Pax8 April Microsoft update

Pax8 Microsoft Monthly Update Blog

Welcome to our Microsoft and Pax8 monthly update for April. Find a summary of everything you might have missed below. To get even more in-depth information about our unique partnership and everything it offers managed service provider (MSP) partners, sign up for our monthly live webcast.

Program updates

Reminder: Legacy to NCE migration

Microsoft is continuing the migration of Cloud Service Provider (CSP) customers to the New Commerce Experience (NCE) it began in January. The transition will occur automatically on the subscription renewal date, and subscriptions are locked for 48 hours prior to that. Migrations will have a seven-day modification window for changes or cancellations.

We encourage our partners to self-migrate their legacy CSP clients to NCE in the Pax8 Marketplace by navigating to the Legacy subscription on the Pax8 Platform and clicking “Upgrade.” Read more about upgrading to NCE.

Public sector offers on NCE

Public sector products are releasing on NCE in several waves:

  • Available now: Waves 1-3
  • May 1, 2024: Wave 4

Also on May 1, new subscription purchases for available public sector products must be on new commerce. By July 1, Microsoft-led migrations from Legacy to NCE will begin for public sector products.

Promotional offers available for public sector clients on NCE with a monthly commitment and monthly billing include 16.7% off (which waives the 20% premium) for up to a 10-month duration (with Dec. 31, 2024, being the last day it’s offered).

Microsoft customer agreement updates

Microsoft recently updated the Microsoft Customer Agreement (MCA). Clients that accepted prior to April 1, 2023, will need to review and accept new terms. (Partners that established a client under these terms after April 1, 2023, will not need to do anything.)

We will notify partners in the upcoming months if we believe an MCA needs to be re-accepted and will give instructions on how to do so within the Pax8 Marketplace.

SMB paths for Azure partner designations

Microsoft has announced the upcoming release of small and medium-sized business (SMB) paths for its three Azure partner designations: Data & AI, Digital App & Innovation, and Infrastructure. This gives partners who serve smaller businesses access to more resources, support, and advisory benefits that come with these designations. These paths will be released in the fiscal year 2025, and more information should be forthcoming soon.

CSP NCE subscription transfers

Microsoft has announced that sometime between April and June, partners will be able to transfer their NCE subscriptions between indirect providers (IP) and direct bill (DB) partners. Transfers must be approved by the current IP/DB and the new IP/DB. If either does not accept the transfer 30 days after the first request, it will not be executed. If a transfer is made mid-term, this will not open a seven-day modification window, and the subscription will keep the same terms and end date.

Pax8 will keep partners informed on how this process can be utilized within the Pax8 Marketplace.

Copilot prompting

Prompts are how you ask Copilot for Microsoft 365 to do something for you — such as creating, summarizing, editing, or transforming. Creating a great prompt is like having a conversation with an assistant, where you use plain language and provide context to get your desired outcome.

Here are three steps to improve your and your clients’ experience in Copilot:

1. Tell Copilot what you need

This can include tasks such as “What is [Project X] and who are the key stakeholders working on it?” or “Transform this FAQ into a 10-slide onboarding guide.”

2. Include the right prompt ingredients

To get the best response, focus on elements such as your goal, the context of the project or task, what information sources Copilot should use, and expectations for Copilot (e.g., “Please use simple language when you summarize this information so I can get up to speed quickly.”).

3. Keep the conversation going

Following up on your prompts helps you collaborate with Copilot to gain more useful, tailored responses. For example, you can lead with a broad content request, then give more specific details to drill down further on what it has provided you.

Enablement updates

Pax8 and Microsoft Academy Hub

Our Microsoft Hub in Pax8 Academy includes new training sessions every month on some of the most relevant topics to our partners. From updated courses on core cloud solutions to leveraging AI and Copilot, you’ll find the training you need here. Log into Pax8 Academy to get started.

Pax8 and Microsoft Bootcamp

For North America-based partners, register for our technical bootcamps to get your techs up to speed on Modern Workplace, Azure, and Biz Apps.

Pax8 Momentum is coming up

Pax8 Momentum is our revamped, two-day event for leaders and technical partners that will sharpen the knowledge gained from previous Pax8 events into operational success. With customized breakout sessions and an interactive approach, this event delves deeper into key aspects to help our partners achieve their goals. It takes place April 23–25, 2024, in Chicago; register now.

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