A partnership with Pax8 makes MSP’s business seamlessly scalable


Overwhelming industry updates and a formerly limited platform

Having previously found it difficult to keep up to date with industry changes, Clixels was looking for a provider to keep them updated about critical updates in a personable, professional, and friendly way. Clixels recognised that finding a partner to support the leadership team’s navigation of the intricacies of the tech industry was integral to the business’s mission to “bring big, corporate thinking to small businesses.” Serge Patrick-Heselton and Andy Pink, Managing Director and Creative Director of the business, had previously merged their two companies to form Clixels, and were looking for a partner and provider to support them, in their shared mission to become the “the number one digital ecosystem agency in the UK.”


Clixels had previously worked with another provider and was looking for a different type of partnership. Having spoken with an existing Pax8 partner, Patrick-Heselton moved his business across to the Pax8 Marketplace- and continues to work with the team to leverage the full power of the Pax8 Marketplace. Pax8 ensured that the migration of Clixels’ estate from the old provider’s platform to the Pax8 Marketplace was smooth and painless.

“Having that initial conversation with [our Account Manager] really helped Clixels leverage the Pax8 Marketplace to its full potential. It just worked. It’s a lot easier, and with features like the Academy and Pax8 Pro, why would you go anywhere else?” – Serge Patrick-Heselton, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Clixels


A proactive partnership, and Pax8’s forward-thinking tools and platforms

The Pax8 Marketplace plays a key role in Clixels’s continued growth and success. Whereas before, crucial industry news—Microsoft’s New Commerce Experience (NCE), for example – may have slipped through the net, Serge reflects that the Pax8 team ensured that his business remained informed and, in a position, to withstand any industry changes that may arise.


As Clixels continues to expand, the leadership team is looking for a PSA integration system to ensure that day-to-day operations run smoothly. Clixels’s leadership team has committed to Pax8; if a PSA doesn’t integrate with the Pax8 Marketplace, it’s disregarded. Clixels’s partnership with Pax8 has proven so beneficial to the business that they’re planning their future around the continued partnership.

“We are evaluating a number of PSA integrations, and one of the main dealbreakers for us is whether it integrates with the Pax8 Marketplace. If it doesn’t, we’ll rule it out. There are a lot of great PSAs out there, but we want to build our future with Pax8, so it’s worth holding out for a great fit.” – Serge Patrick-Heselton, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Clixels

Utilising Pax8 Pro, Clixels has saved time and improved security and operational efficiency. Patrick-Heselton notes that the Microsoft Cloud Assessment tool, available through Pax8 Pro, has been pivotal in prospecting potential clients.

“Pax8 Pro has provided significant additional value to our sales process, and when we add that to the Pax8 Academy offerings that enrich our team and drive personal development, the value of this partnership is undeniable.” – Serge Patrick-Heselton, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Clixels


A forward-thinking platform

The simplicity of the Pax8 Marketplace has already streamlined Clixels’s operations. According to Serge, automated billing, combined with the option for businesses to enable self-service for clients, makes for a seamless user experience. It’s clear to see the value of the Pax8 Marketplace.

“Having worked with other vendors, Pax8 is doing something very different. They put the partner at the centre of everything they do.” – Serge Patrick-Heselton, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Clixels

Top-quality customer service

Partnership with Pax8 is more than just a practical and logistical arrangement. The Clixels team notes that the depth of the partnership feels years old.

“Nothing’s too much trouble. It’s easy to pick up the phone and have a conversation. Things can get busy, but it’s effortless to get in contact with the team for support when we need it.” – Serge Patrick-Heselton, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Clixels

I see Pax8 as the Apple of software distribution because of the level of customer service, the calibur of operational excellence, and the quality of the team; they know exactly how to connect and succeed with partners.” – Serge Patrick-Heselton, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Clixels”


Rapid and seamless growth

In the forthcoming 2-3 years, Clixels is looking to drastically expand its team and become the number one digital ecosystem in the UK. This will allow it to bring big thinking to increasing numbers of small businesses.


Without Pax8, Clixels would not be as far along in its journey—especially how the business works with Microsoft 365. The company is in the process of adding Acronis and Dropsuite to their line card. It will also add additional vendors as needs and recommendations arise.

“By the end of the year we will have grown by another 6-8 clients, and our client base will have grown substantially as a direct result of working with Pax8.” – Serge Patrick-Heselton, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Clixels

About Clixels

By partnering with growth-orientated businesses, Clixels hones clients’ digital touch points, transforming their digital outputs into sales machines. The business’s mission is to bring big, corporate strategic thinking to small businesses.


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