At Pax8, we know that our platform is an important reason why MSPs partner with us. So, we make sure to continuously develop and add new widgets and features to the platform so that our partners will have the best experience every time they log in.


In this article, we’ll cover four of the newest updates to the Pax8 Platform and how they can save you time and improve your daily business practices:


– Vendor Spiffs and Promos Widget

– Account Team Widget

– Microsoft Mass Consent

– Enterprise SSO with AzureAD


We’re always communicating with our partners to see how we can improve their experience, and this platform was built with you in mind.


Vendor Spiffs and Promos Widget

The new Vendor Spiffs and Promos widget consolidates all available spiff and promo information and drastically improves visibility for the partner. You can find this widget on the Executive Dashboard, under the Widget Library tab. This feature is also accessible to Primary Partner Admins and Partner Admins so you can share the good news with important stakeholders.


Pax8 Platform - Vendor Spiffs and Promo Widget screenshot



Account Team Widget

Today, each partner has a primary Account Manager and a team of sales representatives that specialize in different solutions, such as:


– Channel Account Managers

– Productivity Solutions Consultants

– Infrastructure Solutions Consultants

– Continuity Solutions Consultants

– Security Solutions Consultants

– Network & Communications Solutions Consultants


The Account Team widget is meant to address this confusion. In this widget, you’ll be able to see a picture of your primary Account Manager, plus their email address and direct phone line to their team of sales representatives at Pax8. You can access this widget through the Executive Dashboard, under the Widget Library.


Pax8 Platform - Account Team Widget screenshot


Microsoft Delegated Access

The Pax8 Platforms allows you to integrate with Microsoft so that you can perform additional management tasks. For example, you can assign licenses to users — or, if you are a Pax8 Pro subscriber, you have access to multitenant level reporting.


In order to do all this and pull reports, we need company-level consent. In the past, this was done manually, one client at a time. Our new upgrade makes this experience more seamless, allowing you to select all your clients at once to consent on behalf with your existing reseller relationship.


It’s also important to note that Pax8 follows a model of least privilege access. This means that we only request permissions to read and write necessary data so that you can manage tasks. If we add to the existing permissions for new features in the future, we will prompt you for re-consent.


After data is pulled, you can perform management task such as assigning licenses to users within Pax8.


Pax8 Platform - Microsoft Delegated Access screenshot


Enterprise SSO with Azure AD

Our last (but certainly not least) update allows you to connect your Azure Active Directory environment to Pax8 for federated single sign on. This means that you can use your Microsoft identity to authenticate the Pax8 Platform. There’s no need to keep two sets of credentials and a separate multifactor authentication (MFA) token. If you’re using the Pax8 Platform app, you will be redirected to authenticate your Microsoft credentials after the configuration is in place.


Pax8 Platform - Enterprise SSO with Azure AD screenshot

Pax8 Platform - Enterprise SSO with Azure AD permissionsscreenshot


That’s All for Now

There you have it, the newest updates in our platform that can help you save money, get time back, and increase automation. If you’re wondering how you can take advantage of these features or just have some questions, don’t be shy, we’re always ready to help!

This article was written by Pax8 Platform experts Lori Robinson and Nick Ross.