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The Four Levers of Gross Margin
A discussion of the four levers:
-Engineer Pay Rate
-Billing Rate
-Billable Utilization
-Fixed Fees Effective Ratio
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The 6 Common Operational Mistakes
The top 6 operational mistakes outlined through stories and best practices.
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How to Build Long-Term Business Goals
Understand the journey to success with the help of long-term business goals.
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Setting Up Your Stack
Understand stacks and solutions through concrete standardization examples, so you can build your individual stack offering.
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Interactive learning: Instructor-led courses

Solve your most important business problems with real-time, virtual, interactive courses.

Deploying M365 Business Premium

Implement Microsoft Modern Workplace.

Azure 101: Introduction to Azure

Gain hands-on knowledge of the Azure opportunity.

Azure 102: Best Practices for MSPs

Learn how to deploy Azure using best practices.

Azure 103: Azure Environments

Support and manage Azure environments.

Applying CIS Controls

Improve and strengthen current security postures.


Grow the service manager role for your MSP. 

Why Instructor-Led Courses? Hear it in attendees’ own words.
"Course was absolutely great! Really liked that there was more than one Pax8 representative at the meeting helping out with Chat and other organizational tasks to keep the course rolling."

Roman Schwab, REMSIS
Why Instructor-Led Courses? Hear it in attendees’ own words.
"I loved the classes — the content was very informative, and the instructors were engaging and knowledgeable, which was very helpful. This course was worth paying for based on how it has helped me learn how to set up a successful MSP business."

Dena Francis, Encompass Technology
Why Instructor-Led Courses? Hear it in attendees’ own words.
“Overall, the course was very well done and provides an excellent foundation to help build and grow an MSP.”

Tom Williams, Anywhere Computer Care
Why Instructor-Led Courses? Hear it in attendees’ own words.
“This is exactly what I was hoping for.”

Alexander D. Shields, Shields Networking
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Peer Groups

Gain insights from leaders like you with curated Pax8 Academy Peer Groups facilitated by industry experts
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Business Coaching

Get a customized roadmap to success, objective guidance, and accountability from expert MSP coaches.
Our 5-phase approach to operations and business excellence guides you through your transformational coaching experience. 
1. Understand

We train you on concepts and best practices.

2. Document

We work with you to customize templates and processes.

3. Train

Train your staff and get buy-in on new policies and procedures.

4. Implement

We work together to implement the new operational focus.

5. Inspect

Follow up process (this is where the most progress is made).

Featured learning: Security resources

Is your business defensible?

Pax8 equips partners with world-class expertise, top vendors, and real-time resources.

Launch your business into what's possible

Schedule a call to:

  • Find the right track

  • Create a 90-day roadmap

  • Confidently break through barriers

“Our coach was fantastic at challenging the team and leading us through discussions to get everyone on the same page. The results speak for themselves. We achieved a consistent 20%+ net EBITDA”

John Schram
The Purple Guys


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Deploying M365 business premium

Implement Microsoft Modern Workplace using Azure Active Directory, Intune, and Defender for Office 365

This course covers all the critical tools the suite offers for managing users, devices, and employee experiences to drive Modern Workplace solutions in the SMB arena. Taught by tenured Pax8 engineers.

What you'll learn
  • The build process in a real Microsoft 365 environment

  • Managing devices with Intune

  • Protecting clients from threats with Defender for Office 365

Who should enrol
  • A technical audience looking to learn Microsoft 365 business premium

  • Those with a fundamental knowledge of Office 365

Azure 101: introduction to Azure

Gain hands-on knowledge of the opportunities that Azure offers.

Learn why moving your clients’ infrastructure to the cloud is the right fit for your business. Develop the technical fundamentals for pricing, selling and deploying key Azure technologies. The course is led by tenured Pax8 engineers who deploy and empower Azure resources every day.
What You’ll Learn
  • Introduction to Cloud and Azure concepts
  • Navigating the Azure Portal and Azure Cost Calculator
  • Azure core components and services
  • Key elements to Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) build outs
Who Should Enrol
  • Small and medium MSPs looking to learn Azure fundamentals
  • Those wanting to expand into the technical space to serve clients
  • Anyone who has turned down an Azure opportunity because of lack of experience

Azure 102: best practices for MSPs

Learn how to deploy Azure using best practices.

Azure best practices for MSPs is a four-session, live-instruction, virtual course that will cover the best practices MSPs need to know when they are deploying an Azure project for their clients.

What you’ll learn
  • Best practices for setting up access, permissions, security and groups
  • Performance, redundancy and scaling your Azure environment
  • Understanding data, databases, syncing and lifecycle management
Who should enrol
  • Any partner who has taken Azure 101: introduction to Azure
  • MSPs with a basic understanding of Azure who are ready to start building projects

Azure 103: Managing and Supporting Azure Environments​

Learn how to support and manage Azure environments.

Azure 103: Managing and Supporting Azure Environments is a four-week, live-instruction, virtual course that will prepare you to support and manage Azure environments after deployment.

What You’ll Learn
  • Azure cloud governance, including the management areas
  • Managing security and backups in Azure
  • Azure monitoring tools and alert configuration
  • Planning for operational excellence with policy and cost management
Who Should Enrol
  • Any partner who has taken Azure 101 and Azure 102

  • MSPs who know Azure but need support with ongoing management

Applying CIS controls

Improve and strengthen current security postures.

Gain a strong understanding of the threats to your business and your clients as well as how to communicate those risks to your clients. Learn how to develop your security practice to increase profits and defensibility by aligning to Center for Internet Security (CIS) Controls v8.

What you'll learn
  • How to be defensible when securing your own environment
  • The basics of a control framework in relation to both your business and your clients
  • How any control framework increases your defensibility
  • How to explain what security is really all about to your clients
Who should enrol

This course is right for you if you are:

  • An MSP needing guidance to incorporate security offerings for your clients
  • An MSP looking to deepen your cybersecurity knowledge, learn best practices, and evolve your practice
  • An MSP that wants to understand how to position security offerings with your clients

Service management

Grow the service manager role for your MSP

Learn best practices and a practical approach to successfully develop your service manager role along with steps to overcome the common challenges to success in the role.

What you'll learn
  • Defining the role and its boundaries
  • Principles of consistent service delivery and team management
  • Getting team buy in
Who should enrol
  • Current service managers too busy to show a measurable impact
  • Anyone transiting from another role or industry