How Microsoft Copilot revolutionised efficiency for Pax8 partners

Gunay Mammadova, Content Marketing Executive
Pax8 and Copilot testimonial

At Pax8, we are committed to helping our partners leverage the full potential of Microsoft’s suite of powerful tools and take their businesses to the next level. As a leading Microsoft partner, we empower managed service providers (MSPs) with the solutions that unlock new efficiencies in their day-to-day operations, optimising both their internal workflows and their end-user experience. Among these transformative solutions stands Microsoft Copilot, which has revolutionised workplace productivity for Pax8 partners like Procano and Redinet. Read on to find out how Copilot has enhanced operational efficiency in their businesses.

The importance of Copilot adoption

Procano’s journey with Microsoft Copilot began with a recognition of the inevitable rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in the business landscape. ‘Everybody needs to start with AI,’ explained Morten Halvorsen, Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) at Procano. ‘AI will be the next big thing defining our community. We need to make a start on it.’

As a provider of managed services to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs), Procano required a solution that was both powerful and easy to implement.

‘We serve mostly SMBs with up to 500 employees, so we needed a solution that’s ready to use rather than requiring a lot of implementation to get AI up and running.’

– Morten Halvorsen, CRO, Procano

This ease of adoption allows MSPs to quickly leverage Copilot’s capabilities without extensive setup, enabling them to focus on delivering value to their clients.

Redinet was another early adopter of Copilot, positioning themselves ahead of the curve in the market. James McMillan, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at Redinet, recognised Copilot’s potential to streamline various business operations and make life easier. His interest in technology drove him to integrate Copilot both into the professional environment and his smart home setup.

Seamless integration with Microsoft apps

One of Copilot’s standout features is its seamless integration with other Microsoft applications, providing a cohesive ecosystem for MSPs to leverage. This integration enhances productivity and ensures a smooth transition to using Copilot with different Microsoft tools across various business functions.

‘The reason why we chose Copilot is because it is a Microsoft product and integrates with everything else we do.’

– Morten Halvorsen, CRO, Procano

This capability sets Copilot apart from other AI solutions, making it a valuable asset for streamlining business operations.

‘Copilot understands the Microsoft ecosystem and can interpret our data, providing insights we could not gain with other models or platforms.’

– James McMillan, CTO, Redinet

Streamlining operations and saving time

By automating tasks and optimising processes, Copilot enables MSPs to save their valuable time and resources. One of the benefits Procano has experienced with Copilot is the ability to automatically create PowerPoint presentations.

‘For an IT security workshop, I simply provided the presenter with five key points to cover. He utilised Copilot to create a PowerPoint presentation from scratch. Microsoft Copilot saves us a lot of time in crafting presentations.’

– Morten Halvorsen, CRO, Procano

In addition to generating presentations, Procano also leverages Copilot to draft policies. Furthermore, their technicians rely on Copilot to search for answers to their questions. These time-saving functionalities empower them to focus on high-value tasks and strategic initiatives. Rather than aiming to reduce headcount, Procano’s goal is to enhance the quality of their services through taking advantage of Copilot’s capabilities.

Redinet, in turn, finds Copilot particularly useful in transcribing and summarising Teams meetings, saving them at least half an hour of searching through messages. For last-minute tasks, like preparing presentation decks, Copilot helps them put together the slides swiftly, saving about an hour. McMillan emphasises Copilot’s effectiveness in summarising lengthy email threads, allowing him to catch up quickly after being away from the office.

Additionally, when creating product one-pagers, Copilot provides the team with a structured draft, significantly reducing the time spent starting from scratch.

‘Overall, Copilot is a fantastic assistant that can also overcome writer’s block and ensure I do not miss anything day-to-day.’

– Amy Fraser, Account Manager, Redinet

Nick Pearce, Service Operations Manager at Redinet, mentions that for an average half-hour meeting with actionable items, Copilot saves him around 20 minutes in typing up and formatting meeting notes.

‘For me, the real benefit of Copilot is not just the time saved but also the critical content captured. Re-reading the transcriptions, I often find key details that would otherwise be overlooked.’

– Nick Pearce, Service Operations Manager, Redinet

Looking ahead, Redinet believes that AI will improve their service desk efficiency and is keen to explore integrating Copilot into this operational aspect.

Stronger security and compliance

Another key advantage of Copilot is its robust security features, providing MSPs with a secure platform to handle sensitive data. Built on Microsoft’s extensive security, privacy and compliance framework, Copilot strictly adheres to existing data policies. Data is not shared with third parties without explicit permission and is not used to train its AI features, ensuring sensitive information remains protected. This emphasis on security distinguishes Copilot from other AI tools and ensures peace of mind for businesses and their clients.

‘We use Copilot as a secure question base instead of using ChatGPT or some other AI tools, where security is uncertain. It’s super easy for us to ask questions without worrying about security.’

– Morten Halvorsen, CRO, Procano

Redinet also appreciates Copilot’s adherence to existing security protocols, safeguarding data integrity and privacy.

‘People are concerned about unauthorised access to data. But Copilot aligns with the existing security and permissions architecture you already have in place.’

– James McMillan, CTO, Redinet

Driving Copilot success with support from Pax8

Redinet acknowledges the comprehensive and proactive support Pax8 provided throughout their Copilot journey. As an early adopter, they found Pax8 guidance instrumental in successfully implementing Copilot.

When their strategic clients expressed interest in Copilot for Microsoft 365, Pax8 promptly organised onsite training for the sales, technical and leadership teams of Redinet, ensuring that everyone was equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to take advantage of Copilot’s benefits.

‘Pax8 experts have done a phenomenal job. Their webinars have been invaluable for us and our clients. Pax8 is always there for us when we need it.’

– James McMillan, CTO, Redinet

Harness the power of AI with Pax8 and Microsoft

The journey of Procano and Redinet exemplifies how embracing Microsoft Copilot can transform business operations, drive efficiency and take workplace productivity to new heights.

To help Pax8 partners harness the full power of AI with Microsoft Copilot, we provide comprehensive support through our Professional Services, Pax8 Academy and monthly Microsoft updates, along with an array of necessary tools and resources they need to succeed. Whether it’s optimising workflows, improving productivity or enhancing client experience, we are with you every step of the way.

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