanced efficiency, revenue growth and industry education

The strategic partnership between Corp IT and Pax8 brought about profound benefits in various areas.
Efficiency: Automating and streamlining the licence management process enabled Corp IT to reduce the manual overhead and improve cash flow.
Revenue growth: Realising pro-rata accounts and recognising partial revenue led to a windfall of $20,000 in previously missed opportunities.
Cybersecurity transformation: Corp IT was able to enhance its cybersecurity offering and bridge the industry skills gap with support from Pax8, positioning itself as a leader in safeguarding computer networks.
Industry education: Pax8 Academy’s ‘training as a service’ (TaaS) empowered Corp IT’s employees across various roles, promoting a culture of continuous learning and alignment with modern methods of service provision.


A robust partnership facilitating growth and success

Corp IT’s experience with Pax8 demonstrates the power of an innovative and dynamic approach to distribution, especially in today’s cloud-driven business landscape. By focusing on automation, integration and education, Pax8 played an instrumental role in Corp IT’s transformation.
This collaboration not only helped Corp IT overcome its challenges, but also laid the foundation for growth and industry leadership. Pax8 Academy’s one-off fee per month for unlimited courses was a revolutionary concept that aligned with Corp IT’s strategic focus on Azure, cybersecurity and Microsoft’s Power Platform and Dynamics products.
Ultimately, the partnership between Corp IT and Pax8 embodies a future-ready approach to MSPs, promising adaptability and success in an increasingly complex and dynamic sector.
Corp IT’s experience illustrates how cloud-born distributors like Pax8 can disrupt traditional practices, fostering community and delivering higher profits to partners. Other companies grappling with similar challenges can find inspiration in this successful collaboration, turning obstacles into opportunities for innovation and growth.

About Corp IT

Established in 2005, Corp IT is an Australian-born company. Serving clients across Australia, Corp IT are experts in making the complex simple. Its vision is to translate business challenges into actionable IT solutions. Corp IT works with clients from 10 to 1,000+ users and always ensures the lowest total cost of ownership, without compromising on performance, reliability or security. Learn more about Corp IT.


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