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Craig Donovan, Pax8 CVP of Services
Pax8 Academy

Get expert coaching and dedicated support to fuel MSP growth.

For MSPs who have simplified their cloud solutions with Pax8, taking advantage of Pax8 Academy can really accelerate those wins. Pax8 Academy offers MSPs a variety of ways to learn, stay up to date on trends, gain peer support, and get coaching from cloud professionals. Now, nearly a year after its launch, Pax8 Academy is debuting a redesigned website that makes it easier for MSPs to outline their educational roadmap and leverage the 600 years of cloud and channel experience housed in Pax8 Academy.

“Pax8 Academy allows partners to benefit from the support, education, and encouragement of MSP experts and coaches when, where, and however they are ready to learn,” said Rex Frank, Vice President of Academy. “We believe every MSP should benefit from an entire support team of MSP experts, coaches, and peers who help them take the right steps forward and catapult their business into what’s possible.”

Pax8 Academy’s mission is to meet every partner where they are, with what they want to learn, exactly how they want to learn it. That could mean helping a partner with general operational education, or with vendor-specific education. Ultimately, partners gain a better understanding of their own business through Pax8 Academy, setting them up to better support clients, grow their business, save time and money, and reduce risk. In the past year, more than 9,000 partners have engaged with Pax8 Academy.

Pax8 Academy offers support and education in these four areas:

  • On-Demand Learning: Pax8 Academy courses cover topics including vendor solutions and business processes and are free for Pax8 Partners – more than 8,500 partner employees have taken an on-demand course. There are more than 220 pieces of free content, including 149 guides, videos, and resources.
  • Instructor-Led Courses: Pax8 Academy offers 10 paid courses with live, in-depth education. More than 700 MSP employees have graduated from instructor-led courses. Those who completed an MSP Foundations course have seen an increase of 146 percent in their cloud revenue within six months.
  • Peer Groups: Pax8 Academy offers 15 noncompetitive groups facilitated by industry experts for MSP owners, service managers, sales and marketing, dispatch, and operations. More than 130 MSPs have participated. Those who stay in a peer group for six months or longer see their cloud revenue more than double.
  • Business Coaching: Pax8 Academy has customized coaching in sales, operations, and value creation, with nearly 300 partners currently enrolled and more than 640 partner coaching graduates. Coaching partners see cloud revenue that is up to 2.5 times greater than the industry average.

New York-based Red Key Solutions took advantage of Pax8 Academy’s business development courses, spending six months deeply analyzing their service and operations practices. Red Key Solutions is a leading managed IT provider supporting Westchester County, New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut since 2002, and a Pax8 Partner since 2017.

By the end of the Pax8 Academy program, Red Key Solutions had a recharged outlook on their processes and new tools in hand to execute their goals, allowing the company to refocus its go-to-market and business approaches, while still providing clients with the service they expected.

“We spent 10 to12 months, and we tore everything down and built it all back up. The process led to leaps in our maturity on metrics measurement and how we manage change. It’s a huge learning opportunity for any organization,” said Paul Grenci, Red Key president.

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