This article was written by Sydney Diedrich, Sales Operations and Marketing Manager at NewCloud Networks.


Disaster can strike at any moment, whether it’s a natural event like a flood or fire, a malicious cyberattack, or just an errant click on the wrong button. For businesses, this means that their valuable data is under constant threat — always at the mercy of mother nature, criminals, and human error.


In the chaos of a potential data-loss disaster, having to navigate a complicated, slow processes to ensure data hasn’t been lost forever can only add more stress to the situation and increase the chances of more mistakes. For a company to achieve an ideal data protection strategy, recovery needs to be as fast, simple, and secure as possible.


That’s where modern solutions like NewCloud Networks Backup & Disaster Recovery Repository come in. Powered by Veeam Cloud Connect V11 and the new capabilities that come with it, the NewCloud Repository allows for smooth, instant recovery.


In this article, we’ll look at five ways a vendor like NewCloud can help simplify the data recovery process, preventing your client’s worst-case scenario from being even worse.


1. Continuous Data Protection

When a client’s data is missing, the number one question will be: “How fast can you get it back?”


Businesses simply cannot afford prolonged periods of downtime. The costs of not being operational, even just for a couple of hours, add up quickly. Lost sales, lost productivity, wasted overhead expenses, and more all threaten to eat up revenue every minute valuable data in unavailable.


Luckily, there are solutions available that prioritize recovery speed via a feature called continuous data protection (CDP). CDP is always active, saving every copy of every change made to data in real-time. This allows for lightning-fast recovery, giving you the power to restore to any previous state in seconds. With CDP, your recovery point objective (RPO) can be near-zero.


For service providers looking to minimize their recovery time as much as possible, CDP is a key feature, especially for tier-1 applications that cannot tolerate data loss. If you’re looking for CDP, you can find it as one of the exciting new features in the Veeam Backup & Replication V11 update.


2. Ransomware Protection with Immutable Storage

In the event of a ransomware attack, a company’s data can be held hostage with cyber attackers encrypting it and threatening deletion unless a payment is made. While there are many steps you can take to ensure a ransomware attack doesn’t occur, the reality is that you need to be prepared with a strategy in case one strikes.


This is where another one of Veeam’s new V11 features comes in — the new Hardened Linux Repository that allows for immutable storage.


Having immutable storage means you have a copy of your data that is unable to be deleted or modified for a certain amount of time. This ensures that a company can always have an untouched version of their data available, safe from threats both external and internal. Should a ransomware attack occur, the attackers will have no way of encrypting or deleting that copy of the data. With immutable storage, your ransomware response strategy becomes a lot simpler.


And as a reminder: Making payments to ransomware attackers is never advised and may subject you to federal fines of up to $20 million.


3. Utilizing a Ready-to-Go Cloud Repository

A cloud repository is a psychical, off-site location where you can store your client’s data, making sure that it’s safe from any disaster that may happen at the client’s on-site facilities. You can set the cloud repository as your target for backup, utilizing it to recover any data lost in a disaster.


In the past, a cloud repository was something an MSP would have to set up themselves, requiring them to build, deploy, and manage an entire data center. Thankfully, there are now solutions available to MSPs that allow them to utilize pre-built cloud infrastructure instead of doing it on their own.


NewCloud Networks offers a backup and disaster recovery repository that’s fast, scalable, affordable, and easy to use. With nine data centers across the US, MSPs can leverage NewCloud as a simpler and cheaper way to provide their clients with off-site data storage.


4. Optimized Management Console

In the middle of a disaster there’s no time to fumble around in complicated user interfaces or to jump between multiple platforms just to get your data back. To make your data recovery as easy as possible, opt for a solution with an optimized user experience that simplifies the process.


NewCloud not only makes onboarding and offboarding users as easy as possible, it also fully integrates with the Veeam availability console to make management effortless. In many cases, recovering your data from NewCloud can involve just a single click.


5. Cloud Archiving

In today’s digital world, the amount of data a company must store is constantly growing, but not all of that data is critical for everyday operations. To lighten the load of on-premises storage solutions, companies will often backup their older or less critical data to the cloud for archival storage.


Think of this as “cold storage”, still accessible, but not using up the more advanced resources that keep things available instantly. This helps reduce the overall cost of data storage and frees up more room in your “hot storage” aka, the critical data that needs to be recoverable instantly no matter the situation.


Prioritizing data in this way helps clear the clutter and ensure that the most critical parts of the company can function in the face of a disaster. Working with your client to figure out what can be sent to the cloud archive is a great way to keep costs low and simplify your disaster recovery strategy.


Don’t Wait for The Next Disaster

You might not realize the flaws and complications of your current disaster recovery plan until it’s too late. Take the steps to simplify your strategy today, so you can be ready for the catastrophe that might strike tomorrow.


Talk to your Pax8 rep about how a solution like NewCloud Networks can make data recovery easier.




Sydney Diedrich headshotAbout Sydney Diedrich

Sydney Diedrich is the Sales Operations and Marketing Manager at NewCloud Networks. Over the past five years in her role, she has worked closely with the Veeam and NewCloud teams to ensure that Partners are getting the most out of their DRaaS offering. She has been in tech since 2014, previously working on the Tech Cloud team at Oracle. She is a proud Cal Poly San Luis Obispo Mustang and currently resides in Colorado with her family.